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  1. WANTED: Wireless Music Bride

    I have 2 of these I can sell to you for $80 each.
  2. The Port density is good, but you have to look at the Power ouput for POE. Sometimes those switches with higher Port density can't support all the PoE devices, thus requiring you to have multiple switches.
  3. Baluns, 4k, Audio, XBox One, Oh my

    I used Cat6 STP and I have 2 runs per location. My Wiring closet and my 4K TV is about 50 ft apart. I have a HDMI Balun ran from my Leaf Matrix output to my TV, Samsung 4K Media Server and Xbox One-S is connected directly to HDMI input port of the switch. I don't have/watch much 4K, but it still looks good when I do watch the content. Main Points: - If you consider a Video Matrix/AVR, then make sure it has support for 4K. If no Matrix/AVR, then leave Xbox next to TV and wire directly. - Ideally, you want to use Shielded Cat6/7 to cut down interference from electrical, telephony and other cables when wiring long distance. - Run CAT5 for IR for TV Controls. Just what I recommend.
  4. 4Sight Multi-Factor Auth

    I understand the value of C4 4Sight. However I need added Security as anyone that determines my login can Unlock my Door, Change/Control Cameras and View my Alarm Status. Would love to see some form of Collaboration Auth (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter or Others).
  5. Programming only Fires C4 AV Switch

    To be clear, the connection in this room looks like the following: Denon AVR3313 - HDMI connected to HDMI Matrix Switch for Video and Audio - Analog connected to C4 Matrix Switch for Analog Audio I primarily use Analog Audio for most sources. However, some of my sources like the Xbox One (2) do not provide Analog Audio. Originally my Programming only fired when I connected to the Xbox One. When I get home, I will attach screen shot of my Connections.
  6. Programming only Fires C4 AV Switch

    That room(Denon Receiver is the Audio Destination) has 2 audio outputs (HDMI and RCA Analog). From an Audio perspective, some of my sources are Analog only. I am unsure from a C4 perspective without additional programming to tell that room to use HDMI for SourceA and when I select SourceB to use Analog from the C4 Matrix Switch. Thus I have all this programming just for that room. In the programming above, I am triggering off both the audio and video and it still only fires once.
  7. HC800

    I had a similar issue. I sent back for RMA.
  8. Kaleidscape is shutting down

    I also think that many are transitioning to Online Services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO and others. It would be great if C4 would build a programming aggregator for these services where I could search what is available in the MyMovies component. Potentially play that item to supported devices like Roku, Apple TV, WD and others.
  9. In my deployments, I have a Denon Receiver in one of my rooms. I use two different audio inputs on my receiver (HDMI and Analog via RCA from C4 16-Channcel AV). In my programming, I have set a default for each Audio Source. As seen in the screen shot below, on the room I have this configuration. However the programming only changes the Audio Output once. If I switch from HOMEPCH, video changes but not audio. Can someone take a look at my Programming to see if I have anything wrong.
  10. My Movies Video Services Integration

    I would love to see a Video Services Integration in the MyMovies C4 tab. Start with standard services with APIs. I would like to search the HBO, Starz, Netflix, Hulu and other databases to aggregate all the Movies. Then add integration for 3rd party devices for playback.
  11. Network File Share Edit Issues

    In this case, my video player is the Popcorn Hour. When I browse to MyMovies in Director, and select a movie the PopCorn hour starts the movie instantly. So it seems like C4 is sending the correct UNC path to the Popcorn Hour. However I am unable to add Gracenotes info. I plan to install 2.8.2 tonight. Maybe that will fix my issue to include also rebooting the Master Controller.
  12. Network File Share Edit Issues

    The file is in that location. Just wondering if a bug exist with the appending of the "/" after the Network Share location. If I use the following UNC path from anywhere it works: \\homecloud2\videos\13 Hours\13_Hours.iso It could possibly be that the space in the Title may be causing an issue. Can I perform an smbmount from the Controller to see if it can browse the share location?
  13. Network File Share Edit Issues

    Oops... Image upload failed. Let me read again.
  14. Switching from MyMovies Server based to a NAS connected by the Network File Share driver. I connected to share with a username and password that has edit rights on the share. However when I go to edit media to download the metadata from Gracenotes, I get the following error. I have add/remove driver, reboot controller and delete/recreate share but have the same issue. Has anyone seen this error before. Running Director 2.8.1 on HC800/