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  1. Unfortunately, after the last similar outage, I switched my Alexa integration over to the Epic driver. I've never had an issue and its seems to respond much faster. So far, it meets all my requirements. Its not perfect but it does work when I need it to. Can't say the same for the C4 driver.
  2. WTB - Kwikset Zigbee module

    Thanks. I got the modules from another user here. However, the ones linked are probably not compatible with Control4. If they don't say they are, then they aren't compatible.
  3. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Same here. Since the last outage, Tapatalk has never worked on iOS 10.
  4. What's Included

    Sounds like that dealer has put together a kit for their customers. If they are switches, they should be the new style switches - C4-SW120277.
  5. Looking for the zigbee module for the Kwikset door lock. I already have the lock.
  6. Yes, you can add another controller to your project running the EA-3. You could also run serial over CAT5 back to the main controller if that's an option but I'm sure your dealer would have already recommended that if it was.
  7. Not sure about an IP to RS232 device. If you have space and a network connection, you could put a controller next to the Rotel. A HC200 or HC250 would do just fine depending on how much you want to spend. I put a HC200 on my receiver since IP control was intermittent. Works perfectly now.
  8. About to purchase license

    2 very different systems. Keep in mind Control4 is a full home automation system composed of local hardware and software (HE is Home Edition). You will need to purchase your hardware from a dealer and go from there. I would visit a local Control4 dealer and take a look at the system. You won't be disappointed.
  9. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Don't have the Show but it does work with the Wand. Mind you my Echo is the main device and I just got the Wand. I can control everything though it. Pretty cool.
  10. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Tried it again and still can't get it to work. Tapatalk can't find the forum. Deleted app and re-installed. iOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 6S
  11. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    I've been having the same issue since the outage. I removed the forum from Tapatalk and now it won't find it. Tried the above but still can't get it to work. iOS 10.3.2 on iPhone 6S