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  1. pool control

    Wish there was a driver for the Pentair ScreenLogic system. The i9/i10 are over kill for most pools. We went with ScreenLogic since it gives me all the control I need from their app. Would like to have that in my C4 app but I'm not paying $2k for it.
  2. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Thanks for the clarification. What does the Homebridge Network Appliance OS License ($50) give you? If someone already has a PI, do they need this ($50) and the driver ($175) = $225?
  3. OS 2.10 Features

    As someone who has several HC300s (local IR and serial) , its unfortunate that they will no longer be supported in the next release. We've seen this in the past and its not exclusive to Control4. Just take a look at iOS. I have several iPads that won't run 10+. But that's the name of the game. You have to evaluate your requirements and see what's best for you. As someone who is going through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there are a lot of other things we should be worrying about.
  4. WANTED: Wireless Music Bride

    Not that I have 1 for sale but I still use mine even though they are end of life. I have a SpeakerPoint in 1 zone and wanted to be able to AirPlay. I added the Music Bridge to it. Works fine.
  5. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Working on iOS 10 here also. Finally able to keep up with all the great minds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    The Dash Wand works but you need at least 1 Echo or Dot configured to use the Epic driver. The wand works great but can't be used as the primary device. It does not stay on the network. It only activates when you press the button. Meaning, it only gets an IP address when you press the button and then disconnects from the network when not being used.
  7. Unfortunately, after the last similar outage, I switched my Alexa integration over to the Epic driver. I've never had an issue and its seems to respond much faster. So far, it meets all my requirements. Its not perfect but it does work when I need it to. Can't say the same for the C4 driver.
  8. WTB - Kwikset Zigbee module

    Thanks. I got the modules from another user here. However, the ones linked are probably not compatible with Control4. If they don't say they are, then they aren't compatible.
  9. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    Same here. Since the last outage, Tapatalk has never worked on iOS 10.
  10. What's Included

    Sounds like that dealer has put together a kit for their customers. If they are switches, they should be the new style switches - C4-SW120277.
  11. Looking for the zigbee module for the Kwikset door lock. I already have the lock.