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  1. Issues with Tunein and 2.8.2

    I took a brief look last night: My TuneIn driver is version 111. I'm going to get this updated to the latest (113 as shown in the post above) and see if that helps. I'm not running a managed switch, so not sure if the timeout settings are affecting me. One test I did was to create a loop to turn on tunein with a one second delay between each attempt and a counter. so far the record is 39 attempts before TuneIn comes on...... will keep you posted once I get a new version of the driver installed.
  2. Issues with Tunein and 2.8.2

    Thanks for the info - I have V2.9.1 and am having this same problem - will get the driver checked tonight.
  3. Programming with float variable

    I've never had a need to use a float variable so far... But I'd do some debugging. first - obviously - check your variable is float, not int second, try manually setting the value in the value box and see if it holds. or, try a single decimal to see if that value holds and work up from there.
  4. Light V1 Flashing

    Not totally sure what you mean by V1 lights... But I have a whole bunch of LDZ dimmers and ELV dimmers which were installed 10 years ago, originally on V1.7.4( I think)...Embernet They have since been upgraded to Zigbee Pro (?? Is it called??) and my system is now on V 2.9 and I use advanced lighting for all my scenes and have options to do multiple tasks per light per scene.
  5. I'm looking for advice to better my experience with Echo Dot's. Some commands are working well, but some not so much.... I use both C4's driver and Epic's I have programmed some commands using Epic's driver: 'Lounge Music', 'Patio Music', 'Pool Music' "Alexa Turn ON Patio Music" works fine "Alexa Turn OFF Patio Music" works fine "Alexa Turn UP Patio Music" - echo dot turns it's own volume up "Alexa Turn DOWN Patio Music" - echo dot turns it's own volume down Anybody else have trouble programming the 'UP' and 'DOWN' options?
  6. All off for a Room not reliable

    And you can then use programming based on 'when lighting scene X becomes active/inactive/invoked'... very useful for setting LED colours, or turning on motion sensors, or simply for checking if all lights in a room are off/not off.
  7. Installing Airport Express for airplay

    Shairbridge is definitely the right option here - no need to use additional hardware. But, if for some reason you go ahead with the Airport Express, you would use the apple set up app to add the device to your network. You would then hard wire it to your system by connection the AE output to the EA input - from memory this can be done using digital Optical or by 3.5m to RCA. The device would then be added to your project by the dealer - probably by using an audio option like a CD Player or like. The dealer then binds the driver to the EA audio input and renames it to 'Airport Express' or what ever you like. You can then select it from the listen menu for any room which allows digital music. But again... forget all that and get your dealer to add Shairbridge for each room you use digital music in. I switched off my AE the day I upgraded from 2.5.2 to 2.9.1......... Do you want to buy an AE?
  8. Requirement for amazon Alexa

    Alexa is working well so far in my house. I have two echo dots only - nothing else from amazon. (no hub, no amazon speakers) I'm not in USA, so had to sign up to Amazon using a US postal address, otherwise it's difficult to set up the dots. We use the dots everyday for lights and security and also have some music options for adding zones or starting music in different zones. I use both C4 and Epic drivers, I have found C4 best for lighting and the Epic driver best for adding any other specific programming. I have a lot of lighting scenes which are not needed via alexa, so I disable them from alexa via the mycontrol4 account. Mainly scenes used by the motion sensors.
  9. Programmed Delays

    I have no problem increasing the delays so the code works effectively, was really just curious. And while I agree having a TV with discrete codes for all the useful commands would be ideal, it's not going to happen, so I'll live with the macro.
  10. I use a macro called 'Set Project Defaults' I run the macro when project loads.
  11. I have a macro to change the input on my TV from HDMI to Component. The TV does not have discrete input codes, so I have the following macro Press AV Delay 500 ms Press Up Delay 300 ms Press up Delay 300 ms Press up Delay 300 ms press OK All worked fine on V 2.5.2 I upgraded to V 2.9.1 and suddenly the macro runs too fast for the TV to handle. Time is constant, why would the upgrade cause this macro to run faster?
  12. TuneIn / Digital Audio

    Tunein driver is version 111. I had it deleted and added again, will do some more testing tonight and see if any improvements have been made
  13. TuneIn / Digital Audio

    Thanks, I upgraded recently from 2.5.2 to 2.9.1 I use an HC800 along with an HC300, although the 300 is only supporting an on screen interface and a contact and relay. I'll get the tunein driver looked into. Cheers
  14. My TuneIn does not appear to be functioning correctly, I'm hoping someone out there has some advice on why my system is failing SOME of the time. I have TuneIn as part of my project. I'm running V2.9.1 Using the C4 App on a chrome touch screen, I have selected several local radio stations as favourites. All these stations now show under TuneIn as favourites. All these stations now show under 'stations' under the listen menu on the remote. All these stations also show in Composer under Audio Media when selecting media for a room. I've set up programming to select one of these stations for a particular room within Alexa functions and within my Wakeup function. Neither is working 100% of the time. But the annoying thing is, it works some of the time. I've also noticed that if I use the remote to select one of these stations from the listen menu, I often have to select it two or three times before it will turn on. When I say it is not working; C4 indicates nothing - ie: the room remains 'off'. When it does work, the rooms shows as 'Digital Media' Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  15. Programming Wake Ups

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try and see what we can figure out.