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  1. Bullseye

    Keypad Logo Engraving?

    I have a laser engraver and have never tried to do keycaps. That will be a project for next year, I will keep you informed.!!
  2. Bullseye

    Security-Courtesy Light Programmin

    The trigger part, I think is working, but the schedule is the one not.
  3. Bullseye

    Security-Courtesy Light Programmin

    And what should be used as a trigger?? Maybe its not the appropiate drivrer for what I am trying to achieve????
  4. Bullseye

    Security-Courtesy Light Programmin

    I am trying to use it for the lights in the front of the house after the the normal schedule hours. As per documentation i created a schedule to activate at specific hours. It is supoused to be triggered by the front door and roll up garage door at that scheduled time, but its doing it all the time. The "always active" in the driver is turned off. Can't find what I am doing wrong. Thanks!!!!
  5. Bullseye

    Security-Courtesy Light Programmin

    Still dealing with this issue. Can I get some help??
  6. Bullseye

    Security-Courtesy Light Programmin

    The lights under the "security coutesy" turn on no matter the time of the day. I pretend that they turn on only from 12:01 am to 6:30 am What I am doing wrong??
  7. Bullseye

    pool control

    Any new info on the Intellicenter. Not much info available.
  8. Hi, I am looking for the 4u rack mount for an Audio Matrix v2. If you have one please send me a PM Thanks!!!
  9. I am trying to make it work for my front lights. Selected the lights, the trigger and made a schedule for it to be active for a couple of hours. The scheduling does not seems to be working What I am doing wrong???
  10. Bullseye

    WTB HC-250

    still looking!!
  11. Bullseye

    WTB HC-250

    Need a hc-250. Anything available for a reasonable price?
  12. For the last 2 years I have been controlling my alarm thru the 4232 module. I am on 2.91 I went on vacation for a week and when I came back 2 days ago could not disarm the alarm thru the system. When I enetered my home the alarm went on and I did receive the notification on my phone. I unplugged the alarm (both battery and ac power) and still could not controll it. I rebooted my hc-800 and then could control the alarm. But it only lasted for a while. I still cannot control it but do get the notifications. What could be the problem? thanks!
  13. Doesn’t it require to be on 2.10?? what about us in 2.9??
  14. I am a end user and I did receive the email.
  15. Bullseye

    Adding sonos to simple system

    also, the house is poured concrete and cinder block so its not too easy to add additional wires to some areas without mayor work. I thought he will not get much benefit from the sonos but wanted to know the experts opinion