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  1. Variety of Control4 items

    Would you ship to Canada? How many of the white colour change kits do you have? Thanks
  2. Early Spring Cleaning

    I am looking for some white color change kits for switches. Do you have any of those....?
  3. I am in need of several white color change kits for the old LSZ-102 switches.. Hoping someone still has some on the shelf... Let me know... Thanks
  4. WTB White Switch Change Plates Gen 1

    Thanks.. Rest of mine are white so I think i will hold out for now but will see.. maybe that can work in a pinch if thats all there is.. Thank You
  5. Looking for some white face plates for Gen 1 switches.. not sure if they are still available or if someone has some extra's sitting around? Just to clarify.. not the wall plates.. the actual switch portion.. Let me know... Must be willing to ship to Canada.
  6. List Navigator Change?

    Thank You.. At least i know this is the new normal now.. It makes sense how it works.. just different from what I was used to.
  7. List Navigator Change?

    I spoke with a friend.. he is also on 2.9 and he said his works the same way.. no music under list, its all under listen button.. so from my thinking it seems to be the new normal.. Unless all you guys still have music/radio sources listed directly under the list button?
  8. List Navigator Change?

    It was an update.. I believe the refresh was done.. i rebooted both controllers and still no change.. If i press Listen I see my Music, Tune in etc.. but nothing under list.. seems weird.
  9. Good Morning.. I have a question on something I just noticed.. I recently upgraded from 2.6 to 2.9, and it seems the List navigator on my SR-250 remotes is very different.. When I press list, i no longer get a list of music sources etc.. I see i can still access these when pressing the watch button. Is this the default behavior now? Or is there some way I can change it back to the old way? All i have in list navigator now is Thermostat and lights.. Thanks..
  10. 2.7.2 version number

    Did they have different revisions of 2.7.2 or what?
  11. For sale Two 5" Infinity Edge

    No one needs these? I'll toss in the retrofit wall mount boxes as a bonus... I need them gone.. New things to buy
  12. I have for sale two infinity edge 5 inch touch screens one is white the other is black. They both work great just did some upgrades. Pictures can be seen at Http://onkelz2000.com/pics/ I can get better or specific pictures for those interested. Both include the power back box. Asking 300 each. I am in Canada but can ship world wide providing shipping costs are of course covered. Also have the retro wall mount boxes available that I can include for an extra 20 each. Pm or reply here if interested.
  13. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any old HTC's collecting dust that they would part with for a good price.. same goes for some old v1/v2 remotes... I have some new rooms that could use some c4 love but the budget is tight so hopeing to do it fairly cheap.. Let me know what you got and how much.. Also I am in canada.. but of course I'd cover all the shipping... Just the standard disclaimer i know some people won't ship here and i hate having a deal and then having it fall through Lemme know what you got!
  14. Wanted: Outlet Switch

    Hello, i am looking for probably two or three outlet switches, must be on 1.74 or earler, let me know what you got. Either post here or send me an email! Thanks!
  15. End of Summer Cleaning

    Sent you an email....