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  1. I have control two relays via C4; One turns on/off a 1000W pump running a water fall into my swimming pool. The other turns on/off a 150MA transformer running some 12V garden lights up the driveway. I also use a reed switch - contact to check if the garage door is open/closed.
  2. I've physically installed a puck switch along with a manual switch face plate with led to control a heated towel rail. So the face plate is connected as AUX 1 with the LED connected as LED 1 It is NOT yet connected to my system via composer. I turn the mains power back on, the face plate appears to be off and the led is black(off). I check the rail a while later and it's hot, so I toggle the faceplate switch - the led lights up blue and a while later the rail is cold - all good. I come back later and the rail is hot again, so I toggle the face plate switch once more, the led goes black and the rail cools down. This pattern is repeating itself... Why? (Yes I do plan on getting the device connected to the system when dealer is available....)
  3. Thanks for checking I think I'm stuck with a macro to to run each command, as to change the sound mode using the remote, it is a case of clicking the button until the required one is discrete code/button push Cheers.
  4. HK AVR 255
  5. All the sound modes are displaying for the driver, but none of them work. I think my dealer just chose a driver for a random receiver and then manually coded the IR codes for all the options we use. If there were discrete codes for the HK avr range for surround modes, then I'd be happy - but there does not seem to be. I'll have to code a macro and track which mode it's in.
  6. Try putting 'WORKGROUP' in the Workgroup box and try again.
  7. My current thought is to have a macro to run all the commands required to change the sound from one setting to another, and another macro to set it back again. (given there does not appear to be discrete ir codes for each sound mode) I'd then have a variable to track which mode it is in. Or; What are peoples thoughts on creating a new instance of the 'Apple TV' and calling it 'Apple TV Music' for example. The receiver would have another source used up (though no additional physical connections are needed) And therefore the receiver can control the sound mode using pre defined settings. - Thoughts?
  8. Just interested to know how other people handle this: I have my lounge receiver default to 'auto select' the best sound mode when my source is 'Sky', 'TV' or 'Apple TV' This works well for watching TV and movies etc, but if I am using Youtube for music, I often want to have 5ch stereo instead of some form of pro logic or DTS etc... The receiver is Harmon Kardon and to change sound mode, you need to go through all the modes to find the one you want - not just push a single button.
  9. Yep, this was the issue, the lounge had 'Digital Media' hidden in the 'Music' list. Change that and it resolved the issue. Thanks d1amund.
  10. The Apple Express is set up as an Audio source in the room 'Lounge' (I think) Because the AE is linked via connections as an input to an HC, and the HC's are connected to all my receivers, the Apple Express is an available audio option in all rooms where audio is an option Apple Express is available in all rooms 'Listen' menu. If I select 'Listen' -> Apple Express in the Master Bedroom, the source plays fine. If I think hit the zones button, I can select any room except the 'Lounge' Will have a play later and report back.
  11. Thanks for the tip - I'll check this tonight.
  12. Not at home, so can't check - but, From memory, the lounge uses a digital out from the HC800 The other zones use analogue RCA outs from the HC800 and HC300. Not HDMI - I don't have any audio via HDMI.
  13. I currently have 5 zones for music, these are run via 3 different amps/receivers. All these zones have the ability to run digital music from the HC controllers - either individually or in sync. I mostly play spotify via an Apple express connected to the HC. If I start music in the 'Lounge' i can hit the zones - add zones and all my other zones are available to choose. If I start music in the 'Master bedroom', I hit zones - add zone - all zones except the 'lounge' are available to choose. Why can't I add lounge? Any thoughts?
  14. Correct, I am on 2.5.2 and still using mini touch screens, not really looking to spend big money on the replacements required for the upgrade as yet.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up. Would you expect the lag to remain about the same if the input was changed to be the HC800 instead of the HC300?