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  1. Recommend a Security Camera?

    I am also considering a camera system for my house. Is 1920 TVL (1080P) really worth it or recommended or should use something even better?? How is the nighttime video quality of the cameras?? Does the cameras should be cat5 (not coaxial cable)?? Thanks for the help!!!
  2. Helping a friend, a system with a 250 as director and 2 200 and 1 300. Every couple of days he has to reboot the director because it stops playing streamed music. running 2.9 and the music from napster or Pandora. After a day playing fine when you select to play music it seems to hang up and to make it work you have to reboot for it to start playing again. What could be happening???
  3. I am looking for a C4 kwikset module, If you got one laying around of a broken lock I am interested. I would consider a complete lock for a reasonable price. (deadbolt, ventian bronze)
  4. Control4 dimmer/thermostat/relay for sale

    Dimmers, switches and thermostat sold, Only card access wireless relay available.
  5. I have the following: (all used and on zigbee pro) 2 ldz-101-a dimmer almond $45ea 1 ldz102-w dimmer white $45 1 wcs10-r-ext-zp contact relay extender $75 1 ccz-t1-x thermostat $45 To all prices have to add actual shipping charges from Florida I need some white switches and a HC-250. Would consider a trade
  6. Web Based Control4 App and Composer?

  7. Equipment left over from upgrade.

    Pm sent
  8. WTB KA120wh (10)

    But the aux keypad still control the load if c4 goes down. That's good to have in places like stairs.
  9. For Sale: HC800

    I'll do $2.50
  10. TV Tuner

    Probbably youre right, its a Pioneer 50 inch 4K tv, 10 years old. And I will hate to throw away. ( by 4k i mean $4000)
  11. TV Tuner

    we just "cut the cable", installed an off air antenna for local tv but one of my tvs, a old pioneer plasma dont have a tv tuner. Looking for alternatives I found a channel master tv tuner that I could use. I will like to integrate it to c4. Does anybody have a driver for it? Or could you suggest something else. We are looking for a plain tv tuner, no dvr, no fancy guide.
  12. Advanced Lighting Scene

    Thanks for your help!!! yes the xmas tree wasn't working... thanks again!!!
  13. Advanced Lighting Scene

    I have a scene the turn on the outdoor lights at sunset everyday and off at 2:00 am I added the xmas tree and did something wrong, then thats when I screwed everything