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  1. All 3 are current models and serve different purposes. The C4-SW120277 switch is just that - on/off. The C4-ADP120 and C4-FPD120 are dimmers. The Forward Phase dimmer is for dimming forward compatible loads. If you don't know which one your load needs, the Adaptive Phase dimmer is a better choice. I have all 3 and they all work just fine. Just a note to never put a dimmer on a ceiling fan.
  2. SY3

    Inexpensive shades or blinds?

    Sounds like Ikea is getting into the game with their own automated shades. Coming in April. Be interested to see the price point and if/how to integrate into C4.
  3. Have you rebooted it yet? I have a B-120 8x8 and was only getting video from 1 device, no audio. Rebooted and now its working just fine.
  4. SY3

    NYCE HA Profile Motion Sensor

    Don't think so. That's an older driver and has the same model number as the current motion sensor. See their website for more details: http://nycesensors.com/products/ncz3041c4/
  5. After upgrading , did you restart Director?
  6. Would love to see some of the Driver Central drivers on sale.
  7. SY3

    FS: White TouchScreen (C4-7W7CO)

    The C4-WALL7 is the T3 display. These are the Infinity Edge with the camera built in. Very nice units. I have 4 of them.
  8. Got 4 used APD-120 dimmers in almond. All tested and good condition. $350 for all 4 shipped. Shipping to US only. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have 1 SR260 remote with charging station for sale. On 2.9.1 and working fine. No cosmetic damage. Glad to send pics. SOLD
  10. For those that have the IRUSB, how does the new driver compare? If you already have the IRUSB setup, any reason to switch back to the C4 IP driver? Sounds like no since its still slow but curious if its even worth trying. Also - I love our Roku from the 90s. I don't care much for the interface but it just works and independent of other services - Apple & Amazon.
  11. SY3

    22 TV's

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Panasonic get out of the retail TV business? At least in the US. I still have a plasma Pana that won't die so I'm still a fan but they aren't really available , at least not through retail outlets.
  12. I have 2 HC250-BL-1 controllers for sale. Running 2.9.1. $110 each shipped. US only please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SY3

    WTB: SR-260

    I have 2 SR260 remotes with charging kits for sale. PM me if interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. SY3

    WTB: EA3/EA5 and SR260

    PM sent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. SY3

    Missing Anything????

    I don't see Home Security on your list. We have DSC integrated with C4. If you can, I would wire more motion sensors and integrate with C4. They are cheaper than zigbee motion sensors. Agree on the doorbell option. If making this large of an investment, go with the DS2. For pool, get the new Intellicenter load center. Wifi/network - there has been a lot of discussion here on how Ubiquiti is not on the approved list. Want want to look more into that since you're network will be the backbone of your entire automation experience.