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  1. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    Great, thanks for all the input.
  2. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    Cool, thanks for the advice. All the lamps are using their own 12V electronic transformers and all bulbs are currently 12V 50W halogen. I will change these to 12V 7W LED's - hopefully prior to installing the replacement dimmers.
  3. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    Sorry - I don't quite understand this. You say these dimmers are meant for powering electronic transformers down the line - but then you say to make sure the fixtures don't involve a transformer down the line...?
  4. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    Right, so I should look at moving to LED anyway... do dimmable LED's work well on reverse phase? I have a ton of phillips 7w LED dimmable throughout the house all working seemingly ok...... Cheers.
  5. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    That's the one. Max 800W (unless ganged) so will drawing 350w vs 49w make a difference to the dimmers life?
  6. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    Sorry, not at home to get a pic. - can do tonight
  7. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    The code is C4-TDMI2-Z and it is called 'C4 ELV Dimmer' as opposed to the earlier model LDZ-101-240 which is called the 'C4 MLV Dimmer' Perhaps the naming convention here in NZ is different to other parts of the world...?
  8. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    I believe so, but the label on the dimmer says 'ELV Dimmer' and it is for 240V
  9. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    More importantly, does anyone have an answer to my actual question: Does the load on a dimmer have a direct impact on the expected life span? Cheers.
  10. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    I get the feeling when I say 'ELV dimmer', you are picturing a different device to what I am referring to. I do recall a posting I made many years back to which someone mentioned there are different ELV devices for the different markets. Mine are simply dimmers - I think the improvement from the LDZ dimmer was the addition of a neutral wire which helped prevent buzzing when used in conjunction with halogens on electric transformers.....
  11. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    What makes you say that? These are ELV dimmers made for the 240V market. They look and feel the same as the original LDZ101 (I think that is the code) Not sure of all the ins and outs, but that they say ELV on the unit.... They are running on 240V and most are running circuits with 12V 50W halogen - (each bulb has it's own electronic transformer)
  12. brucecampbell

    Dimmer life span

    I have around 30 dimmers - mostly older ELV models, installed about 9 years ago. A couple a starting to fail - by way of the bulbs now strobe gently when the dimmer is on (which is really annoying..) Anyhow, I'm replacing them and wondering if the load on the dimmer will directly affect the life span of the dimmer? Ie: These dimmers are running 50W halogen bulbs - one runs 7 bulbs (350W), the other runs 9 bulbs (450W) By changing to LED am I going to increase the life of the dimmer? I also note, the failing dimmers are in banks of three dimmers together - all running halogen. Thanks
  13. brucecampbell

    H300 12V Relay

    So far I have only tested the voltage at the independent relay out in the pool's pump shed. I have not yet had time to test at the controller, but I did notice my driveway sensor which also uses the 12V contact to power the unit is no longer working - pretty sure that is using the HC300's 12v power supply too.
  14. What determines the icon which appears on the TV screen when I hit the 4 button. I have an Apple TV and 'Karaoke' which both use the same apple tv driver. Apple tv shows on screen with a dvd icon, karaoke shows with an apple tv icon.
  15. brucecampbell

    Remote lighting up with no movement

    Thanks - I will look into this setting and see if I can adjust it.