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  1. Hopefully with updates we will move foward from flash and have more control...shall see...
  2. Gene

    Other Remote Options?

    Can you lock an iPad or iPhone to 1 room?
  3. Gene

    Other Remote Options?

    Yes, kids have iPads, other has phone. Question then is can I limit them only to their room and the tv controls? (Or at least have dealer do it). Would be nice to have Samsung remote work to turn on/off and use guide but not willing to have sr260 for each child.
  4. So I have 3 new tv's and really don't want three more SR260 remotes. Would like to just have kids to have the ability to turn on/off TV along with guide. Something simple. Are their any options available? Thanks for your input!
  5. Gene

    WTB:control4 relay and Motion sensors

    I have a new C4 Thermostat that I never used. Model C4-THERM-WH (White). PM me if interested.
  6. Just like above, after pulling battery for some time and then adding it back in, it reset and is back on. Wasn't bricked. Wish C4 would come out with new remote but I'll prob get a new one just in case.
  7. I have the same issue with my sr260. Remote has been slow so tried to reset but now in the mode like the pic above. Is it bricked? I was running latest driver and am on 2.10.4 Any idea on how to force reset? I tried commands above but with no luck.
  8. Anyone install one of these previously? Before I install I’m looking for the ground - a normal electrical box has hot, neutral and ground (black, white, copper) but the thermostat only has 2 wires (L1 and L2). How did you deal with ground? Thanks! https://www.sinopetech.com/en/boutique/products/heating-en/smart-thermostat-for-electric-heating-zigbee-3000-w/
  9. WTB: Control4 ZYA-YRLD216C42619 Yale ZigBee Push Button Satin Nickel Deadbolt
  10. Gene

    SnapAV MIOP system

    That’s good news! Layer 2 switches aren’t expensive especially if only 24 port poe. Have you tried different displays and how is the switching (ie fast or slow between sources)?
  11. Gene

    SnapAV MIOP system

    JAP or this are solutions to watch because it’s the future vs matrices. Wondering if you can just use current poe switch that network is running vs getting another dedicated one and not see performance decrease? Anyone try this new product from SnapAV and have reviews?
  12. Thanks for the recommendation! I was going to look into the 240 electromechanical relay that Crazyjack suggested but the Sinope Thermostat looks easier. So it more or less does the same job as the relay and thermostat together. How does the display look on a touchpanel...like a normal C4-Therm in Comfort providing feedback for Temp and setpoint? Thanks!
  13. I want to be able to control the baseboard heater such as this: http://cadetheat.com/products/baseboard-heaters/baseboard/5F1250W I have an extra C4-Therm but wasn't sure if it would work. I have the heater wired to a double pole breaker and wires to a place on the wall for a thermostat. I also have Lutron RR2 so that might be an option but would rather stay with C4 since relaly all I'm wanting is feedback and on/off/setpoint during winter months. Thanks for your input!
  14. Just wondering if you can control a baseboard heater with the C4 Thermostat? Anyone done this before? Obvisouly just heat and on/off/setpoint. Thanks!
  15. I'm hoping C4 integration with Siri is direct and not through something convoluted as homekit or another box. It was nice when SiriProxy worked and I could use my phone through Siri to control my house. The problem with Alexa or Google Home is that anyone with the keyword or knowledge can cause havoc within your house, especially during a party, kids etc. To me, having a phone and only controlling it through the phone, is the best solution for me. I know many like the idea of not having a device attached and to speak openly (like the movies show), but the authentication/privacy of such needs to be dev before it can distinguished between me and someone else. I'd settle for Siri working with the C4 app or on basic wifi...but I keep hoping...