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  1. TuneIn Down?

    You need to contact your dealer
  2. TuneIn Down?

    That fixed it!! Thanks
  3. TuneIn Down?

    Posted by another user in the forum: There hasn't been much discussion on this issue on C4 dealer forums but it has been acknowledged that the Napster patch has affected the TuneIn driver. I don't like the current method to fix this: Currently, the only ways to fix TuneIn are: 1.Have tech support uninstall the patch 2.Backup the project and use the device imager and image the primary controller back to 2.9.1. 3. Update to 2.10.0. and... The issue we know about with TuneIn only shows up when the specific system is on 2.9.1 using legacy audio and has the Napster patch installed. If you are having issues and you are using advanced audio or are on 2.10.0, then something else is causing the issue. This fix is not going to take more than a few minutes, which is unacceptable. Hopefully a new patch comes out soon as I also have a few clients that can't use TuneIn right now. Still no "official" info. Looks I will have to remove the 300 and update to fix tunein. One step forward, two steps back.!!
  4. TuneIn Down?

    Why if it was working properly, and who knows who broke it (not me), I have to get a dealer involved and pay to get it fixed?? something doesn’t make sense here!!
  5. TuneIn Down?

    Really?? Can someone confirm this? ”rock on”
  6. TuneIn Down?

    I also use Napster and Pandora and they are working fine.
  7. TuneIn Down?

    Yes, no difference!
  8. TuneIn Down?

    I spoke to dealer on Friday and they haven't heard about the issue.
  9. TuneIn Down?

    Not one “official” response of what is happening, but also, not too mane people reporting the problem. Lets hope for a prompt solution and some better communication with the end user.
  10. TuneIn Down?

    So it looks there is not good communication between the involved parties. Hope it gets sorted soon.
  11. TuneIn Down?

    Mine is also down since this morning. Any solution??
  12. Also have a vista 20p with the 4232 module and I am very happy with it.
  13. Adding local music

    Thanks, I will try on the weekend.