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  1. As an added FYI, this is the Global Cache device I'm using: https://www.amazon.com/Global-Cache-iTach-Flex-IP/dp/B00C6FRPIC
  2. Yes, it was set to 115200. That's what enabled me to read the firmware of the DMX Engine from the v2 driver. However, if I try to send it any commands to control the DMX (eg, All Channels On/Off), nothing happens.
  3. GC didn't have much to say, they were actually surprised the device isn't working properly. There is something of note with the iTach Flex. Apparently they had a version 1 Flex Serial Cable and a version 2. Version 2 is only certified for 57600 and 115200. He didn't have an exact science to confirming my cable other than to look at it. The RS232 end should have "RS232" in the plastic molding of both sides of the connector. That's how you know you have a version 2. I do have a Version and it still wouldn't work. As soon as I switched over to an HC250, everything worked perfectly. So unfortunately unless Jack has more to add/troubleshoot with the GC, I'm sticking with the HC250. I brought the GC back to my office for future testing if I'm given any other way to diagnose this from Jack.
  4. Dual output, I'm on-site now and you were dead on with your suspicions. The Global Cache iTach Flex seems to be the issue. I was able to get it working with an HC250 instead of the GC device. I'm going to leave as is, but would love to be able to get the GC device working. I'm going to call Global Cache about this but if you have any other ideas on how I can get it working with the GC device that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the help Jack!
  5. 1. Performing "Get Firmware" action produces "Online (Firmware v5.071)". However, after a few moments the status changes back to "Offline. Check DMX Engine connection." 2. It's a dual output DMX engine: https://response-box.com/gear/2016/10/announcing-the-rs-232-driven-double-dmx-engine/ 3. I have two engines available, one on-site with the new firmware at 115200bps. One in my lab with the new firmware at 9600bps (was going to bring it back onsite this morning to try some stuff out). Here's the LUA output when I hit the "Get Firmware" command: Started Standard DMX: 3 System Is Active & Feelin' Groovy Handle Command: www.response-box.com/gear Handle Command: * * RS-232 Double DMX Engine * * Handle Command: Firmware v5.071 Handle Command: Handle Command: Started Standard DMX: 3 Handle Command: System Is Active & Feelin' Groovy Last command done ReceivedFromSerial(), idBinding = 1, strData = Startup Scene: None, Delay: None Handle Command: Handle Command: Startup Scene: None, Delay: None Last command done Recovering from buffer... Function: SendToSerial(1, Z053@000,077@000,073@000,063@000,047@000,037@000,067@000,057@000,212@000,027@000,017@000,013@000,023@000,042@000,052@000,062@000,072@000,036@000,046@000,056@000,066@000,239@000,092@000,040@000,210@000,016@000,025@000,201@000,012@000,022@000,083@000,071@000:000): Sending Command... Function: SendToSerial(1, Z061@000,085@000,075@000,065@000,090@000,091@000,035@000,059@000,049@000,039@000,029@000,099@000,089@000,079@000,110@000,001@000,218@000,003@000,002@000,005@000,004@000,007@000,006@000,009@000,008@000,135@000,097@000,031@000,021@000,011@000,096@000,060@000:000): Sending Command... Trying to reconnect... ReceivedFromSerial(), idBinding = 1, strData = Syntax erro Last command done ReceivedFromSerial(), idBinding = 1, strData = r 10 Handle Command: Syntax error Syntax error Bad command is: Z061@000,085@000,075@000,065@000,090@000,091@000,035@000,059@000,049@000,039@000,029@000,099@000,089@000,079@000,110@000,001@000,218@000,003@000,002@000,005@000,004@000,007@000,006@000,009@000,008@000,135@000,097@000,031@000,021@000,011@000,096@000,060@000:000 Handle Command: 10 Last command done Let me know what you think, thanks.
  6. Yes, I've tried that command under the driver, nothing happened on the lighting end.
  7. Curious to see what you come up with Paul. I've unfortunately had nothing but difficulties with the v2.0 driver. I was able to get everything working perfectly with the 1.5 driver (DMX control, was able to cycle the colors on the LED strip, etc). Not satisfied being on an older version, I've been trying to work with Jack over e-mail to resolve my issues (HouseLogix is near useless, they refer me to Domaudeo aka Jack). Like he is saying, the baud rate driver is key (although it's not mentioned in the main documentation, when you add the driver in it has its own documentation tab). Connect the engine to this driver and hit the action button on the driver to change the engine's baud speed from 9600 to 115200 (note, you need to power cycle the engine after this). Once I did that, I was able to switch the binding to the V2 driver (it was able to talk to the engine and retrieve the firmware). However, now I'm stuck with no DMX control. I had functional control of LED colors under 1.5 and now since updating to the 2.0 driver it's broken. I've verified the DMX ID's are back in as they should be and nada, nothing. I've actually been trying to figure out how to revert back to the 1.5 driver (to see if it starts working again and confirm the issue I'm solely having is with v2). I found the proper serial command to change the engine back to 9600 baud so now I just need to go back onsite to test with the legacy driver. I'll provide an update once I have more.
  8. Sonos/Control4 Extra Vegetable Driver

