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  1. FS: Nest 3rd Gen and Google Home Mini

    I would keep it before selling at that price. Thanks
  2. I won this Google Home Automation Starter Kit that included all this gear for the exception of the SONOS. All this equipment is brand new in the Box. I kept the Camera and Lock. I am not pressured to sell this equipment, but I don't want this equipment to sit on my shelf. Brand New items For Sale: 2 x Nest Thermostats 3rd Gen (Stainless Steel) - $220 each 2 x Google Home Mini (1 White/ 1 Charcoal) - $49 each Used Item: 1 x Sonos Connect - $300
  3. C4-16AMP3-B Question

    Probably better to use the 16 zone audio matrix C4-16ZAMSV3-B. It would be interesting to see how you would daisy chain 3 8-zone amps on a single 8 channel matrix switch.
  4. You can delete the recordings under the Amazon Account "Content and Devices"/Alexa.
  5. Yes. I have the Epic Driver. I say "Alexa Play Spotify in Living Room" and she sets the Room Audio Device in the Living Room to Spotify and my Music plays. I have all my Sources connected to my Matrix, and 16-Channel Amp and others with Speakers connected for Audio. For Sources that require D-A conversion, I have two Denon Amp I use for that. The Denon Amps Zone 2 output can perform the conversion. So items like the Xbox or Amazon Fire TV audio is converted and sent to the Matrix for distribution. It sounds like you require Audio output devices and your plans are to use the Dot and other Amazon devices for that. In my cases, I already have Speakers in each zone.
  6. Ok. I have the Matrix and Amp for that. Thx
  7. You have the option to "WATCH" and "LISTEN". If your room has sources that fall into both then you don't have to do anything. My Son does it all the time; He plays (WATCH) Xbox and Listen to Spotify. In my setup, I have distributed audio. When he selects listen, the audio is distributed through the C4 Matrix and Amp.
  8. Do you see your Voice scenes here https://customer.control4.com/apps/alexa Avery
  9. What are you gaining with this type of configuration? Are you looking for an Audio output device? These devices all over my house and I am slowly trying to understand how best to integrate them. Avery
  10. WANTED: Wireless Music Bride

    I have 2 of these I can sell to you for $80 each.
  11. The Port density is good, but you have to look at the Power ouput for POE. Sometimes those switches with higher Port density can't support all the PoE devices, thus requiring you to have multiple switches.
  12. Baluns, 4k, Audio, XBox One, Oh my

    I used Cat6 STP and I have 2 runs per location. My Wiring closet and my 4K TV is about 50 ft apart. I have a HDMI Balun ran from my Leaf Matrix output to my TV, Samsung 4K Media Server and Xbox One-S is connected directly to HDMI input port of the switch. I don't have/watch much 4K, but it still looks good when I do watch the content. Main Points: - If you consider a Video Matrix/AVR, then make sure it has support for 4K. If no Matrix/AVR, then leave Xbox next to TV and wire directly. - Ideally, you want to use Shielded Cat6/7 to cut down interference from electrical, telephony and other cables when wiring long distance. - Run CAT5 for IR for TV Controls. Just what I recommend.
  13. 4Sight Multi-Factor Auth

    I understand the value of C4 4Sight. However I need added Security as anyone that determines my login can Unlock my Door, Change/Control Cameras and View my Alarm Status. Would love to see some form of Collaboration Auth (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter or Others).
  14. Programming only Fires C4 AV Switch

    To be clear, the connection in this room looks like the following: Denon AVR3313 - HDMI connected to HDMI Matrix Switch for Video and Audio - Analog connected to C4 Matrix Switch for Analog Audio I primarily use Analog Audio for most sources. However, some of my sources like the Xbox One (2) do not provide Analog Audio. Originally my Programming only fired when I connected to the Xbox One. When I get home, I will attach screen shot of my Connections.
  15. Programming only Fires C4 AV Switch

    That room(Denon Receiver is the Audio Destination) has 2 audio outputs (HDMI and RCA Analog). From an Audio perspective, some of my sources are Analog only. I am unsure from a C4 perspective without additional programming to tell that room to use HDMI for SourceA and when I select SourceB to use Analog from the C4 Matrix Switch. Thus I have all this programming just for that room. In the programming above, I am triggering off both the audio and video and it still only fires once.