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  1. Chowmain - Advanced Announcements Driver

    Thank you for clearing it up Alan.
  2. Chowmain - Advanced Announcements Driver

    So if I understand this correctly, the driver which I bought from this thread cannot be updated to the play online command which is an update to the original driver on this tread?
  3. Since I updated to 2.7, ever time an announcement is made, the system some how send an ir signal to my matrix switch causing a 5 sec black out on all tv's after any announcement. how would I avoid this?
  4. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    I'm now totally p'd off. I've restarted, deleted, reloaded and events are still fired 15 to 30min late and sometimes in the middle of the night. Meaning while I'm sleeping it announces that I just got home and my front gate is opening. Totally crap!
  5. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    Hi Phil, still not working properly. I've been home for more than 6 hours and my last event still stays leave work.
  6. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    Thanks Phil, I'll have a look at it.
  7. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    I was wondering when someone was going to complain, with the new update and driver, there are huge delays.
  8. 2.6 Issues after upgrade

    I'm going to get so hammered for this comment but I'm a little disappointed with 2.6. I don't really stream music and I don't own a spa to heat up. I honestly think they could have done better with the GUI, my system is not faster or slower. I've got a fairly big system and luckily all my hardware is supported with 2.6 but if you have to sacrifice some hardware to upgrade, I would really rethink it. Again this is just my view.
  9. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    How does the driver know for example, it needs to open my gate when I come home and close it when I leave home. Could someone give a print screen?
  10. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    Thanks Phil,
  11. FollowMe Find My iPhone Geofence Driver

    I can't seem to find the price of this app on the website. Nor any add to basket option.
  12. 220v Dimmer options

    Where are you based?
  13. New version At Home

    I don't even want to spend time on your constructive criticism.
  14. New version At Home

    I've got a iPad 2 running IOS7, and I'm still having lots of issues connecting.