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  1. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    Very Very Reasonable!
  2. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    What a ridiculous process to have to go through for an end user.
  3. New Wakeup Agent!

    Hostile? Ok.
  4. New Wakeup Agent!

    Choose whatever word gymnastics you would like.
  5. New Wakeup Agent!

    The Wakeup/Goodnight agent is available on T3 touch screens and through the On-Screen Navigator on EA controllers. The new agent also supports V2 touch screens and HC-800/HC-250 On-Screen Navigators, but with UI elements from the existing Flash-based Hospitality interface.
  6. New Wakeup Agent!

    So they are disabling functionality of ios/android/myhome in order to sell touch screens? Perhaps they should have thought of another revenue model, they charged $500 license fee or increased controller fee and should honor it. C4 couldn't give me enough touch screens, my phone is so much more convenient to use 99% of the time.
  7. Rachio Sprinkler Integration Driver?`

    Agree, including the DSC IT-100 (new interface).
  8. I don't think that in itself is a trend but I think the echo integration will open eyes and makes CTRL an acquisition target. You can bet if acquired, the acquirer will want to grow revenue exponentially. Unfortunately the dealer base limits opportunities for revenue growth for a multitude of reasons (price, convenience, experience, DIY crowd, etc.). I think Amazon would be in a "Prime" position to acquire CTRL and that is unlikely to be good for dealers.
  9. Control4 announces Amazon Echo integration

    I'm curious as to why they didn't integrate Prime music into the OS. Would seem like a natural fit for Alexa to play seamlessly.
  10. Control4 announces Amazon Echo integration

    Just ordered 6 Dot's
  11. Control4 announces Amazon Echo integration

    If Control4 builds on this it can absolutely skyrocket and hook in many new customers. Will be re-evaluating whether I should invest in CTRL.
  12. http://www.cepro.com/article/control4_os_2.9_cedia_integration_amazon_alexa_sonos_z-wave_shades
  13. Napster (formerly Rhapsody) Issue

    Kudos to Control4. It's a shame any dealer would try to charge for this patch.
  14. Amazon Echo and Control4

    Very excited to see it, could be a total game changer (as long as individual commands don't need to be programmed) for Control4.