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  1. Depends on who he has installing for him now! Ive seen fair work. I have a few take overs. Can't say plus or minus.
  2. Is the Binary B-300 still for sale?

  3. c4toys

    Sony BRAVIA Apps

    I'm using the xbr65x900c cert. driver. I only get 3 mini-apps but they work, I just tried them, I never use them..
  4. c4toys

    Sony BRAVIA Apps

    I have a 2016 model and turns on and off as normal. if you don't have a video end point to the display in that room, you will not get a watch icon for that room.. audio endpoint is the amp/switcher for the room
  5. F/S lightly used wirepath 4 channel dvr, this unit was used in the showroom about 3 months.. it has been sitting in the box on a shelf since $150
  6. Snap Av- Binary B-300 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher with power supply, remote and rack ears.. $500 OBO HDMI and Cat5 outputs, no balums included unit was upgraded to 8x8, pulled in working condition
  7. how do you set static ip on fire stick?
  8. So my customer drop the pool control in the pool.. I installed the ilink adapter and have the pool and spa working.. customer says that the pool has a heatpump and a heater?? I don't own a pool, so Im not to informed of the ins and outs of a pool system... I can turn on the pumps, heater, jets, lights and waterfall.. Is there truly a heatpump? how can I make changes to this?? Thanks in advance
  9. I don't arm or disarm the alarm via c4, but I do turn the chime on and off via programming and variables.. chime is just a toggle so a variable to track on or off is key
  10. I have a couple of these New old stock, message me to discuss
  11. For sale (4) sr-250 remotes Composer 1.74, pre zigbee pro. message me if interested. ships from 33594
  12. c4toys

    Hot Water Heater Control

    What are folks looking to control on their water heater? I have had a grey box timer on my hot water heater for 16 yrs. Water heater only needs to run a couple hours a day, in sunny Florida!. I have thought of using a 220v contactor from an AC unit and using 24v transformer on a light switch to trigger it.. run a schedule to trip it on and off
  13. c4toys

    Alexa volume control bug

    I use turn kitchen speakers up, down on, off. Works most of the time.
  14. c4toys

    Tivo Bolt

    Personally I use a Tivo premier, it sucks a streaming player. maybe the bolt and newer unit play the app much better than mine, but I would use a roku and appletv to stream if that was my motive... How much crap can be shoe horned in a box, I hate combo units! how many tv/dvd, tv.vcr, vcr/dvd lasted a couple years and died?
  15. c4toys

    Tivo Bolt

    the left arrow, works as a back button .. Yes the old driver did have a back button...I never used it! Just left arrow to go back in the menus'.. IF you don't like the new driver use the old one or make your own.. this is just repetitive, for days