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  1. New C4 Doorstation

    i believe they said in the stream that MSRP is $1050 for the DS2 mini.
  2. New starter advice needed!

    Another possibility here is that the HC800 has a static IP configured and it is outside of the IP range used by your network. For example, if your router is handing out 192.168.1.xxx addresses, and the 800 arrived with a static IP of, it would do what you are seeing.
  3. Programming "red button"

    Haha...wrong red button.
  4. Programming "red button"

    Programming -> Room -> Commands.> CONTROL4
  5. XBMC: What do I need?

    Wow. This is low class. Have some respect for the driver community you are trying so hard to be part of.
  6. Volume control doesn't work

    You could try relearning the IR codes for the volume commands.
  7. test topic

    test troll?
  8. test topic

    test witty response
  9. Control 4 In Usa V.s Canada

    You may have saved a few dollars, but since no authorized C4 dealer is allowed to sell on ebay you have absolutely no warranty on your purchase.
  10. New C4 Users Facebook

    I want to see pictures of the chicken coop. Maybe you should start a facebook page for it!
  11. IR bud will not stick

    I use clear silicone. Put a small bead on it, stick it on, cover with electrical tape. 24 hours later, pull the tape gently and you are good to go.
  12. Galaxy S III

    I loved my Commodore 64. I have a Galaxy Nexus and i love it. No the battery life isn't the greatest, but the phone is great nonetheless.
  13. MyHome Question

    It can easily be done remotely, but yes, you will need him to get each device ID'd into the system.
  14. Which Android tablet to get..

    Nice. I want one.