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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I'd like to hear how others are integrating the Rachio with their system. One of the things I was thinking about was having a zone turn on if motion was detected and the time was x and the alarm was on. Something like that. But beyond that, I can't think of much automation I want out of it. Not trying to knock the driver. Just trying to see where/how I could use it.
  2. If you have your alarm system integrated, you can do a lot with it from within Control4. I have it set to arm in stay mode every night at 10PM. That way we don't forgot to arm it. When I set it to arm in Away, I have it turn off all the TVs and certain lights. Again, you can do whatever you want with the motion sensors from a Control4 perspective. They should not trigger anything on the alarm side when in Stay mode, only Away. Just not clear on what you want to do from your original question.
  3. Search for Phihong PSA15LN3-050R. Allied has them in stock. Fast shipping if you're in the States.
  4. I've ordered mine from Allied Electronics. Search the forum for the model number. Cost around $19 + shipping. Takes about 8 mins the change out.
  5. Well, everything should be coming from your dealer including Composer HE. Reach out to a few of the remote dealers on this forum and I'm sure someone can help you out. Also, you are asking for custom engraving so that would obviously have to come from a dealer.
  6. PM sent on the AMP.
  7. Sure. So is a house so you should never own a home. Just depends on what you want out of the system. Personally, I got a lot more than I thought I would and don't mind spending the money. Yes, it is a money pit but I enjoy it. :-)
  8. Hi, I have a brand new sealed Amazon Echo in black that I'm not using. Seeing if there is any interest. Shipped within the US for $130.
  9. It also depends on what your pool builder is willing/able to install equipment wise. Some pool builders only deal with Hayward and others with Pentair. C4 does have native drivers for both systems. Can't speak to either since I don't have a pool (yet). The module interface to control the pool through Control4 is super expensive. The i9 unit just by itself is over $1500 and that doesn't include everything you need to tie it into C4. I would check with your builder to see what they offer. Make sure you let them know that you want to tie it into your C4 system even if you don't do it at build. That's what I'm doing. My pool builder is upgrading my load center so in the future, if I decide to get the i9 unit, I can install it easily. Who knows, may be he's just making it sound that way. :-)
  10. Hate to tell you this but most of these won't work in 2.6+ systems so you may not get a lot of people interested. I've had everything on your list and pretty much gave it away or threw it away. Good luck.
  11. SOLD
  12. Beware that the ones you may find on eBay may not work with Control4 unless they say so. Just because they are Zigbee, doesn't mean they are compatible with Control4. $250 just for the module seems high. I remember buying mine for around $100 but that was over a year ago.
  13. I have 1 that I never got around to using. Let me know if you're interested. Brand new in box.
  14. Contact your dealer. They are the best source for Composer HE.