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  1. SY3

    EA-1 and Liftmaster

    I believe this is the one: https://www.drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/garage-agent-liftmaster/
  2. SY3


    Does the Amazon Music service require an EA controller? Would an HC800 work?
  3. At least Crestron is in the same class as C4. I'd like to see DIY come close. To date, I haven't seen the argument made very well. I have a bunch of friends who run out and buy all the DIY stuff and install it. Then they ask me how I got my system to do the things it can. I tell them I have Control4 and they just say "Oh, I got my stuff from Best Buy but it can't do all that".
  4. And every option has its own set of headaches. What's interesting is that I don't see a lot of threads from people who have switched from Control4 to another system and give examples on how much easier or better it is. Always open to new tech / ideas.
  5. I have the following for sale: 2 - HC250-BL-1 on 2.9.1 with power cords $110 each shipped 2 - HC200-E-B on 2.9.1 with power cords $25 each shipped 1 - C4-1URMK2-B Dual 1U Rack mount for the HC200s - $20 shipped. Prefer to sell with both HC200 units. 1 - SR150 remote - $20 shipped 4 - APD120 Dimmers in Almond - $100 each shipped 4 - HC300 - $25 each shipped Shipping only to continental US. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. YOUR DEALER!!! THE ONE YOU BLANKED OUT ABOVE. Sorry for the caps but they aren't necessary.
  7. SY3

    pool control

    The load center is not so you can do it remotely. It's so you can do it at all. The remote piece is a separate component today. The new center includes the remote connectivity piece. Again, that is the price for a new load center which is line with what they cost today with the similiar functionality. e.g. the current IntelliTouch i9 costs around $1800. It all depends on how many relays you need and how many actuators are required. My control unit costs $1200 and I don't have a spa or color LED lights. That was a very basic unit. My neighbors costs well over $2500 since he has a lot more devices to control.
  8. SY3

    pool control

    The cost I posted was for a new load center. That's how much they cost. When building a pool, your builder usually includes this in the bid but they may not itemize it. Depending on how many things you want to control (spa, waterfall, lights, etc.), the costs can vary. For Pentair systems, you have a few choices. I have the EasyTouch system and I added the ScreenLogic system to control it which has both wifi and hardwired options. The new IntelliCenter has everything you need bundled together so you don't have to purchase a separate module like you had to with the previous system. I'm sure if Pentair opened their API, someone could write an IP driver for the ScreenLogic system. I can control everything from the app locally and remotely. Just wanted to be able to integrate it into C4.
  9. SY3

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    How can Apple or Google control my existing TV from 2009? Can they control my Xbox, PS4? What about my Roku? Please explain "There is virtually no longer any product category C4 can connect to, that a company like Apple or Google can't". Product category may be but not virtually any product. Clearly you don't want Control4 and want to come on a Control4 user forum to make arguments. Good luck.
  10. SY3

    Homekit vs Control4

    Why do you think they haven't chosen to do it yet? How would Homekit control equipment that is IR or serial based? Homekit is fine if you just want to control a few things around the house and if you've bought into iOS. Don't get my wrong, I like to see others get into the home automation space but control vs. automation is very different. IFTTT can any only do so much and I prefer to have hardware onsite. If my internet goes down, I can still control everything locally.
  11. SY3

    Homekit vs Control4

    Its important to understand the difference between control and automation. While I haven't looked into Homekit extensively, it may satisfy your requirements / needs. I personally find the power and flexibility of Control4 meets my requirements. e.g. when I leave home and set the alarm to away, Control4 turns off all the lights, turns off all the TVs, locks the doors, sets the thermostats to away, sends me a notification, turns off all the audio zones, and sets the kitchen TV to my security camera system. When we're watching a movie in the theater room and I need to pause, the lights dimmer to 50% and then to 100% after a set time. When I hit play, they do the reverse. If Homekit can do all that and integrate into all my existing equipment with easy, then that's great.
  12. SY3

    pool control

    That’s the cost of adding a whole new control unit. It’s basically the same cost as the other load centers when building a new pool. I’m waiting to see how much the upgrade kit costs but those won’t be available until Spring 2019. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SY3

    pool control

    Heard back from my Pentair dealer late yesterday and the IntelliCenter upgrade parts are not available yet. He spoke directly with the automation rep at Pentair. The IntelliCenter is available now but as an entire unit ($2000 price point). The upgrade pieces will be available in early Spring 2019. Since the upgrade parts aren't in the ordering system yet, no way to estimate prices. So for those building a new pool, the IntelliCenter is the way to go. Hopefully there will be a Control4 driver available soon.
  14. SY3

    pool control

    I reached out to my Pentair dealer today and he's following up with his distributor. Said not all the parts are available yet since I want to upgrade my existing EasyTouch 4P system. There are upgrade kits listed on their user guide but not sure on pricing information yet. When I find out, will report back. Not sure where they heard that from but be interested to see what the price point is for the upgrade kits. Seems that Pentair has thought about all the existing customers so hopefully it's in that ballpark price point. Another dealer reported cost around $1950 for a new install but not sure what that included.