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  1. One dealer that I'm working with and will probably (finally) hire to do my upgrade has mentioned the possibility of using MoIP in lieu of getting a new 6x6 Matrix. He said that depending on my number of sources and number of receivers (ie, TVs), it could work out cheaper than the Matrix. He sent me a few links: https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/media-over-ip/binary-trade%3B-900-series-4k-ultra-hd-media-over-ip-controller-b-900-moip-4k-ctrl https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/media-over-ip/binary-900-series-4k-ultra-hd-media-over-ip-transmitter-b-900-moip-4k-tx https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/media-over-ip/binary-trade%3B-900-series-4k-ultra-hd-media-over-ip-receiver-b-900-moip-4k-rx I'm not quite sure how this would differ from a Matrix (other than potentially the price) and what the pros/cons would be.
  2. There was a thread recently about whether you would do it again (ie, install a C4 system), knowing the pros and cons, limitations, etc. I just happened to come across a company called Brilliant this morning which seems to be a more DIY home system along the lines of HomeKit, etc. This type of stuff is kind of what I was referring to in my reply to the aforementioned thread. Of course, it's not going to have all the bells and whistles of a C4 system, but it will also not come with all of the headaches of a C4 system. And, most likely, will be much less costly. https://www.engadget.com/2018/09/06/brilliants-light-switch-smart-home-hub-on-sale/ https://www.brilliant.tech/
  3. pinkoos

    YouTube TV with Control4?

    Thanks for the reply. Do you distribute to your TVs via a matrix or do you have them locally connected to your TVs?
  4. Hello, Does anybody use YouTube TV with their Control4 system? We're thinking about cutting the cord in conjunction with our system hardware upgrade we're working on and considering to just use YouTube TV. We currently have two Tivos (XL and Premiere) that distribute to 4 TVs in the house. We have an old 3rd generation Apple TV. I already spoke with Comcast about getting rid of the TV part of our package and just having an internet only plan. For YouTube TV, I'm guessing we would need more than one device (ie, Apple TV, Chromecast or whatever) if we want to be able to watch two different (or three different) channels simultaneously on different TVs. Is this correct? I know that YouTube TV allows 3 "streams" at the same time, but if I want to distribute these streams to different TVs at the same time, they would need to be originating from separate devices, right? Thanks.
  5. pinkoos

    Would you do it all over again?

    You said it much better than me. These are my thoughts exactly, in addition to what I posted above.
  6. pinkoos

    Would you do it all over again?

    I think, for me, the trade-off of being able to integrate new hardware and then the software on my own (without having to rely on a dealer to come out, install and program) is worth the lack of a single API/platform. If the hardware I buy turns out to be HomeKit compatible, then I would kind of have that single platform you alluded to. If the hardware is not HomeKit compatible, then, yes, I would be using separate apps to do this or do that, but at much less cost/friction than what I've experienced so far. Regardless, I'm bought into the system (at least for as long as we stay in our current house), and so will continue to use Control4, add to it, come here for help and advice and hire dealers from the forum to help out. Like I mentioned, without this forum I think I would have blown up my system a long time ago. 😁
  7. pinkoos

    Would you do it all over again?

    I most likely would not do it again. As joecheech mentioned above, the frustration I've had with the system over the past 8 years has been taxing. While I'm super appreciative of this forum and the remote dealers from this forum who've helped me out the last year or two, I think home automation tech has changed/improved so much over the years that the end user can just create his or her own system using Apple HomeKit or several other options out on the market now that were not available back in 2010 when I got my system installed. Incidentally, I'm still working on getting quotes from local dealers for my system upgrade and it's been 2 or 3 months now. The last one that came out seems to possibly be "the one" though I'm waiting for him to come back with his quote. However, I at least got a good feeling from him, which I haven't really gotten with the local dealers I've had out before.
  8. Didn't know about that site, thank you for the link.
  9. Thanks, so in terms of the routers, the 300 series is better (ie, has the remote management option)?
  10. Hello, In layman's terms, what would the differences be between 110 series and 210 series switches? And, dual-WAN gigabit VPN router vs a 300 series router? And, 500 series access points vs 700 series access points? Just trying to compare some estimates for my upgrade project. Thanks in advance.
  11. Happened again last night. It's just weird for this to start all of a sudden with no changes in the system for several months - I believe I was upgraded to 2.9.1 3 or 4 months ago and the lighting scene has been in place since 2010.
  12. Thanks for the replies, very helpful.
  13. Just happened again last night. I can't upgrade since I have an HC-300 as part of my system. I'm stuck on 2.9.1 for the forseeable future.
  14. I'm on 2.9.1. So this bug just crept up recently? The issue hasn't happened the last two nights, so I'm not sure what's going on. Also, my triggers are at/around sunset/sunrise, so it wouldn't be anywhere close to midnight.
  15. Yes, business hours during the week is free.