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  1. I'm hoping C4 integration with Siri is direct and not through something convoluted as homekit or another box. It was nice when SiriProxy worked and I could use my phone through Siri to control my house. The problem with Alexa or Google Home is that anyone with the keyword or knowledge can cause havoc within your house, especially during a party, kids etc. To me, having a phone and only controlling it through the phone, is the best solution for me. I know many like the idea of not having a device attached and to speak openly (like the movies show), but the authentication/privacy of such needs to be dev before it can distinguished between me and someone else. I'd settle for Siri working with the C4 app or on basic wifi...but I keep hoping...
  2. Cartnj- Depends on price...looking to do my basement. Have on other floors already. Are they white and in good condition?
  3. Assuming white and what are you looking to get for RRD-6CL dimmers and the 1-RRD-3ld lamp dimmer?
  4. Gene

    Card Access Z2IR ?

    Do these still work with c4 and if so, anyone have 2 for sale? Price? Thanks!
  5. Gene

    Retrofit blinds

    If your doing 2" blinds and want motorization, here is some useful info or their website shows other possibilities (cellular etc...): The Somfy Tilt Wirefree Install Kit: http://www.automatedshadeinc.com/content.asp?sectionID=35622&subsectionID=357465&subsubsectionID=524212
  6. Whats the price of the NYCE C4 ones?
  7. Thanks! I"ll give it a try! I wish in the future we could add experience buttons to the home screen (like custom buttons but not words) and/or have the button appear during a time period etc... Thanks for the info on programming too!
  8. Is it possible to have a schedule for a Christmas Icon such that the icon appears at Thanksgiving and gets removed after Dec 31st? I figured such would require a reboot. What do you mean by scheduling?
  9. Yeah, I have custom buttons on one touchscreen but was wondering if people use the custom buttons to turn them 'off' and then one to turn them 'on' vs One icon that shows a Christmas Tree and when pressed, toggles the same...guess since you can't have the Christmas Tree under Lighting, not sure were else to put it...Can you add an experience button to the home screen of a touchscreen? (i.e. On the kitchen touchscreen, just have the main screen show a Christmas Tree besides the normal)
  10. Never thought of the custom button on home screen esp since Touchscreens is what I want it to show on...want kids to touch one button and all lights to go on and then toggle off.
  11. I'm not so familiar with experience buttons so I figured I'd ask. Is it possible and does anyone have an example for creating a button (i.e. Christmas Tree) and when pressed, turns on all Xmas lights? I have the lighting/switches/outlets using C4. Let me know if anyone does this? Thanks!
  12. I've had same experience and now announcements stopped. Sucks! Hopefully another update??
  13. I'm pretty forgiving in terms of bugs given I'm in same business arena but it is very frustrating. I deleted, recreated and it worked for a week or so but now it doesn't and not being able to hear the announcements (doorbell through all speakers) etc...its crazy! I stopped using C4 until another release because I know whatever I do might not be consistent or might cause other issues...at least the basics tv/remote/touchpanels etc work and nothing serious has happened so I wait.....and wait....and wait....hoping it gets fixed with an update.
  14. So, after updating to 2.10 and then getting the update to fix the announcements, things worked for a while but now stopped working again. Anyone else experience issues with announcements still after being on the latest build?
  15. Thank You C4! I have to say upgrading fixed the announcement issue(s). Nice to see that they realized a few issues since 2.10's release and have addressed them. I'm sure their are more, but when it makes your system function as intended while your upgrading to latest version to have the latest tech, shows they are moving forward in many respects. Giving credit were credit is due...now a days, seems that isn't always the case, so thanks for listening!