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  1. ERDrPC

    2.10.5 Release

    Yes would like to know too!
  2. Has anyone gotten direct app launch to work with the new tivo bolt like we can with Roku?
  3. We have our doorbird trigger a series of announcement, security camera jumps, and touchscreen doorbird call but I want to add in the ability to press a button on a key pad in the master to override the announcement and mute it...ie cancel the audio announcement in the in-ceiling speakers and cancel turning on the TV to the door is camera and cancel the doorbird call to the touchscreen all while letting the same announcement in the other rooms carry on. Is there an option built into HE or PRO for this programing? Or do I have to set a variable based on the the keypad button status with two whole announcement scripts...one which includes the master and one that doesn't?
  4. Is this only ds2? Will door bird work??
  5. I'm in a similar situation. I have a large JAP install. However, each TV has android and I would like to use the TV apps for prime, netflix etc. as Roku in Canada doesn't have the Amazon Prime app. I need to audio back to my C4 matrix in order to distribute to the ceiling speakers. I have sony TVs but I might upgrade to LG OLED which output atmos thru its audio out connection. Is there any over IP extender that exists which can handle Atmos?
  6. ERDrPC

    TP-Link Chowmain Driver

    @alanchow I'm thinking of changing all of my outdoor soffit pot lights to LB230. However I cannot find anywhere if these can be used outdoors. I have a panelized lighting system with scenes and such setup for my current outdoor pots. Where I would like to implement the colour changing or strobe effect would be on alarm trigger, fire detector, christmas, party mode. I would like to do all of this with programming and not adjusting things on the fly at a touchscreen or using an app. Is this possible with the driver? I actually don't want my family to have access to the touch screen example you have above...I want my current screens to stay the same for simplicity. Is it possible to hide?
  7. ERDrPC

    4K media player

    Lack of Atmos with first release of most movies in K store. Not quite K's fault as some studios don't allow UHD and full atmos in the K store. Have to wait and pay to upgrade for Atmos...ie pay for the same movie twice (although depending on the studio the amount second purchase amount varies)
  8. ERDrPC

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    So this doesn't need the Sam? I just bought that damn thing. What is a better solution ? Using Sam vs the driver? Which one will work if the internet is down?
  9. ERDrPC


    Hi Matt Is Yale planning an experience button so the locks are not tied up in the same list as alarm sensors and water sensors. Similar to the garage door experience button recently released. I started a thread on this in third party hardware but it has no action. I thought of developing one myself with my installer but don't want to invest the time if it's being done already??
  10. I came to C4 from Elan G! One thing I prefer is Elan's approach to OSD of locks. I have 9 Yale locks in my C4 system. As it stands currently, I have to go into locks and sensors, and see all my alarm sensors, water sensors, door/window sensors and the locks themselves. It takes bunch of scrolling to find the lock itself. I know there has been a recent garage door experience button created but is there a yale lock or just door lock experience button. I'd like to press security and have Security, Sensors, cameras, each of the 9 door locks as its own experience button, then my 3 garage door experience buttons ALL on the same screen. Here is where I question functionality - simple press the open padlock to lock (no code), press the locked padlock to unlock (but need to enter an approved code) OR press the padlock and new subscreen shows status, lock, unlock, users, history, settings? Any other ideas?
  11. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    Thanks for the help. The UHD player is not dedicated to the theatre. There are 8 JAP video zones with in-ceiling speakers, one 5.0 zone and one 5.1.4 zone. The 5.0 and 5.1.4 have integra receivers. The rest of the audio zones (20 in total) are run off the tidal 24 zone matrix. If my wife is working out in the gym, she likes to watch UHD discs and needs the oppo for 2 channel stereo. However if I also want to watch in the theatre then I would like the full atmos track. OR we just want to run party mode and send the stereo track out the the ceiling speakers and atmos track out to the integra. How would you accomplish this?
  12. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    I'm trying to have a party mode. Play a UHD disc with atmos in the theatre but also have it play over 2 channel audio in the bar and pool table or any other in-ceiling speaker areas. It is not a dedicated theatre so any delay between zones would be noticed. I forgot my integrator made a change. For the theatre they added in a HD over IP balun that does lossless 4:4:4 instead of JAP. Rest of the other 8 video zones are JAP.
  13. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    my integrator says it won't work as there will by lip sync issues???
  14. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    I cant find the answer to the following: source: oppo 203 zone 1 theatre: atmos (integra 5.1.4) Zone 2: 2 Chanel audio (new c4 tidal 24 zone matrix) we we want to play the uhd disc but have the audio available concurrently in the atmos zone and 2 Chanel zones without losing quality for the theatre. All video is routed by jap. All audio/video is centrally located in racks. Jap says it's not possible but I cannot believe such a huge limitation exists any ideas? We currently have our old oppo hooked up to supply the two Chanel zones and we cannot party mode the 203.
  15. ERDrPC

    Alarm panel on ts when armed

    I have the newest touch panels. I screwed up when stating T3. Does this change things .?