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  1. SY3

    FS: Kwikset & Yale Deadbolts

    PM sent.
  2. SY3

    pool control

    Thanks for the update. Correct me if I'm wrong but if we already have the EasyTouch control unit with ScreenLogic control, wouldn't that need to be updated to the IntelliCenter? That would be the cost I was referring to. I understand it will be less expensive than upgrading to the IntelliTouch i9 + iLink module but none the less a cost. I can't image the IntelliCenter costing less than $1500. So for those with existing or recently installed equipment, Control4 integration might not be that easy.
  3. SY3

    pool control

    From what I've seen in the YouTube video, the Intellicenter looks like an upgraded control unit. Meaning, you'll have to replace your entire unit. The current i9 kit runs about $1500 so not sure the new Intellicenter is going to be worth it for those that already have an Easytouch system. Not sure why pool automation is so difficult and expensive. I already have the ScreenLogic 2 system that allows me to control everything from my mobile device as well as my PC. Would be NICE to integrate I won't be pay that much if that's what it will cost. The Pentair Alexa skill is horrible and never works so I've given up on that as well.
  4. SY3

    pool control

    Hi Ted - any update from Pentair? I know they announced something called the IntelliConnect but that seems like a very basic control unit. Not sure if that will work with an existing load center like EasyTouch or IntelliTouch.
  5. SY3

    Wanted: SR-260 Remote

    PM sent
  6. SY3

    Doorbird Experiences

    For those using the Doorbird, curious how you like it? Looking at adding the D101S unit since it supports ONVIF so I can incorporate it into my existing Luma NVR.
  7. SY3

    Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    What update are you looking for? Been using it for over 1 year and it works great. Is it really worth $150? Depends on your budget and need. I was lucky to get it when it was on sale. Would I buy it for $150 today? May be since I didn't like the response time of the Voice Scene driver. The number of outages of Voice Scene recently would also influence my decision. Now - Alexa control is more of a cool factor than an everyday use for us now. In the beginning, it was fun to see it work. We use it off/on but glad we have it. If you're a dealer, just ask Epic for a dealer discount.
  8. I had the same issue and ended up just using a C4 switch. Pull the chain when we want to turn the fan light on or off. Running a new wire to the fan was not an option.
  9. Thank you very much. Last question (for now), would this work to extend the RCA audio: https://sewelldirect.com/sound-link
  10. At the moment, I have 5 inputs: 2 from main HC800 2 from 2nd HC800 1 from a PC If I home run the game room’s audio output back to the amp, would that allow me to use the audio zone speakers in the room for any of my video sources?
  11. I have 5 rooms where I’m distributing video via an HDMI matrix. One of the rooms is also an audio zone. So I wanted to be able to hear the video’s audio source through the speakers in the ceiling. Trying to figure out what I need hardware wise to make this work. Here is my current setup: Video distribution via HDMI matrix with 6 devices to 5 locations. I have an 8 zone Control4 Matrix Amp powering the audio only zones. HDMI Devices: Cable box - Xfinity Apple TV 3 Roku box (non-4K) Amazon Fire TV box Luma NVR Sony PS4 Video Locations: Family room with Denon X1300 5.1 Kitchen Guest bedroom Game room – is also an audio zone Media room with Pioneer Elite receiver 7.1 I bought a ViewHD HDMI Audio Extractor (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KBHX072/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_9?smid=A2BUXD0L1W5AKG&psc=1) but didn’t know if I need to buy 1 of each device – 1 for the cable box, 1 for the ATV, 1 for FireTV. It’s unlikely the PS4 will get used in the game room since it’s in the media room. Since I only want to use the speakers in the Game room when watching 1 of the inputs, what would happen in the other locations if someone is watching at the same time?
  12. Be interested to see the “do not use list”. I’ve been using UBNT for the past 3 yrs without any issues but I’m sure there’s a reason.
  13. So you're really doing 3 projects - 1. Video distribution 2. Network equipment upgrade 3. Video surveillance - are they running new cables? Might be helpful to break them into smaller chunks. Also, sounds like this was your first quote. I would get at least 3 and compare them unless you are set on this dealer.
  14. $1700 for 3 access points seems high. While I don't use Araknis equipment, can't comment if that's reasonable. Been using Ubiquiti and rarely have any issues.
  15. SY3

    pool control

    Hi Ted, aren't we close to the beginning of Q3 unless you're talking about 2019+ ☺️