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  1. This is what I received from Control4 Tuesday evening so it might still be having issues (can't remember where I signed up for these alerts but I get them frequently) : Investigating Web Services service problem 2018/05/15 starting at 01:30 AM MST (UTC-6) Since new code and infrastructure changes were made last night to help us scale, we've had instability that has impacted multiple services every 2-3 hours. We are working to resolve some bottleneck issues that are affecting services. We do not yet have an ETA for recovery. These services have been impacted intermittently: Access Anywhere Alexa Remote Composer Remote Composer Express Web Navigator When >> Then Start of event: May 15, 2018 01:30 AM MST (UTC-6) May 15, 20:29 MDT
  2. SY3

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Yep - same here. Thought my password was bad but its a Tapatalk issue with this forum. Other forums are working fine for me.
  3. SY3

    WTB HC-250

    PM sent.
  4. SY3

    FS: Brand New Luma IP Cameras

    PM sent
  5. SY3

    Garage Agent w/LiftMaster

    Driver looks great and would love to try it. Cost is always a deciding factor in making any purchase. I'm sure developers hear that all the time. If the driver ever comes on sale or the price point changes, I'm sure there are many on this forum that would support it and provide feedback. I'll be the first to beta test any driver I can and I have helped a few developers here work on issues / provide feedback. Good luck.
  6. SY3

    Labeling tips

    Yep. Got that covered now. Put in some inline booster fans and now having to replace the coils in the AC unit due to a leak. Media room is above the garage in Texas so its a challenge keeping heat out of the rack. Labels work well. I just have to re-do them now.
  7. SY3

    Labeling tips

    I've used the TZeFX251 labels from BT and they have come un-done over time. May be due to heat from equipment.
  8. For sale 4 used C4-SW120277-WH switches in while. $85 each + actual shipping. If you buy all 4, free shipping. Shipping to US only
  9. Both SOLD. Forgot about intercom since I don't use that function. We just scream at each other now. Actually, started using Alexa to cal the kids rooms and have a traditional intercom for the front door that hardly gets used.
  10. SY3

    WB - Speaker points

    I have an Ethernet version I was just about to list. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Still available - price drop to $120 each shipped.
  12. Still available.
  13. SY3

    FS: Nest 3rd Gen and Google Home Mini

    Is your price listed for each? Normally don't comment on prices (or try to) but $220 each is retail as of now.
  14. 4 sold and here is what I have left: 3 - have no tabs 1- tab on left side