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  1. davevt98

    HC-250 Controller and SR-250 Remote

    Does this come with a license?
  2. A dealer installed my system and moved away. I have tried to tinker with the system now and again and have had some remote help. I just replaced the controller to a HC-250 and have run into some issues where I may need a local person on site. Can anyone assist? Thank you.
  3. Any ideas on why Composer will not open? Just upgraded to 2.8.2 from 2.5.3. Seemed to work but then when I went to re-open composer, it just keeps loading without any issues. System manager shows the director. Director and Broker are enabled. I tried to disable and enable each a few times. Rebooted computer and control4 system multiple times. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  4. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    Thanks again Eddy. Hopefully last question. The breaker keeps tripping when I turn on the light. Does this have to do with the programming or is there some wire touching another that is causing this?
  5. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    I just wanted to give a big shoutout to etrochez. He walked me through the entire process and got it to work. I am so very grateful for his help! My wife is also extremely grateful as divorce was pending if the lights did not get completed! THANK YOU AGAIN!
  6. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    Any chance you can just give me a ring? I think I can figure this out in a couple of minutes. Thank. I am my wife will greatly appreciate it!
  7. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    Any chance you have five minutes to give me a call. Things appear correct but light won't turn on from dimmer or 3 button. 512-522-3449. -David
  8. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    i believe on the dimmer side.
  9. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    Ok. Re-wired everything. Got power to both but light does not go on. Tried to connect all three blacks together in 3 button keypad box and light goes on but keypad powers off when dimmer goes down. I know I am close but still a little far.
  10. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    Thanks. I will take another shot at this. Just to be clear, what are the connections for the 3 button keypad? My original problem was that the 3 button keypad was not getting any power to even turn on.
  11. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    What do you mean by auxiliary keypad? I have a 2 button keypad or 3 button to use.
  12. davevt98

    3 way switch install help

    I was trying to use a 3 button keypad and a dimmer. I think the side with the dimmer has the power. I tried multiple configurations but could not get the 3 button keypad to get power. I currently installed two dimmers at each side (which is very wrong) and when I turn on the light through the dimmer, the second dimmer powers on but when I turn off the power, the other dimmer goes dark. The wiring is definitely messed up but I literally tried every potential configuration. They appear to have the same wires in each box. Any assistance would really be appreciated as wife is already not happy with me. Thank you.
  13. I am trying to wire a dimmer and 3 way button in a 3 way switch scenario. I have very little experience with wiring but have been following the instructions. The dimmer works but the 3 way button does appear to have power until I turn on the lights, defeating the entire purpose. I know I am wiring something wrong but can't figure it out. I have red, green, white, and 2 blacks in each both. Both appear to wired the same. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. Got it to work. I think it was a problem with disabling the zigbee network due to the zap config. All upgraded and now on 2.5.3. Thanks for the help