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  1. thinslis

    NON-Audio Alexa trigger help

    That wasn't it. Control4 restricts some things that Alexa can do. Once you tie the Fireplace switch to a voice scene, it is flagged as Prohibited and blocked from Alexa. I think the same is true for the security system. As soon as I linked my alarm to a voice scene it was flagged prohibited. I was trying to set it to turn the house off and arm the alarm.
  2. My Audio triggers and Lights are working just fine. Anything that has programming not Audio I get "XYZ does not support that". I'm using the Control4 Voice scene driver. I'm sure it's something simple, any help would be appreciated. Example: Alexa turn on Fireplace... returns "Fireplace does not support that"... The programming has Turn Fireplace switch On as the code.
  3. Does the native C4 driver installed by the dealer do Set for audio volume? I see Turn on / Turn off but not the Set command. I see people referencing using it but it seems to always be with the Epic driver. Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I've tried to search and looked through 3 pages of posts and couldn't find it.
  4. thinslis

    Alexa C4 programming question

    Did you ever get your answer or figured it out yourself? I just got Alexa yesterday so I'm starting from scratch here.
  5. thinslis

    New iPad and iPhone apps are out!

    I LOVE the new iPhone (iPod Touch in my case) app. Soooo much faster loading Rhapsody and switching rooms. Makes me want to go get an iPhone rather then continue to wait for the Android app or even the iPhone 5....
  6. We use 1 speaker in our Master Bathroom, it does well enought for us in there. Every other room including the garage have 2 speakers.
  7. No, this will be our first touchpanel. I would like for the weather map to be automaticly displayed at 5:30am till 5:45am. We'll use it for the other mundane things you mentioned like light control, music add / remove zone / volume control / security... Is the email driver pretty common? Like if I tell my dealer to install "the email driver" he should know what I'm asking for?
  8. I'm getting my first Infinity TS installed at the end of the month... I was wondering if anyone has neat stuff they are doing with theirs.... IE: Programed events like Weather map pops up when your alarm goes off ect... Is it possible to have it programed for M-F 5:30am pop up the local weather for 10mins?
  9. thinslis

    Wii and Control4

    Mine is currently hot glued to the back of my TV since I don't have a Video matrix switch as of yet. But when I do I'll do the mod and put mine down in the basement and load all my disks from the HD. I've already tested the remotes and they all work from every bedroom TV location and the main living room.
  10. When I canceled my account there was no name for any plan other then the "Basic $4.99" and "Priemer $12.99" or what ever, there was no name for what I have now which is no subscription at all. Yes I can play 25 songs per month of on demand but other then that I just get streaming audio from their preset channels. Which is all my wife and I need or want.
  11. BTW I also tested this over the summer prior to our C4 system being installed just using the PC Rhapsody client and it worked just fine for months with no issue. The only thing you can't do is build custom play lists or play specific songs on demand. You get their basic streaming channels like "CMT Radio" and "No. 1 Country Hits" ect... which is just fine for us.
  12. Just checked our status, last payment was December 11th, current account status is No experation date. I was listening to 2 Rhapsody streams last night just fine.
  13. FYI, I signed up for a Rhapsody account, and then canceled it completely and it still works with my system, Streaming only and only their standard channel selection. $0.00 a month.
  14. thinslis

    rhapsody 2 streams

    I run 2 Rhapsody streams off my 300 all the time. Very happy with it.