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  1. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    This programming is working for me. It relies on a scene being 'Active' as soon as it is invoked. If the scene was not active until the 3 second ramp up/down completed, then it would not work. The idea is, the motion sensor (along with a timer) turn the lights on and off. If any interface is used to control these two lights, the sensor and timer are deactivated until the lights are manually turned off again.
  2. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    This is perfect. This will mean my programming will work how I need it to. I will be able to accurately check if the change in state/level of a light is due to a scene being activated or some other form such as a button click or other interface used. Gives me a very smooth approach to turning lights on and off using motion sensors and allowing 'overrides'.
  3. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    Can do when I'm home later tonight. Cheers.
  4. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    Great info, thanks for the detail. I'm running 2.5.2, so some of these advanced lighting features aren't available to me. however, if I'm reading this right; I have my tracking set to 'At Scene Final Level' my scene takes 3 seconds to ramp to the final level. Why is my scene showing as active immediately? Is it because invoking a scene will set it active immediately?
  5. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    Thanks, with what I have programmed so far, it does appear to be immediately seen as 'active'. I'm not at home now, but did think running some tests as you suggest will be useful. Hoping to find some documentation or advice on what the other tracking options might be used for?
  6. I need some help understanding how to best use the advanced lighting scenes. Hopefully some of those in the know can lend some advice please. When is a scene 'Active'? - is the scene immediately active if it is invoked? - how does the tracking options influence when the scene is active? example: scene 1 = ramp lights to 90% over 3 seconds. scene 1 (toggle) = ramp lights to 0% over 3 seconds I currently have all my scenes use tracking 'at final %' Practical use: motion sensed in the room Option 1 -> motion sensed: activate scene 1 (is scene 1 active immediately, or after the 3 seconds it take to reach the setting of the scene?) timer expires: deactivate scene 1(is scene 1 inactive immediately or after 3 seconds?; is scene 1(toggle) active immediately or only after 3 seconds?) Option 2 -> motion sensed: activate scene 1 timer expires: activate scene 1(toggle) (is scene 1 inactive immediately or after 3 seconds?; is scene 1(toggle) active immediately or only after 3 seconds?) Cheers.
  7. Press vs Single tap

    I've had similar happen - I have a 'good night' option when I tap my hallway dimmer 3 times. During party time, kids often play in the hallway and some like to play with the light switches - very frustrating when the whole house goes dark in the middle of a party. I know have a variable 'PartyMode' which I set to true/false using a customer button. Now each of my 'good night'/ 'house off' / 'arm security' type options will only work if the PartyMode = false.
  8. Tidy/Remove old programming

    OK, thanks. I'm looking into this because I have some unexpected behaviour. I have a variable being changed to 'False' when it should not be. One bit of code setting it to false is when a now 'Unknown Agent' advanced lighting scene is being deactivated. Can anyone confirm 100% that code inside an "if 'unknown agent ID XX' changes" will not be run?? I hope C4 does not treat an 'unknown agent' the same as 'deactivated'....
  9. Is there a way to tidy up/remove old programming? For example: I have code running when a particular Advanced Lighting Scene is activated. If I delete the lighting scene, the code still exists. The detective suite shows the code under 'Unknown Agent' I wouldn't expect this code to ever run again, but for housekeeping purposes - can it be removed??
  10. On screen navigator is blank

    Reboot seems to have solved this...
  11. I have a HC800 as the on screen navigator to the lounge - all is fine here. I have a single HC300 as the on screen navigator for two other room's TVs. The rooms connected to the HC300 has no icons appear on the TV when I hit the 4 button. Any ideas on what is missing from the set up?
  12. How do you use your contact and/or relays?

    I have control two relays via C4; One turns on/off a 1000W pump running a water fall into my swimming pool. The other turns on/off a 150MA transformer running some 12V garden lights up the driveway. I also use a reed switch - contact to check if the garage door is open/closed.
  13. I've physically installed a puck switch along with a manual switch face plate with led to control a heated towel rail. So the face plate is connected as AUX 1 with the LED connected as LED 1 It is NOT yet connected to my system via composer. I turn the mains power back on, the face plate appears to be off and the led is black(off). I check the rail a while later and it's hot, so I toggle the faceplate switch - the led lights up blue and a while later the rail is cold - all good. I come back later and the rail is hot again, so I toggle the face plate switch once more, the led goes black and the rail cools down. This pattern is repeating itself... Why? (Yes I do plan on getting the device connected to the system when dealer is available....)
  14. Changing surround sound mode

    Thanks for checking I think I'm stuck with a macro to to run each command, as to change the sound mode using the remote, it is a case of clicking the button until the required one is discrete code/button push Cheers.
  15. Changing surround sound mode

    HK AVR 255