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  1. I have found several threads that partially answer the question and was wondering if someone could expand on to make the programming of all the LED's in my project change color when the status of my alarm system changes, without having to go to each dimmer. Currently I have gone and individually assigned LED colors depending on the status of the alarm system. For example when the alarm has been armed to home, all the LED's are set to fucia and when the alarm is armed to away, the LED's go to red. For 9 dimmers, each requiring 4 lines of programming, times 3 different setting (alarm armed to away, home and disarmed), the lines of programming grow quickly to almost a 100 lines. When the alarm system has been disarmed I have programmed each dimmer to go back to the default setting of blue on top and black on bottom when on and the reverse when off. As the Christmas season approaches I would like to be able to set the default setting to say "green" (or whatever feastive color I choose) on top for on, black on bottom for off etc. It was a considerable bit of work to set it up the way I have it and don't like the idea of having to go and reprogram each dimmer in my project for the holidays, then have to set it back to the default setting come the new year! I'm not well versed in the use of variables but think that will likely be the answer, given what I read in other threads. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. I recently acquired a new external hard drive because the one that was plugged into my HC300 died. When I attached the Seagate Free Agent hard drive to the USB outlet on the back of my controler, it recognized it right away and showed up in Composer. I scanned the drive successfully but when I go to add photo's in the Media tab and error comes up that says: "Cannot replace or create Control4_pictures: Access is denied. Make sure the disc is not full or write protected and that the file is currently not in use." Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. jakelle21

    TV and Radio Stations in Canada

    BTW How did you guys add the channels manually??
  4. So that was/is the problem. The sensor is not activating the alarm and not working. Alarm company is on the way for repairs. Thanks for you input!!
  5. Yes that is correct, I'm using the IT100 interface and a serial cable to an HC300. However, when I use that particular motion sensor, program a set of lights to turn on when it senses motion, nothing happens. I can program the very same set of lights to do the same thing with any of the remaining three sensors that are on a different level of the house. Last night I did just that. When I program the "offending" motion sensor, hit execute in HE Composer the lights react as programmed. Then I try the same thing by walking around the room attempting to get the lights to turn on and nothing. One final point, when I leave the house and the alarm is in "away" mode, meaning motion sensors are active, I do not get any false alarms...
  6. I have the subject alarm and when I looking at my system design in HE under the list previews tab, I'm able to see the entire break down of my alarm system. The dealer has set up 16 zones which is really great. I have 4 motion sensor of which three seem to be operating normally becuase if I have a family member walk thru that zone with the motion sensor it shows up on the list preview tab as sensing motion. However, the motion sensor in the downstairs theater always shows that there is motion in the room. I want to be able to have the lights in the theater room turn on when someone walks in. The alarm system is 3 months old. Is there anyway to "reset" the motion sensor or do I need to call the alarm company back to replace the sensor? Thanks...
  7. jakelle21

    TV and Radio Stations in Canada

    Thanks very much for your reply. I guess we will have to wait and see if Control4 offers something for Canadians.
  8. Anyone know how to find TV and or Radio stations in Canada? When in the media section and I highlight "cable tv" under the media section then select "search" it asks for a zip code. Postal codes don't work, any suggestioins as there have been several references in this forum but no answers??