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  1. brucecampbell

    Subwoofer location

    Are you putting a coffee table or side table in the room? build a table around the sub. I did this for my lounge room - as I have virtually all glass and no walls to have a sub sit in front.
  2. brucecampbell

    ComposerHE - Echo Driver (epic-systems)

    Did you 'discover devices' with Alexa each time you added triggers to the epic driver? They will show up as 'Hue Drivers'. Also - changes with C4 and/or Alexa disrupted the epic driver and certain older versions of C4 no longer work with the epic driver.
  3. brucecampbell

    Alexa volume control

    I'm on C4 V 2.9.1 and cannot upgrade due to using an HC300 for multiple connections. Will you be fixing the issue with the epic driver so I can continue to use it? - please - its a great driver!
  4. brucecampbell

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    This is what I was afraid of - kind of defeats the purpose of having this default C4 device voice control. Who is ever going to use the option "Turn Volume Up on the Lounge" if it only sends a single click. It would take 60 seconds to adjust the volume by five clicks The "Set Volume to 50" option sounds good - but I don't have discrete volume control on my HK Receiver - just up and down. And I'm assuming because the "Turn Volume Up" is already a key command in use - we can't use it as a programmed trigger with the voice scene driver
  5. brucecampbell

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    That makes sense and is fine. But what about the function "Alexa - Volume up on Lounge"? This appears to send a single volume command to the receiver but ideally I'd like it to turn the volume up by 5 or 10 clicks. Can I achieve this without changing the receiver driver to repeat the signal 5 or 10 times??
  6. brucecampbell

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    I had already asked the question regarding volume - but no answers so far. I need to play around with volume commands more - but initial testing shows the reciever is getting the command via IR bug - but it only sends a single pulse - which effectively does nothing - I need to know if I can set this to repeat say 5 or 10 times. If I use the 'set volume to 20 on lounge' I get the "Sorry lounge does not support this"
  7. brucecampbell

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    Seems it also works for me if I leave off the room and device in my voice command. Alexa - "Change channel to 21" Now to figure out volume control....
  8. brucecampbell

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    Here is what my C4 account says I can do in my lounge: Room: Alexa, turn on Lounge. Alexa, turn off Lounge. Alexa, mute on Lounge. Alexa, unmute on Lounge. Alexa, volume up on Lounge. Alexa, volume down on Lounge. Alexa, set volume to 20 on Lounge. Lounge My Sky: Alexa, turn on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, turn off Lounge My Sky. Alexa, play on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, stop on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, pause on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, play next on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, play previous on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, channel up on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, channel down on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, change channel to NBC on Lounge My Sky. Alexa, change channel to 5 on Lounge My Sky. The change channel command is working. Thanks for the advice.
  9. brucecampbell

    Alexa DirecTV skill and C4 question

    The Epic driver allows 'on', 'off', 'up', 'down' and 'set'. With set you can then use epic's variables values - though I think this is limited to numbers 1 to 100 So pretty much anything you can program in C4 you can program into epic driver custom triggers. C4's new voice scene seems to do the 'on', 'off' triggers just as well now though.
  10. brucecampbell

    Alexa DirecTV skill and C4 question

    The forum seems quiet....I'm after some help with Alexa too... If DIRECTV is a device in one or more of your rooms, then you should be able to enable it in your C4 account using your 4Sight login. Alexa can then control this devive via "Turn on Driectv in the lounge" (I don't know what Directv is - so making assumptions here)
  11. The latest updates to the Control4 skill for Alexa says it allow channel control. Is this working for anyone? I've enabled all my AV devices for Alexa in my 4Sight account. But when I say "Alexa - set My Sky channel to twenty one" I get this response: "Sky Channel is not responding, please check its power cable and network connection." I was previously using the epic systems driver to run this channel change using the driver variable - but this stopped working about the time I noticed new C4 options. Help please.
  12. brucecampbell

    Alexa volume control

    I am using both the epic driver and C4's Alexa integration. To do volume control I say "Alexa - increase the volume in the lounge" Alexa does her thing and I see the ir bug on my reciever send a signal, but it does not repeat enough to actually change the volume. How can I have this Alexa command run - perhaps repeat 5 times to actually make a difference with the volume?? note: this command is using the C4 control - not the epic driver. Cheers.
  13. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    You won't be needing the LUM-B34XTS-DMX.
  14. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    The original post by lippavisual has almost everything you need. You will also need a serial cable RS232 to run from your controller to the response box engine. - check that you have a spare serial port on your controller! You will also need one of these per channel you want to run: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10PCS-PX24500-DMX512-Decoder-driver-RGB-controller-for-12V-24V-LED-strip-light/401507796908?hash=item5d7bbac7ac%3Ag%3AIkYAAOSwTM5Y24OC&_sacat=0&_nkw=PX24500+&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 (browse ebay for best prices) You will also need a 12V DC power supply which can be connected to the PX24500's in parallel. - ensure the total wattage of the LED's you will run is lower that the rating of the power supply - if higher, get multiple power supplies (or a larger one) You will also need a cat 5/cat5e/cat6 patch cable to connect each PX24500 together. You will also need your dealer to install the driver, the light drivers and each scene driver.
  15. brucecampbell

    Control of LED rope light and Wall Washers

    I did find this from my dealer from 2015 when I was installing DMX controlled lighting: "I would go for ES version, the enttec driver creator has sold their company – so I am unsure how much/if any tech support you would receive."