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  1. I am looking for a C4 kwikset module, If you got one laying around of a broken lock I am interested. I would consider a complete lock for a reasonable price. (deadbolt, ventian bronze)
  2. Dimmers, switches and thermostat sold, Only card access wireless relay available.
  3. I have the following: (all used and on zigbee pro) 2 ldz-101-a dimmer almond $45ea 1 ldz102-w dimmer white $45 1 wcs10-r-ext-zp contact relay extender $75 1 ccz-t1-x thermostat $45 To all prices have to add actual shipping charges from Florida I need some white switches and a HC-250. Would consider a trade
  4. ???
  5. Pm sent
  6. But the aux keypad still control the load if c4 goes down. That's good to have in places like stairs.
  7. I'll do $2.50
  8. Probbably youre right, its a Pioneer 50 inch 4K tv, 10 years old. And I will hate to throw away. ( by 4k i mean $4000)
  9. we just "cut the cable", installed an off air antenna for local tv but one of my tvs, a old pioneer plasma dont have a tv tuner. Looking for alternatives I found a channel master tv tuner that I could use. I will like to integrate it to c4. Does anybody have a driver for it? Or could you suggest something else. We are looking for a plain tv tuner, no dvr, no fancy guide.
  10. Thanks for your help!!! yes the xmas tree wasn't working... thanks again!!!
  11. I have a scene the turn on the outdoor lights at sunset everyday and off at 2:00 am I added the xmas tree and did something wrong, then thats when I screwed everything
  12. Thanks all for your help!!! Looks I have to study a little bit more about lighting scenes. I really don't understand them. Is the scene ok now???
  13. I was playing with a light scene and I don't know what I did that now the lights don't work as supposed. It was working under a schedule, I haven't touch the scheduler. But obviously changed something in the scene. Problems began when I added the xmas tree to the scene it was doing the opposite, turning off when everything else turns on. I began to change settings on the scene and now its not working at all. What do you see wrong here??? Thanks!!!
  14. Got it!!! I didn't realize there was programing with the closing. Thanks!!!