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  1. This looks pretty cool but then what do you do about your existing doorbell? Most people will look for the usual place for the doorbell.
  2. Jobu604

    drop cam

    Dropcam has today released an API program - see http://bit.ly/1s3ZilS. I've got a couple of these and would be very cool to see this integrated with C4 in some way.
  3. Pretty pathetic how often this feature doesn't work.
  4. I don't plan on having lights in the ceiling fan, so it's really an on/off/speed consideration.
  5. Hi Ryan, Can you clarify this a little more for me -- I am currently in the market for a ceiling fan for our bedroom and I want to make sure we get one that will be able to integrate with C4. Is there anything in particular that I should or should not be looking for?
  6. I used Somfy motors and components (a combo of wired and battery powered) which I bought online from avoutlet.com. They were great. Probably cost me $200/shade (if not less) to retrofit existing rollease tubes. The RTS interface was a bit of a bitch to integrate, but my dealer was able to figure it out without too much trouble.
  7. Mine is back working again.
  8. I don't seem to be getting emails this evening - anyone else?
  9. I don't see the availability to set push colour anywhere in programming -- just LED on and LED off. Under monitoring I can set push colour, but once the scheduler turns the LEDs to black at night and then blue in the morning the push colour is reset to blue -- the white or green I'd prefer doesn't persist.
  10. I use this but can't seem to set the "push colour" anywhere; when using the scheduler to do this you seem to end up losing the "push colour" feature.
  11. Jobu604

    Arris gateway

    I have been using the Arris/Shaw Gateway since September and it has worked flawlessly. I'm in Vancouver.
  12. Jobu604

    2.4 is released

    I am happy to report that 2.4 appears to have resolved all of my zigbee/lighting issues. Here's hoping anyway!
  13. Jobu604

    2.4 is released

    On my SR250 my "favourites" show up under Stations, but I don't see any way to access the TuneIn directly. I will try a refresh again, but at least having the favourites show up under Stations is probably all I need.
  14. Jobu604

    2.4 is released

    I don't see TUNEIN under the Listen menu on the SR250s, but it shows up on my touchschreens, apps, MyHomePC, etc. Should I be seeing this on the remotes?
  15. Jobu604

    2.3 & Card Access

    My CardAccess Zigbee-to-IR module stopped working after 2.3 as well, even though it shows to be online. My dealer tried everything and we've just decided to wait until 2.4 in the hopes the problem goes away. Since I am suffering issues with lights responding/not responding as well we think it's a larger Zigbee issue with 2.3. I do have a CardAccess motion sensor that is working fine, however.