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  1. dbuono

    Fireplace switch

    So - can I tie into a relay on the back of the ea5 with a cat5e run?
  2. I see that there is no longer a fireplace switch for C4. What is the best way to integrate a built in gas fireplace (turns on with a low voltage switch)? I have a wireless contact sensor. Will that work? Or do I need something else.
  3. What is the trick for swapping these out with named buttons and not breaking off the little black tabs on the keypad dimmer itself? Thanks
  4. I have not. Please explain how to do this.
  5. After a lightning storm last night I have two keypad dimmers that will not work correctly. They carry the load when turned on, but when I try to turn the load off the lights dim and then blink on and off. They do this about every 3 seconds or so. Any ideas? Are these fried? I tried to reset to factory defaults and same thing is still happening.
  6. I’m trying to install a WK-1 in a new home (no internet service yet and my laptop usb to Ethernet adaptor is not working). But when I try to connect to the Pakedge WiFi it requires a security key. Does anyone know the default so I can get on the network? I have login info for the web interface after that.
  7. In the new home we are building we have installed three Trane Hvac systems (heat pump with propane gas for last 10% of heat) and it also has dehumidification. What is the easisest way to intergratebthis into Control4. Is there a driver that talks directly to the Trane thermostats (which are WiFi enabled as well). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Can these be used for standard security system contact sensors on our doors? We don’t want a separate security system but would like functionality like notifications, lighting scenes, etc. thanks
  9. dbuono

    LED prewire

    Thanks for the quick reply
  10. dbuono

    LED prewire

    I need to run some prewire for LED through conduit in a new build. I am planning on putting the controller/power supply in an attic space and then run the low voltage side down the wall and into the conduit to get to a freestanding wall. So, question is what type of wire do I need to go from the LED power to the actual LED strips? Will any basic 4 wire work or do I need the LED wire with the LED attachment ends? Thanks
  11. We are building a new home and I am wiring some items myself. So, quick question on IP security cameras. Do they have to be taken right back to the recorder or can they be anywhere on the network? The reason I ask is that I have a remote location for a couple and it would be easier to run those through a switch rather than go back to the home run. Thanks
  12. dbuono

    T3 Touchscreen

    Thank you for the quick reply
  13. If we had a T3 touchscreen (tabletop) on a nightstand, can it display the time in large format. Almost like a screen saver? Thank you
  14. dbuono

    Door Station Questions

    Thank you for all the answers - this was very helpful
  15. I have a few questions about the doorbell stations. First, I see two different door stations (one with a keypad and one without). What is the keypad used for? Second, with the door station can you do the following: 1- when the doorbell is pushed can you play a doorbell sound through ceiling speakers 2- when the doorbell is pushed can you pause active video source on the tv, switch to the ip camera on the tv (say for 15 sec) and then go back to video? If so, how does the ip camera get distributed to the tv? Does the EA-5 push the signal through the HDMI matrix? 3- how do you navigate to the doorbell camera while on a TV? Through the onscreen menu, directly with the remote, other ways? Thank you