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  1. Can this be used to add the rtsps stream from a nest cam into the nvr? See https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/recording-nest-cameras-with-blue-iris.24180/ for getting the nest rtsps address. I wonder about the user name and password though
  2. Is my interpretation correct? Would love some help again if possible
  3. I'm trying to think thru your suggestion (with delays removed) If preventdblpress timer is not running Take Snapshot Reset preventdblpress timer Start preventdblpress timer if time between 6pm and 7pm if varibles dourbell master exclude true I think this will prevent the double snapshot. Will it prevent double announcement say if it is pressed again 15sec after first press? I guess we might want to hear the announcement again but without screwing up the snapshot.
  4. ERDrPC


    Anyone have an android app that will work without IFTTT...ie like the Home Notify app mentioned above?
  5. So here is the updated programming..and it works. I have it broken down by time for low volume then by if exclude master It allows me to see the doorbird camera on the TS and my front door security cameras on the TVs. Note my doorbird is screwed up and I no longer get push notifications of door bell press and cannot use the TS as intercom - hence this workaround to see the camera on the TS at least. Only thing left is to account for the over zealous multiple button presser and screwing up the snapshot. Here is the code
  6. Family is out for the night so I can test. It seems that the second else is being skipped and the door bell announcement plays twice...once at low volume as expected and then at full volume when invoked after 6pm
  7. thanks it worked Second question - I've just programmed push notifications for all my locks where "${Security->Yale Front Door::USER_NAME} has unlocked the front door" However I'd like to make it smarter in that instead of having 9 separate push notifications, I'd like to have one where I can identify the lock which was unlocked ie capture which lock is invoking the push call and replace the text at the end example ${Security->Yale Front Door::USER_NAME} has unlocked the ${security-->lockID::name my syntax} door it might need to look like ${security-->lockID::name} door was unlocked by ${Security->lockID::USER_NAME}??? Or am I making this too complex?? I guess there likely is an experience button that has all of this built in and can give me icons on page one of the security screen instead of two submenu's deep and I should just buy that??
  8. I tried to nest the if time is between 6pm and 7am so it and the second else so that they would be on one level below the first else but HE wouldn't let me do it. Do I need stops? The recall takes time so I don't want to prematurely stop during mid-recall
  9. Sorry Everyone I've been on a programming kick in the last 24hrs and trying to upgrade my programming Goals 1. If I have to pre-sleep for a night shift then press button on master key pad to set variable to true then if anyone presses the doorbell then the announcement, T3 camera display and OSD camera display will skip the master. The variable will reset to false at midnight so if there is an emergency and someone presses the doorbell then we get the announcement in all rooms 2. Else If the doorbell is pressed during 6pm and 7am then execute with a lower volume announcement as wife thinks it's too loud 3 Else run the normal doorbell announcement So I've got the keypad button programming and three separate announcements done. I thought I had the doorbird press programing down but I tested with the variable true and the master still executed. I thing I see is that I'm missing coverage if an overeager person presses the doorbell twice as per a different thread, which I will add in once I get my basic programming done. Can anyone point out errors in my logic? Thanks
  10. ERDrPC

    Amazon music driver

    So I thought I was totally up to date but I'm only on 2.10.0.
  11. ERDrPC

    Amazon music driver

    Can an end user add the driver using HE? My system is uptodate but it's not listed in any of my media options
  12. Is it possible to program off of specific unlock code using HE? I cannot find the option to choose a user name or code in the programming section. I want to get a push notification when my cleaning lady arrives? Also want to setup a panic code in case a family member is being forced to unlock the door.
  13. ERDrPC

    2.10.5 Release

    Yes would like to know too!
  14. Has anyone gotten direct app launch to work with the new tivo bolt like we can with Roku?
  15. We have our doorbird trigger a series of announcement, security camera jumps, and touchscreen doorbird call but I want to add in the ability to press a button on a key pad in the master to override the announcement and mute it...ie cancel the audio announcement in the in-ceiling speakers and cancel turning on the TV to the door is camera and cancel the doorbird call to the touchscreen all while letting the same announcement in the other rooms carry on. Is there an option built into HE or PRO for this programing? Or do I have to set a variable based on the the keypad button status with two whole announcement scripts...one which includes the master and one that doesn't?