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  1. Didn't know about that site, thank you for the link.
  2. Thanks, so in terms of the routers, the 300 series is better (ie, has the remote management option)?
  3. Hello, In layman's terms, what would the differences be between 110 series and 210 series switches? And, dual-WAN gigabit VPN router vs a 300 series router? And, 500 series access points vs 700 series access points? Just trying to compare some estimates for my upgrade project. Thanks in advance.
  4. Happened again last night. It's just weird for this to start all of a sudden with no changes in the system for several months - I believe I was upgraded to 2.9.1 3 or 4 months ago and the lighting scene has been in place since 2010.
  5. Thanks for the replies, very helpful.
  6. Just happened again last night. I can't upgrade since I have an HC-300 as part of my system. I'm stuck on 2.9.1 for the forseeable future.
  7. I'm on 2.9.1. So this bug just crept up recently? The issue hasn't happened the last two nights, so I'm not sure what's going on. Also, my triggers are at/around sunset/sunrise, so it wouldn't be anywhere close to midnight.
  8. Yes, business hours during the week is free.
  9. I was asking more out of curiosity to see what other dealers here practices are. I understand he can charge whatever he wants and I can choose to accept or not. That wasn't the point of my post. I'm not sure how/why some of you think to know me so well with your comment about my income. Someone else posted something similar in another thread too. Not sure where the hostility is coming from here or why. Trying to save some money here or there is not being "cheap out of the gate."
  10. In my ongoing quest to get several quotes for my upgrade, I contacted one local dealer that was recommended here (in one of my threads). I explained that I work long hours and don't have any days off coming up and so could they come out either one evening or on the weekend to do a walk-through and generate a quote for an upgrade. They told me that there would be a $150 fee to come out on a Saturday. I'm surprised. I understand that for a service call there would be a fee for night or weekend service, but for the potential of them getting a $10 to $15K job, they would not charge a fee to come out. And, I already had two dealers come out on Saturdays to give quotes, so I was kinda caught off guard when this dealer told me about the $150 charge.
  11. pinkoos

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    +1 (ie, not working for me as well)
  12. pinkoos

    Failed Logins With Tapatalk

    Me too
  13. Not sure what's going on with my system, but new problems keep cropping up without having made any changes or modifications. These problems are just popping up out of the blue (example audio issues posted in a separate thread). Anyway, the new issue is related to a lighting scene. I have some porch lights that turn on at or around sunset and turn off at or around sunrise. It's been set up like this for years with no changes made in the interim. For the last few days, the porch lights have been turning on correctly; however, I've been up late enough to notice that sometime between 11 PM and 1 AM they've been turning off. I've questioned my kids to see if they've been turning off the lights via the dimmer before they go to bed and they've said no. I'm puzzled as to what is going on with this issue and with my system in general.
  14. Not sure I'll know how to do that but I'll give it a shot. Is this settings on the Denon menu on the TV screen or somewhere else?
  15. Hi, Currently if I'm watching TV (via Tivo) in the room controlled by our Denon AVR and I want to keep the TV feed on but listen to a different audio source (for example, I want to listen to music while having a tennis match on on the TV), as soon as I select the audio source, the TV feed turns off and a big "DENON" appears on the TV. In other rooms, when I perform the same action, the TV stays on what I was watching but the audio changes to what I want to listen to. That is, the desired effect is achieved. Just wondering what needs to change in terms of programming in the AVR-controlled room that will allow what I want to happen? Thanks.