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  1. ERDrPC

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    So this doesn't need the Sam? I just bought that damn thing. What is a better solution ? Using Sam vs the driver? Which one will work if the internet is down?
  2. ERDrPC


    Hi Matt Is Yale planning an experience button so the locks are not tied up in the same list as alarm sensors and water sensors. Similar to the garage door experience button recently released. I started a thread on this in third party hardware but it has no action. I thought of developing one myself with my installer but don't want to invest the time if it's being done already??
  3. I came to C4 from Elan G! One thing I prefer is Elan's approach to OSD of locks. I have 9 Yale locks in my C4 system. As it stands currently, I have to go into locks and sensors, and see all my alarm sensors, water sensors, door/window sensors and the locks themselves. It takes bunch of scrolling to find the lock itself. I know there has been a recent garage door experience button created but is there a yale lock or just door lock experience button. I'd like to press security and have Security, Sensors, cameras, each of the 9 door locks as its own experience button, then my 3 garage door experience buttons ALL on the same screen. Here is where I question functionality - simple press the open padlock to lock (no code), press the locked padlock to unlock (but need to enter an approved code) OR press the padlock and new subscreen shows status, lock, unlock, users, history, settings? Any other ideas?
  4. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    Thanks for the help. The UHD player is not dedicated to the theatre. There are 8 JAP video zones with in-ceiling speakers, one 5.0 zone and one 5.1.4 zone. The 5.0 and 5.1.4 have integra receivers. The rest of the audio zones (20 in total) are run off the tidal 24 zone matrix. If my wife is working out in the gym, she likes to watch UHD discs and needs the oppo for 2 channel stereo. However if I also want to watch in the theatre then I would like the full atmos track. OR we just want to run party mode and send the stereo track out the the ceiling speakers and atmos track out to the integra. How would you accomplish this?
  5. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    I'm trying to have a party mode. Play a UHD disc with atmos in the theatre but also have it play over 2 channel audio in the bar and pool table or any other in-ceiling speaker areas. It is not a dedicated theatre so any delay between zones would be noticed. I forgot my integrator made a change. For the theatre they added in a HD over IP balun that does lossless 4:4:4 instead of JAP. Rest of the other 8 video zones are JAP.
  6. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    my integrator says it won't work as there will by lip sync issues???
  7. ERDrPC

    JAP "for Dummies"

    I cant find the answer to the following: source: oppo 203 zone 1 theatre: atmos (integra 5.1.4) Zone 2: 2 Chanel audio (new c4 tidal 24 zone matrix) we we want to play the uhd disc but have the audio available concurrently in the atmos zone and 2 Chanel zones without losing quality for the theatre. All video is routed by jap. All audio/video is centrally located in racks. Jap says it's not possible but I cannot believe such a huge limitation exists any ideas? We currently have our old oppo hooked up to supply the two Chanel zones and we cannot party mode the 203.
  8. ERDrPC

    Alarm panel on ts when armed

    I have the newest touch panels. I screwed up when stating T3. Does this change things .?
  9. I remember seeing an example that when the alarm is in stay or away mode, you can change the default screen on the ts to the red alarm circle. I want this for the ts near my entry doors and master. Am I able to program this using he? Has anyone done this and would you mind sharing a screen shot of the programming please? My dealer doesn't believe that this is possible hence I need to program it myself.
  10. Shoot...we have the same issue too!
  11. ERDrPC

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    My dealer tried to get in on the beta. He was told by his rep that it was done. The rep told him that this means it is done/ready or it failed so badly that they are starting over. He wouldn't hint which one was the case.
  12. Yes +1 for the balboa driver
  13. ERDrPC

    Passive Entry

    This is where I see our systems truly automating... until a try Tony stark Jarvis with AI is available
  14. ERDrPC

    annex⁴ - CEDIA 2017 - 25% OFF

    Hi Annex My CI told me that he might be too busy to meet up with you for a beer. How I can purchase at 50% from you direct? Send me a pm and I can give you my installers name.
  15. ERDrPC

    Passive Entry

    I read in a recent CePro article that someone setup facial recognition using their Hikvision IP camera for automated entry. In the Ping thread I read about using a bluetooth reader with unique MAC addresses or long range RFID. What concerns me about those two is if your phone or car is stolen I wouldn't want my house to open for the wrong person. Facial recognition would be cool but then I wonder about latency etc. Any experience out there? Cepro Aug 2017 Page 44 "The camera at the main entrance gate takes its job even more seriously. In addition to streaming and recording video, it can trigger certain events to happen based on its identification of an incoming vehicle’s license plate or visitor’s face. For example, if a person walks up to the gate and the cameras recognize them, it will trigger the gate to unlatch and swing open — ditto for any license plate that it knows. The setup is completely hands-free for the owners; they needn’t even touch a button to command the gate open. The combination of the super-smart surveillance camera and Elan home control system does all the work."