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  1. SmartThings lacks any viable built in API. So integrating it with Control4 requires custom development. It is no trivial task. I've done about a dozen custom integrations with SmartThings and each one is a royal pain. Plus with SmartThings, nothing is local, all devices are routed to the cloud. Trying to access to hub locally is painful and slow since it had to relay back to cloud. Even their scheduling is cloud based and over the last 6 months, they missed 30-40% of their scheduled tasks, they just didn't fire. They re-wrote the new scheduler and it is helping but still misses events. The mobile app is a disaster, and the platform as a whole is broken and they push updates like twice a week, which can break anything at any time. You can't opt out of updates at all either. Accessing the cloud is via OAUTH2 and can be done, but if you internet goes out, no control. Wink has a full API and I believe there are existing drivers to integrate with Control4. If you want more info, PM me.
  2. I have done several custom SmartThings to Control4 and the other way as well. SmartThings doesn't have an API, so everything essentially has to be custom. Some have just wanted presence to trigger a macro, others have wanted to use the Echo native SmartThings integration to trigger control4 stuff. The options are limitless, but requires a lot of custom programing on the SmartThings side and a custom driver on the Control4 side. What are you wanting to do?
  3. 500? Pm me if interested.
  4. Is either port forwarded? Has the root password changed? Does it persist after reboot?
  5. it is establishing an openvpn connection outbound, I believe port 1194 off the top of my head. you will need to let port 1194 out to control4's vpn server to get 4sight to work.
  6. Cree Zigbee bulbs

    So, control4 makes a dimmer, switch, keypad that all conform to the zigbee HA profile that can join other hubs. Why wouldn't they allow Zigbee HA profile devices to connect? I think people think these are just zigbee LightLink (which has no authentication) but they also support the HA Profile for lighting, just like any other switch / dimmer. Control4 doesn't support Zigbee LightLink but they do have support for HA Lighing profile, since dimmers work so it "should" just be a matter of using a generic dimmer driver with the right clusters set up for on/off and dimming.
  7. Cree Zigbee bulbs

    Strange that an HA profile zigbee bulb can't work in Control4. Was real simple getting them to work with almost all the zigbee hubs out there, Wink, SmartThings, etc. I wrote a driver to control them from inside Control4 to SmartThings using their REST API, but was painful. Why can't Control4 support basic HA lighting profiles?
  8. I have no time right now to dedicate to this project. I do not want to develop a driver for c4 for this. I want to make it work only on the ST side of things and that won't happen until v2 of their hub in Q1 or later. So until then, I'm not going to provide anything more then what I already have out on my github.
  9. IFTTT - really?

    Ran into some ST limitations on parsing local connections. Concept is working, I have my house integrated both ways, but my main goals for ST integration was to not have to touch the C4 world at all. Since dealers install C4 and users install ST, it was important that I didn't require a driver to be installed on C4 to allow integration. But with a driver installed, its pretty easy to integrate both ways. What I have been able to do is hook up almost all the C4 zigbee stuff directly to ST hub skipping the C4 server. Switches, dimmers, sr250's most of the CA stuff all works with ST, unofficially of course.
  10. August Door Lock

    Yup, and Harmony just announced a SmartThings integration to control zigbee and z-wave devices in the interim. SmartThings can then trigger harmony commands off the remote as well.
  11. I need someone / company to help with a move to a new location where we are taking over existing systems. There is an ADT system in place, looks like a GE panel that needs to be brought online, doesn't need to be with ADT Also, a card access system (door cards not the Card Access company) that needs to be configured or replaced, there are 2 main doors that have magentic strike plate locks that also have buttons wired to existing locations to buzz the door open. Need to add 3 cameras, to monitor the 3 exits. 1 camera per exit. Need to add one or two digital displays, run power, network and setup for digital signage to show logo and a presentation. Optional, need to set up conference room with projector and lighting. Optional, would like to automate lighting in common areas, office areas already have light switches with proximity sensors. Basically, need someone to come in, assess and recommend path of least resistance in getting this space functional. If you know of any experienced person or company that can help take over an existing space, PM me or respond here. Need this done ASAP. Thanks, Patrick Stuart
  12. GE zigbee light bulbs

    They work with the hue hub, wink hub, SmartThings hub. Pick one and integrate into control4 if you want to write a driver to work with any of those hubs.
  13. GrandStream GXV3275 Android Phone

    What version of android does this run? I've been considering these http://www.ubnt.com/unifi-voip/overview/ But this looks a bit better, especially with the camera built in.
  14. New GE bulbs and app

    No idea, but I've paired the bulbs with other Zigbee hubs other than wink (Hue and SmartThings), so I know they follow the HA dimmer profile. Just need to find a generic zigbee dimmer HA driver, I guess, then they would ID the same way as anything else. Go into composer, connections, after the driver is installed, open it up and turn on the light, it should join. If not, reset the bulb, 3 on/off toggles of the bulb with 3 second delays until it flashes twice and dims... Then it is in pairing mode. For a $15 bulb they are quite good, work well, but put out a ton of heat.
  15. New GE bulbs and app

    They are Zigbee HA dimmer spec, should just pair up in control4 with the proper zigbee driver. No need to use the wink hub. I don't know how to write a zigbee driver, but isn't there a generic HA dimmer control4 driver somewhere?