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  1. threerivers

    Xfinity XG1-A IR issues

    Have you tried to go into menu of comcast box and change the remote from rf to ir ? I think if you unpair the remote to the box it goes to ir control. I have used ir remote eye systems on x1 platform boxes in the past. Then you can try to learn ir commands directly from the remote You can also hold setup button until all power lights up green ,then you enter 987 and that will turn remote to ir.
  2. threerivers

    ip camera system that works with c4

    I'm leaning towards hik-vision. Is there a driver you can point me to ?
  3. I would like to view ip cameras on my control 4 system. I have not purchased a system yet. Is there a system that integrates easy ? We had older analog wirepath that worked with c4 drivers for the dvr. I have read luma ip is still a work in progress.
  4. I have some outdoor landscape lights that go on and off by the c4 scheduler. Lights go on at sunset and off at 12pm. How can I properly program a override to the off at 12pm on occasion that we are still outside after 12pm.
  5. I have two c4 TSWM7-EG-B old 7 inch touchpanels that at the same time are now very dim. I did try to go into setting and raise the display brightness to max but it's still very dim. Is there anything else to try ? Or are the panels are now time to be replaced
  6. threerivers

    Card Access Garage Door Kit No Feedback

    Thanks for the help..... Now that you say that I did not check the second piece from card access that's powered up at the mechanical opener. I did replace batteries and re id the contact switch at the door location. I am getting battery level , temp. I tried to adjust the sensors on the door rails to see if they were out of wack and not sensing each other. I will have to get a ladder and check the other.
  7. threerivers

    Card Access Garage Door Kit No Feedback

    Yes, It was fine before . Could it be a bug in the 2.71 software ?
  8. I have a card access garage door kit and the feedback on the phones or ipads always show closed. The system was recently updated to 2.71. The door will open and close with the press of the button but feedback is never changed. If I click invert relay the door will show the opposite feedback. That is instant. Card Access has fresh batteries and shows 100%. Also, feedback of time is correct when door was last opened. Im stumped !
  9. threerivers

    Can Old Panels still work ?

    If I didn't go to 2.6 and I have a hc 300 as a secondary controller could it be possible ? Or i'm guessing factory restore both hc250 and hc300 to earlier versions and only update to the last update that will allow the panels to work. Do you know what the last update would be that would work ?
  10. I have a few KPE-10B1 old black and white lcd panels. My system is currently on 2.53. Can they still be used ? Or are the end of life...... since my system is on 2.53 ? Would like to use them for source select and volume only .
  11. Can composer home edition be used with a windows xp computer ? Or is there a older version that will.
  12. threerivers

    Dimmer v1 into Switch v1

    Ok this is what I have under properties ...click ramp rate up click ramp rate down Preset level Under Advanced Properties min on level max on level cold start level cold start time Do I just change min on level to 99% Cold start level are already at 0 Is it ramp rate up and down set them to 0 milliseconds ? Thank You for your help.
  13. Is there anyway to convert a v1 dimmer into a v1 switch ? I thought there was a way with the advanced properties button detached....... We ran out of switches and had a dimmer left over. No dimming needed on the light.
  14. I have the following for sale : (5) Tse 3.8c1 Color Touchpanels all POE models in white 50.00 each (2) Rcz src2-b remotes 50.00 each (1) avm htc1-b home theater controller 30.00 (1) ammc1-b multi media controller 200.00 All equipment pulled from working system that was upgraded to all new C4 stuff
  15. it's hooked up as ....yamaha receiver does all hdmi switching-to monitor out hdmi samsung tv's hdmi sonos is analog rca audio into cd input. I'm thinking that c4 is blanking out the video when the music plays.