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  1. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    You won't be needing the LUM-B34XTS-DMX.
  2. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    The original post by lippavisual has almost everything you need. You will also need a serial cable RS232 to run from your controller to the response box engine. - check that you have a spare serial port on your controller! You will also need one of these per channel you want to run: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10PCS-PX24500-DMX512-Decoder-driver-RGB-controller-for-12V-24V-LED-strip-light/401507796908?hash=item5d7bbac7ac%3Ag%3AIkYAAOSwTM5Y24OC&_sacat=0&_nkw=PX24500+&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 (browse ebay for best prices) You will also need a 12V DC power supply which can be connected to the PX24500's in parallel. - ensure the total wattage of the LED's you will run is lower that the rating of the power supply - if higher, get multiple power supplies (or a larger one) You will also need a cat 5/cat5e/cat6 patch cable to connect each PX24500 together. You will also need your dealer to install the driver, the light drivers and each scene driver.
  3. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    I did find this from my dealer from 2015 when I was installing DMX controlled lighting: "I would go for ES version, the enttec driver creator has sold their company – so I am unsure how much/if any tech support you would receive."
  4. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    These are the decoders I use with response box: (PX24500) https://www.ebay.com/itm/PX24500-RGB-Controller-DMX512-1990-Decoder-3CH-DC12-24V-15A-For-RGB-LED-Strip/352072073206?hash=item51f9217ff6%3Ag%3ATsIAAOSwvPZbSBFi&_sacat=0&_nkw=PX+dmx+decoder&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  5. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    In fact, this link shows a comparison between enttec and the response box options: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/advanced-dmx I realise that given you already have the hardware, you don't necessarily want to purchase other products, but I know nothing about the enttec, so you will need others on here to chime in, or your dealer perhaps.
  6. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    Hi Bill, I'm pretty sure C4 had a driver for Enttec controlled RGB lights - but I have no experience with it - and that was way back in V1.7 I think - so not sure if it has been enhanced to work with the newer lighting options in.
  7. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    Some examples: I have three RGB in my pool and one under a water blade. in the pool, colours blue, purple and green look nice, not so much yellow and red, So I have the three pool lights work as one with a colour loop of only the colours I like. The water blade has it's own colour loop of all colours. The kids like showing off to their friends, so they just tell Alexa to set pool blue 50 %, set pool green 10% etc... to make different effects. interfaces like ipad or touch screens allow scrolling of the 'dimmer' so you can set percentage of RGB to what ever suits really quickly.
  8. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    Hi Bill, sorry - could have provided more detail - you are right! I see lippavisual has already done this now - so check those out. The drivers for all this work with the advanced lighting in C4, You want to get a DMX decoder for each light you want to control independently. Each DMX decoder will have it's own channel which is linked in C4's set up. the channel is manually set on the physical decoder - you can do this yourself, but the dealer will need to do the work with the driver set up. Once done, each light will show in navigators like a dimmer, each dimmer will also have a red, blue and green dimmer - so you can control each colour. These 'dimmers' are then available in composer to use in programming, add to scenes etc... There are also additional drivers available which have options of colour looping, predefined colours, loop timing, colour chases and all sorts of cool stuff.
  9. brucecampbell

    PIR/Motion Sensor Timer

    Also - you don't need to check if the timer is already running. You don't need to choose reset for one option and start for the other. just 'reset timer' - this starts the timer from zero: ? If time is between 10:30 PM and 06:10 AM (indent) -> Reset Timer 'PIR Activated Lights'
  10. brucecampbell

    Pool and landscape lighting automation

    I've only got a few lights in my pool area - they are all RGB LEDs controlled via DMX using the Engineering Solutions box and driver and PX..? decoders bought from china. I've found this solution perfect - as no need for C4 dimmers or switches. The hardware only has one serial connection to C4. All the cabling is low voltage - I use 0.44 6 core security cable (though only 4 of the wires are used)
  11. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    Plus 1 on the Engineering Solutions Response Box - works well - I only have it running 5 independent RGB LED's - but works great.
  12. brucecampbell

    4 zones (2 video), using 2 receivers

    No splitters are used HC800 has three audio outputs. These three are physically connected to each receiver (1 x digital coax, 2 x stereo RCA) Each of the connections in composer are connected to two zones. These connections are used mainly for spotify via shairbridge drivers and TuneIn directly from the HC800 Plus I then have the audio from a media player, dvd and sky connected to two of the receivers. Plus I also have audio from these three sources going to the av matrix to feed the two TV's which are not run from receivers. As well as digital audio back to one receiver from the main TV. on top of that, I have have all the video connected to a matrix using component. add in a mess of cat cable to the switch, and you have one very busy rack!
  13. brucecampbell

    4 zones (2 video), using 2 receivers

    I have three receivers running 6 zones of audio and have no problems with same source or different sources. The three receivers are all fed from the C4 controller - we use spotify-> shairbridge for most music. However - for your video sources - the more sources you add and want to share to multiple zones, the more issues you will find - a video matrix is ideal here - but yes, I understand you are trying to keep costs down... I still use a Leaf component matrix due to high costs of HDMI... I'm sure there are others on this forum who can help with the video options more than I can.
  14. brucecampbell

    Centralized AVR with local video source(s)

    centralize makes sense - keeps the tv location tidy. AV matrix makes life easy - but are pretty pricey - I still have my 10 year old leaf component matrix. I have since got a smart tv and an apple tv, so I use the TV's digital audio out and run this back to the avr in the rack. This single source is the audio input for both TV and Apple TV, while the sky box, controllers, dvd and media player sit in the rack providing the other av inputs. My current lounge set up required 4 Cat6 and an RG6 cable from rack to tv. Apple tv plugs directly into TV to avoid messing around with any HDCP handshake issues, but obviously means I can't use it at other locations. But I have Chrome cast and xbox located at other tv's so no issue really.
  15. brucecampbell

    H300 12V Relay

    So far the only problem I have is with the 12V contact output. Would this issue be directly related to the HC's power supply? - Is it easy to replace the power supply - from memory these are internal right?