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  1. I had a similar thread a few years ago, "My C4 Rant Thread" But alas, it was deleted by the mods. You cannot even search for it. How are those tablet sales going? lol Control4 is an aggregator, not an instigator. Don't rely on it to do anything primary, leave that to the big boys (apple, google, xbmc, etc.)
  2. C4 at CES 2014?

    Do you own a Delorean?
  3. C4 at CES 2014?

    I have many leather bound books.
  4. C4 at CES 2014?

    Control4 should write a blog post about how customers can avoid dealer charges when buying a new t.v. by just sticking with their previous brand.
  5. C4 at CES 2014?

    Typical c4forum banter. Owners venting frustrations and offering their opinions/solutions. Dealers calling them idiots. If C4 really cared about their customers (the end user), they would open up the dealer system. There needs to be more competition amongst dealers. I am forced into calling 1 or 2 dealers in my area, when I would love to put up a RFP for any dealer to respond. Get a new TV for Christmas? Submit work order ticket for a dealer in India to respond and execute in a jiffy. But instead, I wait until my dealer calls me back. Tells me he can get out there in 2 weeks, and sends me a bill for $400.
  6. iPad Mini

    its called face time....
  7. Its worth what someone will pay for it. Congrats if you found someone who thinks it is worth $750!
  8. iPad Mini

    Is it $700 better?
  9. Especially considering that it cant be upgraded to the latest OS system, utilizes DDR2 ram, etc. etc. etc. Whats it worth? Probably $350
  10. iPad Mini

    Its a good thing C4 put all that time and effort into their own 7" tablet.
  11. Synology backup on Amazon S3

    Just buy a second Synology and store it at your parents/sister/office. Its super easy to do Synology to Synology backups.
  12. I believe they changed their name to just apple, dropping the computer. You cannot make all the legacy product owners happy, Microsoft figured this out with Windows 8 (to go forward, you have to shorten the legacy tail). Mac Pro is not a good HTPC platform, I've tried exactly what you are embarking and it all starts with a frustrating video card.
  13. I have built and integrated two HTPC's running a multitude of options. Nothing works better than XBMC, Apple TV, or a combination of both.
  14. I am just baffled at what great lengths people do to tag movie their digital movie collections with weird hardware configurations.
  15. Looks like I am out of luck as I cannot jailbreak my 3rd Gen ATV.