    Just a friendly reminder that under no circumstances are any forums members allowed to post a link to Composer Pro software. This has and will always result in an immediate ban from these forums. Thanks all!
  9. EDS MyQ Driver Revival - AND FREE

    Was anyone able to get this driver working for a Craftsman Garage Opener with the AssureLink adapter? Pretty sure its not compatible, but figured I'd ask.
  10. OS 2.9.1 out

    I was a bit disappointed too, unless I'm completely missing something. Nevertheless its still a feature that didn't previously exist, even though its execution could be better. I'm sure it will get better.
  11. OS 2.9.1 out

    FYI the verbiage doesn't change, you're still only limited to "Turn On" and "Turn Off". However the new Voice Scene driver now allows you to lock and close doors, and arming security systems. Unlocking, opening, and disarming is still restricted for security purposes.
  12. Yes, just make sure to turn on ADB Debugging on the Fire TV (as that is part of the instructions for the Control4 driver).
  13. Unfortunately I have a lot of "super easy to add" things on a list that still haven't been taken care of by the driver dev team. I'm sure they have their priorities but some of this stuff would really make life easier for us. Especially when we go through all of the troubleshooting/diagnosis and give an exact way of how to fix things. Oh well.
  14. Love this idea! Just needs to be an action button added to the driver and done during the initial setup.
  15. Hey all, just wanted to share this with you. Seems to be one of those things that works great for some, and barely works for others. I'm definitely in the "barely works" category. Since a bunch of my customers keep requesting them, I can't just turn a blind eye to it. Nor am I a big fan of the USB-IR adapter. So after weeks of working on this, I think I figured out a way to resolve this and wanted to share my results with everyone. This has been tested on both Fire TV Stick and Fire TV box. The main issue seems to be (or at least from what I've noticed) is if the Fire TV falls asleep, the Control4 IP driver can no longer communicate with it. So I then went on the journey of trying to figure out a way to keep this awake since Amazon for some reason does not provide any options to keep it awake. Could have went the Control4 route and setup a timer to hit the "up" button on the driver ever hour, but that could cause some unwanted distractions during viewing (and it's not a very elegant solution) Also looked into sideloading an Android app (like KeepAwake or RedEye) on to the Fire TV to keep it awake, however this seemed to produce mixed results and even appeared to add a performance hit to the Fire TV Stick. I was about to give up until I stumbled upon this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireTV/comments/4jc22o/nonroot_prevent_sleep_on_fireos5/ I can proudly say after settings the sleep_timeout value to 0, both the test Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Box have stayed awake and responds to Control4's command every time we pickup the remote. Now after that whole intro, some instructions on how to get this done. 1. Disconnect the Control4 Fire TV driver during this process. If it's occupying the ADB session, you can't perform the following tasks so this is key. 2. Install ADB - https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.html#download (You really only need the platform tools that provides the ADB executable) 3. Find the IP address of your Fire TV, run adb from a command prompt/terminal as followed (without quotes) "adb connect fire_tv_ip_address" 4. If you received an error, check your network connections and check to make sure you have the proper IP of your Fire TV (and it's awake). You can also try turning ADB Debugging OFF then back ON to clear the sessions (this is done from the Fire TV). If no error was received, enter in "adb devices". It should show the IP of your Fire TV and after that "device". If it says "offline" after the IP, make sure Control4 is disconnected from the Fire TV and also try turning ADB Debugging OFF then back ON from the Fire TV. 5. Now type in "adb shell" and it will then provide you shell access to the Fire TV and change the prompt on the screen. 6. Type in "settings put secure sleep_timeout 0" and hit enter. Then type in "settings get secure sleep_timeout" and confirm the value returned in 0. If it doesn't return that value or gives you an error, make sure you are typing the command in properly. 7. Type "exit" or "quit" (can't remember offhand) to end the shell session, the prompt should change back to your normal command prompt/terminal prompt. Then type in "adb disconnect" to kill the ADB session. 8. Add the IP address back in to the Control4 Amazon Fire TV IP driver. Just remember, don't add quotes to any command when typing them in to a command prompt/terminal. I hope this helps those out that have continued to have control issues with Fire TV.