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  1. I sent you a PM. If you could take a look at it I would appreciate it. Thank you!

  2. If you're ready to give up I'm in. If it's okay with Josh.
  3. I'm ready to buy this appliance and willing to beta test. Take my money!
  4. If you can't help me out can you point me in the right direction?

  5. I sent you a pm, would you have a minute to read over it and get back with me? Thank you in advance!

  6. Cheapest switch solution

    I use Lutron cassetta for my lighting loads I don't really care much about. I also use wireless contact sensors from my alarm panel on three and four way switch setups to trigger a lighting scene when the sentor toggles states. Much cheaper than keypads for ancillary control.
  7. Denon HEOS link gives you basic transport controls over Spotify connect. Play, pause, next , previous. No meta data.
  8. HC800 will not boot

    It's a sata flash drive inside the controlller. You'll need a disk image of a controller that is working. This is assuming nothing else is wrong.
  9. HC800 will not boot

    Had a similar problem. If you can't return you'll need to re image the flash drive inside the controller.
  10. So this is the solution that worked for me: Power down amp. Remove cmos circuit board battery. Wait a few minutes. Reinstall battery. Power on. Voila! Firmware updated just fine.
  11. I've tried that as well as power cycling. No go. Seems like its stuck in a loop.
  12. I have a c4-16amp3-B that is restarting after giving a message of firmware update failed wrong image. Is there any way to fix this ? I loose sound for several seconds while it restarts.
  13. I'd love to have the first live production unit!