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  1. t_rebert

    Remote Integration services offered

    Let me just add to all the kudos that Neil has received as they are very well earned. I reached out to him to do some remote work and I couldn't be happier. He is very quick to respond and has exceeded my expectations every time I work with him. I can't recommend him enough.
  2. t_rebert

    Wanted: Axxess Contact Sensor

    PM sent. Thank you.
  3. I am looking for a white Axxess contact sensor. Thanks!
  4. I am using the monoprice extenders with their 4 x 4 switch. Works great.
  5. t_rebert

    Fan controller

    Really?? I didn't know that. You guys are super helpful here. Perhaps there are a dealer or two on here that have one in stock they would like to sell.
  6. t_rebert

    Fan controller

    I am looking for a white fan speed controller. Thanks!
  7. t_rebert

    FS: NIB Embernet Switches

    I am interested. Send me a PM.
  8. I just moved and brought all my Control4 stuff with me. The new house has similar rooms, so I just hooked everything up as it was. Everything seems to be working fine except the serial out of the HC-800. It is connected to a Denon receiver. It is the same serial cable that worked before. I just can't get anything commands to work. I have tried to do commands programming to get it to just turn on or change inputs but nothing is working. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. t_rebert

    WTB: HC-800 rack mount

    I am looking for a rack mount for an HC-800. Thanks!
  10. t_rebert

    Viper/DEI/Autostart SmartStart

    Very interested in this. Looking to get this installed in my new Tundra soon. Thanks everyone for working on this.
  11. http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130904-905327.html
  12. t_rebert


    Best that I can recollect, I was on 2.3.
  13. t_rebert


    I have had schedule issues and LED issues as well since 2.4. My dealer put in a patch, but it hasn't fixed it. I haven't had time to contact him to look at it some more.
  14. t_rebert

    estimate for system upgrade

    Pharmdsmith works for The Soho Shop and comments on here regularly. They aren't local to TN but I think he lives around the Nashville area. He is great to work with and does a lot of remote work if you can handle the hardware install. Definitely worth your time speaking to him.