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  1. Resetting programming on thermostat

    Thank you again for your help. The next question is: Where can I find these events that keep triggering? I bought the thermostats used, and they have always acted funky. I would prefer to remove all programming from the thermostats and start over. I have Composer HE, and as far as I can tell, I am not pushing any programming to the thermostats. Thanks!
  2. Hello: My dealer updated my system to Composer 2.5.3 yesterday, and my damn thermostats are out of whack. Essentially, even though I set the thermostat to HOLD and set the temperature, it does not in fact hold and resets itself a few hours later. I do not have it set to HOLD 2 HRS. I have it set to HOLD. The issue is that I live in the South. When we go to bed, the HVAC is pumping out 73 degrees of cold air. By the middle of the night, there is no AC running, and it is 80+ degrees in our house. Any suggestions on how to reset the thermostat? I know I did not program the thermostats to act in this way, and as far as I can tell, there is no scheduler or other programming that would cause this issue. I pushed the middle thermostat button 15 times last night and rebooted each thermostat, but this did not resolve the problem. Without question, the thermostats are the most frustrating part of the entire Control4 system. Thanks!
  3. Programming with Kwikset Lock

    I have the Kwikset lock app installed. However, the app says that no devices are found in the project, which makes no sense because I can clearly control the locks. I set a schedule (like the post described). However, I do not know which action to use. I presume it would be the "Lockout" action, but again, based on the limited options as described above, I do not understand how to add or remove users.
  4. Hello: I read the article about programming Kwikset locks in Composer HE on C4DYI (http://www.c4diy.com/how-to-manage-access-codes-and-times-with-the-kwikset-lock-through-programming/). However, my driver does not offer the options described in the article. For instance, the article says that under the lock's programming tab, there is a drop down box (Device Specific Command) that provides a selection entitled "Set name, code." However, when I am in ComposerHE, and I click on the lock's device specific command menu, and all I see is "Lock," "Unlock," "Toggle," "Sync Lock Date/Time," "Enable Lockout," and "Disable Lockout." All I want to do is be able to add, delete and/or change the lock's passwords as described in the article above. Any suggestions? I know this sounds like a noob question, and perhaps it is, but I am not convinced that the driver is functioning properly in my system. All I know is that currently, under the Security tab, both of my Kwikset locks appear. I can lock and unlock them from Control4. I am running 2.5.3. Please help.
  5. Keypad Programming Ideas?

    A lot of these ideas sound awesome. Would you mind posting some of the programming? Thanks!
  6. Motion detectors. Card Access vs. Concord 4

    Could someone please walk me through the steps (including the name of the recommended driver) to add Concord 4 wireless motion detectors and door/window sensors to my Project? I understand and accept the delay/lockout. I was told this cannot be done because there are no events that can be triggered by the motion detectors, which are connected to the security system. My alarm is wired into C4, and the systems are talking, but my dealer has not loaded the motion detectors into my Project. Thanks
  7. VoicePod Mobile

    Has anyone tried this? I never bought a VoicePod because I didn't want to hide a giant hockey puck in every room. I am curious to hear any reviews. Thanks.
  8. I am not sure I understand. Is there a solution that allows me to get over the 25' limitation on serial connections between the Superbus unit and my C4 controller?
  9. Are you saying the 25' limit can be overcome using a Global Cache solution?
  10. For those who have a longer serial run from the Superbus to their controller, has anyone used a serial to ip to serial connection? Also, the 25 ft limitation worries me greatly.
  11. I checked the wiring harness and noticed that one of the wires was completely spliced. I called Kwikset and begged them. They are sending me a replacement keypad. i did not have to show my receipt, pay for shipping or do anything other than plead my case. I learned my lesson: Be damn careful not to pinch the wiring harness when installing this lock.
  12. Hello: I just received a new Kwikset Zigbee lock via eBay. I installed it tonight, plugged in the wire, added the batteries while pressing the lock button for 30 etc. to confirming with two beeps. However, when I try and type in a code (or even set one), several buttons, including the number 6, 7 and 8 do not work. They light up when the correct code, but that code can only be a 0,1 or 9. Anyone have any ideas. I am disappointed here.
  13. I want my lock programmed so that it will lock itself 5 mins after being unlocked. I created a timer and set it for 5 mins. I then went to programming and did the following in a variable: IF lock state unlocked is false Start timer Under the timer i programmed the following: When timer expires, set lock Lock to true. I know something is missing but have no idea what to do. Any help?
  14. Phillips Hue Driver

    I am definitely calling my dealer about this!
  15. Need a 65" TV...any recommendations?

    My Panasonic is controlled via IR on my HC-800. It works flawlessly.