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  1. Anyone know if the Armcrest Dome Security IP Cams cover a junction box or is an accessory needed? How about the bullets? Thanks!
  2. Anyone know if the new Doorbird is available and have model #. Also, if a custom face plate is used for original C4 doorstation, I see right/left options...does this require removing old one or just purchasing dev model?
  3. I know many complain (me too sometimes) but I have to say with the release of 2.10 and the new App (iOS) everything is faster especially cameras. Good Work C4!
  4. Garage door sensor setup?

    This might help. Check the search...there are some good topics on wiring garage doors but since your doing wireless maybe a new sensor would be best...
  5. 2.10 Considerations

    Can you clarify 'Advanced Audio' is it enabled? Only working on EA Controllers?
  6. Lutron RA2 Select

    I agree! They are creating more of a mess unless they get rid of the lower line but from the press releases it seems they have the DIY channel, Lutron RA2 Select for CEPro's, RA2 for CEPro's, wired solutions.... Crazy to add all those resources...something will be gone in a year...hope its not the regular RadioRA2!!!!
  7. Anyone have the MSRP of the new C4 Doorstation (Smaller unit)? Release date? Also, is it me, or why and the hell doesn't C4 ever have their website up-to-date after they release products. Most if not all companies (Esp Public ones!), at least during the presentation, update their website to show the new products. This isn't the first constantly happens and shows bad marketing and fore-sight. Please don't tell me that CEDIA is for dealers only etc... They need to act together! End rant! I did enjoy the presentation and think they are releasing cool stuff!
  8. WTB: Binary 300 8x8 matrix switch

    I might have one...what are you looking at spending?
  9. Confused since one posting says must use distribution hardware while this one says it uses Android streaming media to accomplish the tiles...question: Can an external box or integrated android tv (Sony/Sharp TV) be used to get NetPlay to work on other matrices?
  10. Does it use a specialized box you made or software for PC/MAC? Assuming connecting to one of the hdmi in's on any matrix? I watched the video but it only showed the output to the tv not what it actually was... Very cool and I can see telling Siri or Alexa to pull this up for a routine in wakeup etc...
  11. I use Lutron RR2 with C4 and it works flawlessly...has been perfect for over 2 years.
  12. Hi! Alan- Do you know if your your s20 driver will work with the SMART WiFi METER PLUG S31? Uses same wifi but different form factor I'm assuming. Anyone try it yet? Thanks!
  13. Anyone use an Echo Dot with a music bridge? I haven't purchased a Echo or Dot yet but wanted to know if the only way for Alexa to use my speakers built in (all rooms have speakers build in using AudioMatrix and Amps) was to use an Echo with the wired cord or can you use the wireless music bridge? I.e. Alexa, play music in Kitchen (and have music from C4 play in Kitchen with built in speakers just like playing music from touchscreen or phone app).
  14. Programming Echo

    Can someone post the setup guide for Amazon Echo and the FAQ...I'm interested in reading them. The first two are able to be viewed, but the second two are not...any help would be appreciated. Alexa Dealer Setup Guide