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  1. My wife and I are in the process of building a new home. We are in the design phase with the architect and I am starting to think about C4 integration setup. I currently have a C4 system, but will be changing some things up in the new home. Wanting some advise on the following: (1) We want to integrate roll down shades in a few bedrooms of the home. What the best options that integrate with C4? (2) We are placing an 80" sharp on a board-form concrete wall that will be centered in a room (no cabinets or in wall speakers can be used). So, what are some options for good sound bars for the TV. I would like something wide that looks nice with the TV, but also something that is shallow and nice looking on a wall mount. Any suggestions would be great. Something passive that I can drive with a receiver would be great. This will allow easy volume control and integration with C4. I have seen the Triad Nano, are there others like this? (3) What is the best option for integrating Spotify into the system? Also, are multiple tuners/input devices needed to listen to multiple steams at the same time? (4) What are some good ceiling speakers (good dynamic range) for music. We will have speakers throughout the house and we also have ceiling over the porch in the back. So all these can be recessed and out of sight. (5) Has anyone ever used an in-ceiling subwoofer? We have no areas at furniture or walls to "hide" the sub and limited wall space due to windows and how rooms are set up. But, we have plenty of attic space to use above ceilings. Any input here would be great. Thanks in advance for any options/assistant provided.
  2. We are starting the process of a new build (full architectural build from ground up). I am certain to have many questions. But, one thing we are looking for now is the best options for window shades that are compatible with Control4. I am looking for something that can be custom width, controlled by Control4 and fits within the window box just under the header. Something that blends nicely with walls and fully rolls the shade in. Please let me know what people are using for this. If you can post pictures of what you have that would be even better. Thank you
  3. Timer HVAC programming question

    VINCELdUB, I do not have the Aprilaire thermostat. Not sure of the exact model, but I have the one with the five buttons under the screen. So, I think I need the programming options. Thanks
  4. I'm not sure how to accomplish something so asking the community for input. I have a basement AC unit that does not run very often because temp changes slowly. So, I want to just run the fan every couple hours to circulate the air. Thinking (in words only) of what this would look like: every two hours if unit is off then set to (no heat no cool) and "on" (just so unit will run) after 15 mins turn off revert to programming How to I do this with actual programming? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  5. I have some questions about lighting and programming. We recently finished a master bath remodel. My wife hates switches so I put two of the dimmer keypads in the room and the remaining switches in the closet. The current system has can lights on each dimmer keypad (one set of cans for the main area and one set of cans over the vanity) and then shower lights, scones at vanity, bath light and shower fan (all hidden). I set up one keypad as follows: Top button -- can load for vanity (with programming to turn on main cans at same time) button 2 -- shower light (connected to toggle for shower light) button 3 -- bath light (connected to toggle for bath light) button 4 -- fan (connected to toggle for shower fan) button 5/6 combines -- Off So, I have a few problems and questions. Problem 1 - if I toggle on the shower light and then use the off button to turn everything off, the next time I toggle the shower light it says off. So, I have to push the button twice to make it go back on. How can this be corrected? Do I program something on the off button push to "reset" the toggle. Or is there some other way to do this? Problem 2 - I tried to create a light scene "Cans On" which would turn on the two sets of can lights on the dimmer keypads. I then created a "Cans Off" scene and linked the two via toggle. I then connected this to the toggle light scene so I could get the hold dim on features (rather than just come on with the programming). But, when I do this, I have the same problem as 1 above when I use the off button. It takes me two pushes to turn everything back on. Can this be fixed? Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for the long post.
  6. Quick question - I have 2 bathroom fans that I want to program a conditional. What I want to do is have the following: if fan 1 on OR if fan 2 on turn all fans off How can this be done? Thanks
  7. Bind what to what? The lighting scene with tge keypad button?
  8. I have created and advanced lighting scene - bath on. I have that scene linked to a dimmer keypad button. What I would like to do is have the press and hold ramp and stop like a dimmer. Is that possible with the keypad? If so how can I do that. Now all that happens is that it just turns on with the button
  9. Keypad dimmer programming

    Thanks Cyknight - the first solution does work. The only fear I have there is that I want the hard button to work for the cans in case of a zigbee failure (that is making sure my wife has at least one light control readily accessible in such an event). As for the second option, what is the name of the driver that you are referencing?
  10. I have a keypad dimmer and some new dimmers in a master bath. The top button on the keypad controls the can lights. How can I make that same button control other dimmers in the same manner. For instance, when top button pushed and released I want can lights and vanity lights to turn on. And, when top button is held, I want the can lights and vanity lights to ramp up and down. I know the keypad does this by default for the can lights, but the real question I am having is how do I attached the vanity lights to the same action? Do I bind them together? Do I bind the vanity lights to the cans (or to the button)? How is this actually done? Thanks
  11. Is there any dealer interested in a basic, short remote project? I need an old controller identified on 2.0 version and then updated to 2.2. If someone is willing and able to do this, can you send me a PM?
  12. Is there a way to update only a single device in update manager? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  13. Does anyone know if there is an IP driver for the Bose SoundTouch systems? Thanks
  14. Binary Matrix Reviews

    Personally, I have the 8x8 version and love it. I have a direct HDMI, direct HDMI to plasma and then 4 to the HDBaseT extenders to other TV areas. All the TVs work great (regardless of sharing the signal of one input or different inputs). Also, the driver for the device has been solid. It has worked without any issues at all. The only thing I cannot speak to is 3D. We just never watch anything 3D at all.
  15. Sonos Play:1 and Play:3

    Do you choose a songs play from the remote or just link directly from the phone?