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  1. t_rebert

    Wanted: Axxess Contact Sensor

    PM sent. Thank you.
  2. I am looking for a white Axxess contact sensor. Thanks!
  3. I am using the monoprice extenders with their 4 x 4 switch. Works great.
  4. t_rebert

    Fan controller

    Really?? I didn't know that. You guys are super helpful here. Perhaps there are a dealer or two on here that have one in stock they would like to sell.
  5. t_rebert

    Fan controller

    I am looking for a white fan speed controller. Thanks!
  6. t_rebert

    FS: NIB Embernet Switches

    I am interested. Send me a PM.
  7. I just moved and brought all my Control4 stuff with me. The new house has similar rooms, so I just hooked everything up as it was. Everything seems to be working fine except the serial out of the HC-800. It is connected to a Denon receiver. It is the same serial cable that worked before. I just can't get anything commands to work. I have tried to do commands programming to get it to just turn on or change inputs but nothing is working. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. t_rebert

    WTB: HC-800 rack mount

    I am looking for a rack mount for an HC-800. Thanks!
  9. t_rebert

    Viper/DEI/Autostart SmartStart

    Very interested in this. Looking to get this installed in my new Tundra soon. Thanks everyone for working on this.
  10. http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130904-905327.html
  11. t_rebert


    Best that I can recollect, I was on 2.3.
  12. t_rebert


    I have had schedule issues and LED issues as well since 2.4. My dealer put in a patch, but it hasn't fixed it. I haven't had time to contact him to look at it some more.
  13. t_rebert

    estimate for system upgrade

    Pharmdsmith works for The Soho Shop and comments on here regularly. They aren't local to TN but I think he lives around the Nashville area. He is great to work with and does a lot of remote work if you can handle the hardware install. Definitely worth your time speaking to him.
  14. t_rebert


    I will try to explain the way I have mine set up, but I'm not sure I can be much help. I have a windows server that is my DHCP server. I use the uverse router and a netgear switch. The windows server sets the static ip addresses for all of my control4 gear as well as my computers and uverse boxes and dvr. The modem is set up in DMZ mode. Hope that helps a little.