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  1. I am also considering replacing my network gear. After my reaserch I am inclined to use the LR. Any reason to go with one specific model of the uap. Pro vs lr vs lite or even the new nano hd?
  2. Bullseye

    SR250 Charging cradle broke usb port

    Had some free time and decided to open it. Resolder the connector in place and now its working!
  3. I broke the mini usb port in the charging cradle. Buy a new one or if somebody has fixed one??
  4. Bullseye

    WTB HC-250

    Got one. Thanks!!
  5. Bullseye

    WTB HC-250

    Need a hc-250, anything available for a reasonable price? if BL-1, even better.
  6. Bullseye

    FS used hc250

    I need one. pm sent
  7. I admire your persistency, but I think youre barking at the wrong tree.
  8. After Napster driver change I don't seem to find the way to create new "stations" Are instructions somewhere I can find?? Can somebody guide me??
  9. Bullseye

    FS: Ring Driver

    PM send!
  10. Bullseye

    Lights off at sunrise

  11. Bullseye

    Lights off at sunrise

    where can I find info on the driver??
  12. Bullseye

    Lights off at sunrise

    Do this look right?? Thanks for your help!
  13. My front door lights and coach lights turn off at 1:00am. If later than that the front door or garaje door opens the lights turn on again. What is the best way to make sure they turn off again maybe at sunrise?? How is the programming??
  14. Bullseye

    FS: HC-800 Power Supply (new, in-box)

    you can check in Amazon for "control 4 hc800 power supply" There are a few.