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  1. SOLD

    Thank you, Sir!
  2. SOLD

    I do believe everything is running Zigbee Pro when the update to 1.8.2 was installed from 1.7.4. But please do ask around to confirmed. Right now everything is running 1.8.2, because I have the installers software and was able to add and remove, or change anything I needed. My system has always worked, and I have never felt the need to upgrade the software to anything higher and be locked out of something I own. So I really don't have any idea if my hardware running 1.8.2 is compatible with any of the C4 newer software or hardware.
  3. SOLD

    Back side of switches..
  4. SOLD

    All the switches only show 120 volts AC on the front. Nothing is listed on the back.
  5. SOLD

    Next to the switches I marked them to show 120 vac.
  6. SOLD

    All the Card Access items are SOLD. Sorry for those who where asking, I didn't realize the person who bought them emailed right after I post the items for sale (first come, first serve). I'll try to be faster with emails and posting question next time.
  7. SOLD

    Maybe sold. Didn't realiz I had a few people message me, right after the posting.
  8. SOLD

    Everything is Sold.
  9. Nuvision TV IR codes needed

    Have you been to remotecentral.com yet to find it. That was always a good place to get help on ir codes. It's been years since I been on that site.
  10. Hc300c

    Got my controller today, all looks great!!! Thank you sir. Also wanted to add, thanks for taking the time helping me out with all my questions. P.S. Family Room navigation is working now!!! Thanks again.
  11. Hc300c

    email sent.
  12. Hey all, been out of the loop for a while.... I hope this works, running 1.8.2 myself....