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  1. C4junkie

    IO Extender

    1/ Is the Control4 C4-IOX-E-B IO Extender V1 or V2? 2/ Can this be used to extend the C4 Zigbee mesh? thanks
  2. This is why I asked the "whats the best version to upgrade onto" ??. Whilst I know it's no consolation and it's no help to you now and it sure must suck what is going on, the conclusion in that thread seemed to be "best was to wait a month or so after it's out.. maybe till Version 2.x.1... "
  3. C4junkie

    Sonos still best for multi-room?

    I use Spotify and simply use the Sonos Connects (Zone players) as end points (along with other Spotify Connect endpoints like Heos and my Marantz HT Amps). Still waiting for C4 to implement Spotify properly and make their hardware Spotify Connect compliant When that happens I'm pretty much dumping Sonos other than the odd portable and wireless endpoint where I haven't run C4 audio wire from the Audio Matrix....
  4. Have you checked out what I am talking about though ej??
  5. ^ On my Sony you can almost "see" where the LED is on the side... the light fans out... it's obvious.... it aint uniform... and it certainly is NOT "black"...
  6. Sure but do you have the same side lit LED problem on the Sony as seen in my pictures here? It's of course more obvious in a dark room and with "cinema scale" (ie 1 - 2.3 or whatever it is) on the TV (ie black lines above and below the image)
  7. Hi all... I have a small sized room HT set up now in which a 75 inch TV is perfect size for the movie display. I am currently using an early release 4K Sony. It's obviously an early 4K side lit LED. It's around 2-3 years old so now out of warranty. It's 75inch and I bought it for movies. I used to watch them on a 1080p Sharp 70 inch LCD. And here is the wrap- after finally getting the time to do more research on side lit LED's vs OLED's and others I realized why my new Sony is crap! The older 1080p LCD kills it. How do I know? And the reason - it's due to the poorly implemented side lit LED on a very large screen. It's uneven and the ghosting ruins the black backdrop..which is very obvious in dark scenes like those in say the new movie Alien Covenant. I have posted some pics (hope they come out) so you can see my point.. So here are my questions>? What's the point of 4K and HDR (which is supposedly better) if the blacks on a display are totally hopeless...? Now LCD and Plasma are gone, Where to from here would you guys recommend? OLED? Is there one above 75 inch at a reasonable price? A small 4K Laser projector? But on what small screen? Are Projectors any good for HDR? Any other options? Thanks for all your knowledge and help on this very important matter! Junkie
  8. C4junkie

    New user doesn't want 4sight

    Cool.. be great to have specific 4sight service feedback.. That's really only what I care about to be honest for monitoring and controlling the house... So if Access Anywhere is down does this mean 4Sight is down? Confused. Thanks.
  9. C4junkie

    New user doesn't want 4sight

    ^ "Access anywhere" Back online. Hasn't seemed to resolve my problem. Oh well.. never mind. Will contact dealer
  10. C4junkie

    Pandora cutting out

    Cutting out alright. Like "cut out" completely (ie removed/packed up/gone home) from entire countries LOL
  11. C4junkie

    New user doesn't want 4sight

    Is "Access Anywhere" 4Sight?
  12. C4junkie

    New user doesn't want 4sight

    hahaha yep. Right on queue... nice test. It works! LOL so they are having problems??
  13. C4junkie

    Worst app....4Sight

    Hey you can elect to receive notification via SMS - that's pretty cool...
  14. C4junkie

    New user doesn't want 4sight

    BTW the auto 4site subscription service just added in customer.control4.com is also real awesome... just subscribed for annual auto renewal.. Still can't logon remotely.. that's interesting can't get access to my controller via customer.control4 either... any clues how I can sort this out without having to annoy the dealer? Thanks! Connection Failed There was a problem connecting to your controller.
  15. C4junkie

    New user doesn't want 4sight

    Thanks. This is an awesome initiative from Control4. Going to be very useful.