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  1. I've had same experience and now announcements stopped. Sucks! Hopefully another update??
  2. I'm pretty forgiving in terms of bugs given I'm in same business arena but it is very frustrating. I deleted, recreated and it worked for a week or so but now it doesn't and not being able to hear the announcements (doorbell through all speakers) etc...its crazy! I stopped using C4 until another release because I know whatever I do might not be consistent or might cause other issues...at least the basics tv/remote/touchpanels etc work and nothing serious has happened so I wait.....and wait....and wait....hoping it gets fixed with an update.
  3. So, after updating to 2.10 and then getting the update to fix the announcements, things worked for a while but now stopped working again. Anyone else experience issues with announcements still after being on the latest build?
  4. Thank You C4! I have to say upgrading fixed the announcement issue(s). Nice to see that they realized a few issues since 2.10's release and have addressed them. I'm sure their are more, but when it makes your system function as intended while your upgrading to latest version to have the latest tech, shows they are moving forward in many respects. Giving credit were credit is due...now a days, seems that isn't always the case, so thanks for listening!
  5. Sucks...I spoke to soon. I got it working now, it doesn't work again. Wierd...the announcement will show on the T3 touchpanel with text but the announcement won't play through speakers...never had a problem since beginning with 2.0 now with 2.10 nothing but issues such as this....a big bug!
  6. So I've decided to go the route of Siri/Homekit instead of Alexa or Google home. What is the best driver/integration for Siri integration? Isn't there a driver for this? Is the best integration to use varietas software appliance and driver? Any evaluations would be appreciated. I think using my phone vs my kids or during parties guests telling Alexa/Google to do things isn't safe as well as all the data collection (always on) but that's an entirely new discussion. Any input would be appreciated on getting Siri to work successfully with C4.
  7. I must be brain dead! I finally manually deleted all the wavs and then rebooted and the agent finally worked! Now starting again creating announcements...ahhhhh Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I tried deleting announcements and deleting agent then rebooting and then adding agent and then making a new announcements but the wav files seem to still be there. Anyone have an idea how to delete everything and get announcements working?
  9. Does that mean delete all the programming for the announcements too? Crazy!!!!! I'll give it a shot later....
  10. Anyone have a solution?
  11. Lutron Default Login

    Yes, using the IP address in URL to access Main Repeater, lutron is username and lutron is password for default.
  12. I heard of this issue...maybe someone can share some insight. I can't figure it out.
  13. Does anyone know if you can control these with C4? Currently I use Orvibo Smart Plug but they are large. The one shown is inexpensive and small...big benefits! Is there a driver anyone can think of that would work? Thanks! https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?sdtid=10660696&SID=67a98d5cb4c611e7a1d29ee15ae9a4c50INT&AID=10440897&PID=1225267&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&Item=9SIA3525XV4607&Tpk=9SIA3525XV4607&cm_sp=
  14. Anyone know if the Armcrest Dome Security IP Cams cover a junction box or is an accessory needed? How about the bullets? Thanks!