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  1. Issue is likely with EDID and/or deep color. Force resolution to 1080P, with no deep color. This will likely fix the issue. I've seen where some more entry level Marantz/Denon AVR's don't play well with deep color. You will probably notice right now, that when running through the AVR, you get the start-up splash screen of the Blu-ray player, but then once it's fully booted up, then you lose picture. Causes could be firmware updates, an HDMI cable failing, or failure of part of the HDMI video board on any of the devices. Even if the 5V sync power supply for the HDMI ports could be reducing and causing issues.
  2. jesseasmith

    32" or 40" IP Control TV

    Almost all Sony are IP controlled. XBR43X800E is my favorite, and smallest with IP control I believe.
  3. jesseasmith

    User code on C4 D2S door station

    What are you wanting the user code to do? Trigger a relay or door strike? Or execute custom programming? In theory, you can program user codes through the GUI interface of the DS2, but then it wouldn't do anything without context from your Control4 system.
  4. Endpoints is the official assignment for the devices Control4 will see and control for each function. (I.E., the TV in your room would be the VIDEO endpoint, but you might have an AVR which is the AUDIO endpoint. You wouldn't want Control4 to send the volume command to the TV, if the AVR is running the sound system.) The reason there are different connections, are for different setups. Audio Endpoint: This is the device that is the last in the line, like a Triad Amplifier Audio Volume Endpoint: This is the device that controls the volume. If using something like a fixed amplifier, your Audio Matrix Switch would control the volume, but the amp would be the last in the line. (In most standard installs, without video and audio distribution, your Audio Endpoints and Audio Volume Endpoints are the same.) The reason that there are separate audio and video's audio endpoints, are in some cases, the TV might be the endpoint for your video sources (like a local XBOX or Cable Box), but you may have in-ceiling speakers home run to the equipment rack, which play back your music. In some rare cases, you may have two sets of speakers, and thats' where the Video's Audio End Point 2 may be used. (Maybe you have an HDMI Video Matrix which feeds all the TV's in the house, and the distributed video sources are also running through a distributed audio system. But then there is a local XBOX or Apple TV in the bedroom that isn't routed through the house system. In this scenario, your in-ceiling speakers would be the audio end point 1, but the TV would be audio endpoint 2 (and Control4 would utilize the TV volume for the local, non-distributed sources.) If you build a project, but don't see sources on your remote, or volume/sound/video doesn't work, check your endpoint bindings, by highlighting the Room Name under the connections tab, and make sure the correct TV and sound system are bound to your endpoints.
  5. jesseasmith

    Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    IRUSB is faster control. But the hardware can be unreliable, and takes forever to intialize after a reboot, +/- 10 minutes. So if client ever reboots the Fire TV, he may lose all control for 10 minutes before his remote starts working again. I've also seen where the IRUSB has to be "allowed" multiple times, which requires using the original factory remote.
  6. jesseasmith

    Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    While the new driver uses an authenticated protocol, it still utilizes ADB debugging which will have a typical delay of .5 to 1 second for each button press. Also, it should be noted that Videostorm IRUSB takes 10 minutes to initialize after a reboot of the FireTV/Stick. This can give the impression that it's not working if the client has to reboot the box.
  7. jesseasmith

    Screensaver help

    Unplug USB stick. Delete USB driver from Design tab. Plug USB back into controller. Reboot controller.
  8. jesseasmith

    Missing Anything????

    Homeation driver, I'm guessing? I don't know that I would want to rely on a brand new product that doesn't have a history of reliability and support. Jandy iAquaLink gets the vote from me. Free driver additionally, and not having to worry about a small third-party driver developer for a brand new, untested product.
  9. jesseasmith

    Closet Ventalation

    We use AC Infinity component fans which sit on top of hot devices like AVR's, multi-channel amps, etc. Then we will add an AC Infinity Ducted fan in the ceiling, and exhaust into a hallway, or open area inside the home. (You never want to exhaust your air into the attic, as it creates negative pressure in the home, and will suck in unfiltered air from outside into the home.) AC Infinity has some amazing products. We use their $11 component fans on all AVR's, and have seen failures drop off a cliff. We use their $50 and $90 fans for amplifiers, processors, AVR's, etc. We use their cabinet fans for small closets and equipment cabinets. Then use their ducted fans for larger equipment closets, and even things like projector hush boxes. They're great and very inexpensive.
  10. jesseasmith

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    Yup. This. RS232 Pin / Function / 3.5mm Stereo Color Tip (2) = TX = White Ring (3) = RX = Red Sleeve (5) = GND = Black So essentially, wire the Sleeve to Sleeve of your TRS 3.5mm stereo plug from the C4 processor, and then wire the Tip (white) of the C4 side, to the Ring (red) of the TV side. This should give you null modem connectivity from your C4 processor to your TV. Worst case, swap from Red to White on the TV side, if the first wiring method doesn't work.
  11. jesseasmith

    Missing Anything????

    If you design a home around wifi calling, I would highly recommend a more managed wireles solution. UBNT is great value, but will lack with things that require low latency hand offs. I would HIGHLY recommend Ruckus ZoneDirector and ZoneFlex for the best wifi calling performance. You will have much better performance and less dropped calls with this, over UBNT, if using Wifi Calling. Also, wifi calling is great for the home owner and his/her family. But cell boosters will benefit anyone in the home, not just the home owners. And will also work even if internet is down. I design DAS in all my new builds because of this.
  12. jesseasmith

    Missing Anything????

    Did Pentair finally ship their new system with IP? I know it's been "coming" for forever. Last I researched, it still hadn't been released.
  13. jesseasmith

    Missing Anything????

    Yes. LTS have MANY options for NVR. You can get MUCH faster processors and power in the LTS units. LUMA's models are rebranded HikVision, but typically 2-3 years old. LTS will have most up to date stuff. The app is essentially identical. Just different logos. Also, if you're plugging your cameras into the network, instead of the NVR, you can save money and buy NVR's without POE ports. They have a wide selection of both 1U and 2U NVR's. LTS supports many more resolutions as well, and has units with more FPS recording, so you don't run in to issues like Luma', where the system can't record all channels at once. Also, with LTS, you can enable a third stream, which will allow you to record at full resolution, 4MP/8MP, and stream 720 to your Control4 system. This gives you the best of both worlds. With Luma, you either have to downgrade resolution of all recordings to 720P, if you want a clear image on your Control4 system, or you have to use the second stream, which is fixed at 640x480, and looks grainy. A shame for such an expensive product. As always, with any camera system, do NOT install dome cameras for any exterior installation. You will get IR reflections and halo effects at night, which will wash out the image. Go with turrets, or bullets only. I would take Ring Pro/Elite over DoorBird any day. You won't get video through Control4, but you will get notifications. The Ring App is great, and recording is stupid cheap. ($36USB/year). Doorbird is massive, bulky, poor video quality, and terrible tech support. If you have a camera at the front door, you can program camera popup's on touch screens when someone presses the Ring doorbell. Not quite intercom, but a huge benefit over nothing. If not Ring, then go with DS2 mini and get actual native integration. It's STUPID FAST. Fastest video doorbell i've ever used. You can even have the DS2 record to your LTS NVR.
  14. jesseasmith

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    I have a 1-way RS232 driver that I wrote for this. I always prefer this over IR. Only need two conductors. https://www.dropbox.com/s/63l8dzf3jto5qld/tv_Samsung_UN Series LED.c4i?dl=0
  15. jesseasmith

    power reversing relay to drive dc motor

    There's actually several reversing relays in the security world. 405-03 is a GE part number for smoke detectors. It works off 12V or 24V I believe. May work for your application?