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  1. Echo Dot (Gen 2)

    I'm playing around with my new Echo Dots along with Epic-Systems' driver. So far everything is pretty straight forward and working really well. When I 'discover' my devices, all my echo driver actions as well as all my lights and lighting scenes are found. However I don't want many of these scenes available to Echo, so I remove them using the Alexa app. But every time I add a new action all the scenes I removed are re-discovered - can I prevent this happening??
  2. Wireless Puck

    Is the puck close enough to the controller to identify? It won't use the mesh until it's on the network, so needs to be within a reasonable range to the controller.
  3. variables

    What is in the room 'House Room' which would ensure the power is ON at the time the macro is executed?
  4. Echo Dot (Gen 2)

    ok, so most of what I will use Echo Dots for are in Macros: Good Night, Leaving, Home etc... Does that mean my commands will be something like this: Run Macro 'Good Night' I would have to use the voice command 'Alexa, turn on Good Night' - I won't be able to use a voice command 'Alexa, Good Night' ??
  5. LED bulbs

    Use trial and error to determine which LED bulbs will work - these older dimmers/outlets have a min Watt rating of 10 or 20 (sorry can't remember off the top of my head) You might get lucky with some good quality dimmable LED bulbs of around 7.5W - I use the Phillips and they work really well with my older C4 dimmers.
  6. Echo Dot (Gen 2)

    Perfect, thanks. Will be interesting to see what the limitations are for running it in NZ. Though - we don't really bother with the weather, in Auckland we have 4 seasons in one day. We don't use Uber Might have to try Dominos delivery and see what happens...
  7. Echo Dot (Gen 2)

    Great, thanks for the detail. Regarding examples such as getting a weather report... given I am planning on only using the Dot's and NOT plugging the audio into a receiver - how would the dot report the weather to me - I assumed if I wanted it to talk back to me, I'd need the full size echo with the 360 deg speaker.
  8. Echo Dot (Gen 2)

    Just trying to get my head around the use of Echo Dot's in a C4 system - looking to purchase a couple for my lounge and patio. Sounds like the Epic driver is the way to go. Hoping for some advice on what can and can't be done. (I'll be running 2.9 when I upgrade) Lighting sounds like it is pretty straight forward with advanced lighting scenes. Will I be able to say 'Turn on the waterfall'? - which is run via a relay from the controller? Will I be able to say 'Activate House Off'? - which is a macro which turns off all AV, runs a lighting scene and activates a DSC Alarm away Will I be able to say 'Turn on The Rock'? - which is a Tunein radio station Are there any limitations that are annoying people? Thanks for the help - I realise there are lots of postings about alexa, but have not found any specific to my questions. Cheers.
  9. Notification - Alarm Trouble Codes

    I have a DSC alarm, but not with this driver so don't know how the partition variables operate. But I use a text variable to track which motion sensor last sensed. And if the alarm is triggered, my email includes this variable and then continues to email me every time a sensor is triggered. So far, it has been useful to find out where the cat is hiding when he is accidently left inside....
  10. Turning on lights if sunrise > 0700

    Use scheduler for both on and off - don't use long timers to turn off. The sunrise and sunset options built in a great to use. I have a variable called 'IsDark' which is set on a schedule every day - 30 mins before sunset => IsDark=True; 30 mins after sunrise => IsDark=False I then use the IsDark variable is a wide range of programming for motion controlled lights and turning lights on when TV is turned off or paused etc...
  11. I was adding more lighting scenes recently and programming further options based on the lighting scene being active/inactive etc... Some of my programming was not working as expected, under further investigation I found my dimmers were not holding on the % I set in the scene. - they seemed to be rounding. Ie: I set the entrance lights to come on to 72%. I invoke the scene, it works fine, but moments later the scene is inactive. After checking the light state in composer, I find the light is on 70% My dimmers are ELV My controller is running 2.5
  12. Give me your ideas.

    Great idea, I look at as much info as possible to gain new ideas on how to improve my C4 experience.
  13. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    This programming is working for me. It relies on a scene being 'Active' as soon as it is invoked. If the scene was not active until the 3 second ramp up/down completed, then it would not work. The idea is, the motion sensor (along with a timer) turn the lights on and off. If any interface is used to control these two lights, the sensor and timer are deactivated until the lights are manually turned off again.
  14. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    This is perfect. This will mean my programming will work how I need it to. I will be able to accurately check if the change in state/level of a light is due to a scene being activated or some other form such as a button click or other interface used. Gives me a very smooth approach to turning lights on and off using motion sensors and allowing 'overrides'.
  15. Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    Can do when I'm home later tonight. Cheers.