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  1. Thanks, So if there are only two light sockets, you wouldn't use LED's as you'd be under the 10W, right?
  2. I'm now suspecting that using two LED"s i'm still below the minimum wattage for the forward phase dimmer. When I had two of the regular PAR20's I was good, but now with two led's instead, I probably need to use an adaptive phase dimmer, right ? OR don't use the LED"S.
  3. It is C4-FPD120, a forward phase dimmer. There is a neutral connected.
  4. I changed the bulb and put in the exact same bulb in both sockets. Both are LED PAR20 7W. I did the 15 tap reset and now when i turn it off, both bulbs go really low, but not completely off. I originally had a mix of the LED and a regular PAR20 bulb and everything worked fine until the regular PAR20 bulb burned out.
  5. i order a new bulb exactly the same as the other one. Lets hope that solves it. Otherwise I guess i need to replace both the switch and the dimmer.
  6. It is the curved style. There are two bulbs, one is now out, assumed it burned out due to this issue, the other is an LED, been in for a couple of months. I rebooted the switch with the 15 taps, but still same issue.
  7. I'm having trouble with a light that doesn't go completely off when the switch it turned off. There is an LED light bulb and when the switch is turned off the light dims, but doesn't go completely off. There is a dimmer and a dumb switch. Everything has worked fine for 2+ years. I've powered cycled the circuit, not sure what else I can try. Does this mean the dimmer/switch is failing?
  8. thanks. Sounds like speaker point it is then
  9. I would like to add audio to an additional room and looking for recommendations on how to best do it. Current i have 3 audio zones hardwired through c4 amp and I have a speakerpoint for an additional room. I'd like to add one more room which can't be easily wired, and I'd like to make sure the sound stays in sync with the other zones, especially the speaker point zone. Do you recommend adding a wifi speakerpoint or Sonos? I do worry about the future of speaker points. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm thinking of swapping my Apple TV 2nd gen for the 4th gen. I currently use the IP driver, if I establish the same IP address on the new ATV, should everything work fine?
  11. Does the SR-250 Charging station work with the new SR-260 Remote? I'd like to upgrade the remote, but not replace the charging station.
  12. Never good when the insiders don't have any "skin in the game"
  13. Ryan, I want to do something similar on my 6 pad. Did you create the Light Usage agent? Can you provide any additional details? Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a set of lights on a stairwell that can be controled by one of three switches, top, middle, and bottom of the stairs.. Can I replace the master switch and leave the other two OR do I need to replace all three with one C4 switch and two Aux keypads? What's the difference between the dumb switches and the aux keypad? Thanks in advance.
  15. Anyone know how to get access to the file library?