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  1. crazybuppie

    TCP/IP *Input* to C4

    Ryan's old web events driver works great for this.
  2. crazybuppie

    Video over IP Matrix Switch (23x10)

    Just Add Power
  3. crazybuppie

    Repurposing HC1000

    mine is a PFSense router.
  4. so pressing "OK" via the Amazon remote one time does not keep the C4 driver working? thats crazy. i stand corrected.
  5. Is it really going to break? The article says you will be prompted on screen and can check the box to always allow ADB connections from that "PC". Wouldn't a one-time "allow" keep the device working?
  6. +1 for the sony android tvs
  7. crazybuppie

    C4 Android app on Chromebook

    Turn the chromebook on its side?
  8. crazybuppie

    integration question

    I've used the Web Events driver for things like this, where i want a 3rd party device to fire off some C4 programming. It is silly how easy it is, and how well it works. I think RyanE wrote it 5 years ago on a lunch break one day.
  9. My first interaction with Lua was Garry's Mod. What other games besides it and ROBLOX use Lua?
  10. crazybuppie


    Extron makes great equipment. However their solutions will likely cost you more than any mentioned so far in this thread.
  11. Has the unit ever required a powercycle to fix an issue or return it to working normally? i love the idea of this switch, but for the price, i struggle imagining it being as stable as an established, more expensive solution.
  12. crazybuppie

    SSHing into director

    I can't say anything about "supported", but that works fine.
  13. crazybuppie

    Saving Western Civilisation

  14. I am loving seeing a Crestron 32x32 DM switcher in a Monoprice thread