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  1. Alexa controlling door locks

    If I just wanted to be able to lock the door via Alexa, how do I use variables? Could I also use it to check if the door was locked by asking "Alexa, is the front door locked"? That would be the ultimate goal.
  2. +1. I've got a Denon x1300W and it works great. Native IP control works every time.
  3. FS - a few Control4 items

    Updated items above.
  4. FS - a few Control4 items

    SR260 sold. Added pricing info above.
  5. FS - a few Control4 items

    PM sent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Got a few things to sell. Shipping to US 48 only please. PM me questions / offers. Updated list below: 1 - Used HC-250-BL-1 controller. Running 2.9.1 - $140 shipped 1 - BNIB Card Access Zigbee to IR Module ZCA-Z2IR10A-ZP - $100 shipped 1 - Used HC-200B-E-NR controller. Running 2.9.1 - make an offer 1 - Used Black Dimmer LDZ-102-B - $20 shipped 0 - Used Black 7" Infinity Edge C4-TSWMC-7-EG-BL w/ new retro fit box. Excellent condition - SOLD 0 - Used SR260 remote with charging kit. Excellent condition - SOLD 0 - Used 6 button keypads KPZ-6B1-W (previous gen) - SOLD 0 - Used 3 button keypads (2) KPZ-3B1-W (previous gen) & 1 C4-KP3-Z-N - SOLD 0 - BNIB 3 button keypad KP3-Z-WH - SOLD 0 - Used 2 button keypad LSZ-3W1-W (previous gen) - SOLD 0 - Used Wireless Outlet switch LOZ-5S1-W - SOLD
  7. Looking for zigbee radios for yale locks

    Last time I checked with a dealer, the price for each module was around $225. I needed 3 also and decided to hold off. Not sure if they are still available.
  8. I'm sure it was mostly around licencing agreements. Also, Canadian specific skills. Glad to see my neighbors in the North are getting what us down south have been enjoying for a long time. Interesting it will speak in a Canadian accent.
  9. SR-260 With Charger or Not

    I prefer a charger for our most used areas not so much for battery life but for a place to return the remote. If the kids don't put in the charger and it dies, they don't get to watch tv. So far, remote stays charged. Even when it dies, we just put in 4AA batts and its good to go.
  10. SR260 remote control

    I've left mine on the charger for over 1 month and did not notice any issues. You could always just remove the battery and change it when you return.
  11. Echo Plus

    The Control4 skill without the Voice Scene driver can only control devices it can discover on its own. Meaning, mostly lights & thermostats. If you want to control more than that, you'll need a driver - Voice Scene or Epic Systems. I've used both and have switched to Epic System's mostly due to performance. Many posts here on the pro/cons of both.
  12. Sorry if that came across as critical. I think the $29 price point is spot on. Shipping is a little high. For myself, the Fire TV driver needs to be updated but understand that may not be possible. I already have a $50 Roku that works solid. If I didn't have that, I wouldn't mind spending the extra cost. I may still order this.
  13. Would love to test it and give feedback but $42.75 is a little steep for a dongle.
  14. Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. Hope they work out for you.
  15. Thanks. Would love to test. Let us know when its ready to test so we can order the cable as well.