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  1. Search on this forum and DYOR.....Its a dogs breakfast all this multiroom music stuff - A TOTAL Dogs breakfast... it used to all work seamlessly with the old Sonos/C4 driver (yes we did once have C4 audio nirvana a few years back) but in this typical ever changing and unpredictable world AKA "Donald Trump".. where various egos seem to ride ahead of a good end user customer experience, Sonos IMHO screwed it all up as they tried (but failed) to fight Spotify..... they have dug there own grave in the eyes of HA custom installers that company Sonos. Good riddance as far as I am concerned... At out place, we have moved onto living completely within the Spotify app and Spotify world for music so I have moved onto one Heos (the "Link") into the C4 Audio matrix as a source for Spotify whilst I wait for a proper Spotify C4 driver... Sure, this does involve one extra push of a button outside the Spotify app at the moment.. (you need to select the Heos as a source in Control4) but that is pretty easy. ..Hopefully proper C4<>Spotify Connect integration will eventually remove that last step...but we wait for Control4 to do a deal with Spotify to make it happen for us: the Control4 customer.. Of course you can now stream Spotify straight to a Sonos Zoneplayer endpoint (they have recently become Spotify Connect compliant). Lets face it - The Spotify app and experience is soooo much better than everything else on the music streaming market it is frankly laughable.. . Or you could get and use the *old* Sonos driver whilst you wait for a better Heos driver and when that happens start to plan to off load your Sonos speakers and Zone players?...But I am keeping a few old Sonos Speakers around the place (those zones like you not connected to wires via the C4 matrix) as direct Spotify end points ... that's what I am doing whilst I live in hope that we get C4 audio nirvana back again...
  2. Looking for remote access loggin to a ddNAS Freenas (Diamond Design) Requirements are sound knowledge of Freenas Currently running 01.27 Firmware Build Time : 2011-09-29 (SuperMicro) and ddNAS 1.0 FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p4 Require Service of NAS, disc clean and updating of both Freenas software (has there been a new version of DDNAS freeNAS??? ever???) and the SuperMicro motherboard firmware of the NAS motherboard (if available and appropriate) Set up and check of the NAS for Timemachine back up and Windows PC backup (this isn't working) And leave me with clean instructions on what to do. I want this running properly and as uptodate as possible. It is too good, and big and powerful device to trade up... Can Paypal Placing work here before I put it on Freelancer. PM me Thanks
  3. Ok using previous advice in this thread best to just continue sit on 2.9.1 for now.... wait till 2.10.0 then sit that one out and upgrade on 2.10.1 right?
  4. Spotify App Choose Heos Bingo Problem solved (whilst waiting for the C4 Sonos app)
  5. Where are we at with firmware right now and is it a good time to upgrade? Thanks
  6. Spotify integration

    Don't do it for that reason alone. Only do it if you want to use the Sonos Connect as a Spotify Connect device. There is no decent Spotify integration within Control4 as of now. Some have been crying out for Control4 to integrate Spotify properly (with a dedicated Control4 Spotify app and driver) as well as add Spotify connect features to C4 streamers and audio output devices etc ...ever since the great Sonos<>Spotify split...which is well over a year now (there is a lot of history here on what happened so DYOR and read up on the previous threads). Moreover even more of a need for decent Spotify integration now as some parts of the world are about to lose Pandora completely.
  7. ^ Bump. Nobody?? this is 4real.. HDR is quite a problem with projectors I assure you. Thanks
  8. Discrete HDR control via separate button on the remote.... That's a reason in itself if this player is combined with a projector IMHO.
  9. Hi. I am aware there is at least one Oppo 203 (4K) driver Have just purchased this player for use with a new Sony VPL VW550ES Projector. Noticed the Oppo remote has discrete HDR button for on/off HDR which I am finding gets a lot of use as HDR is too dark for some movies (Great example of this is the new 4K version of Unforgiven... all those dark scenes with Eastwood around the fire and in the saloon etc are really unwatchable with HDR switched on) How many IP Oppo 203 drivers are there now? And do any have direct HDR control mapped? Or do I need to get dealer to run a IR bud to the Oppo and map to a button that way? Thanks
  10. Hi Have had this installed. 1/ Any way of switching the Matrix off via the software driver in Composer? ie if light switch turned off.. or if go away>switch off LU642 2/ If it's possible to do 1/ > How long would it take to call the HDMI signal after it was turned back on? 3/ Any other way to decrease fan noise? Say one of the Blackwire Fan replacements or something? Thanks
  11. I'd like everyones opinions on their overall upgrade philosophy. I'm on 2.9.0. I run an HC800. I like to sit back a couple months (so problems are ironed out), but am out to 6 months now on this one.. Do you guys upgrade straight away, or wait a bit? Thoughts everyone? So what Firmware are you all on and why? Thanks Everyone!
  12. With 4K TV's now at 75 inches and pretty darn cheap, why haven't we seen better 4K projectors hit the shelves? I am in the market for a 4k compatible projector. At a reasonable price the only two I have seen are the true 4K Sony and "the Fake" 4K Epson LS1000. Both similar proce and both play 4K content (have the HDCP 2.2 chip).. Thing is there is nothing much lower down.. I really like the laser in the Epson, but they don't have true 4K. So my q are 1/ How long for a true sub 10,000 buck laser 4k projector? 2/ What brand? Or 3/ what would you all recommend doing in the interim?. (And please don't say there is no 4K content) I'm watching it now on a 4k TV. Thanks for all your help!
  13. Are we there yet?

    does it have this IFTTT stuff?