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  1. If you're in the Apple ecosystem, an Apple TV 4K is great. I also cut the cord and am paying $40/month for YouTube TV - works great with Control4, though there are no mini drivers like there are for Roku.
  2. My dealer couldn't get changes to framerate, etc. to stick for some reason, but a reboot of the NVR seemed to have fixed the problem for now. Thanks for the advice
  3. Ok I'll have my dealer take a look
  4. Is it strange for it to have been working fine and then all of a sudden have this message appear today?
  5. Had this message pop up on my NVR feed today - any ideas?
  6. So it turns out the guy he had sent to take care of this a few days before Christmas didn’t wire the things correctly - -the four cameras needed to be connected directly to the POE switch and that Wattbox connection was completely wrong - that needed to go from the Wattbox to the main switch He said that the 8 port POE switch was recommended by the manufacturer because the cameras tend to lag with older touchscreens and older controllers. And, he said the manufacturer was not charging for that POE switch since it is kind of necessary for the NVR to work with my system.
  7. So this is what the wiring looks like: -the up link port on the POE switch is going back to the main switch (I think) -one of the 8 POE ports on the POE switch is going back to the NVR -another of the 8 POE ports on the POE switch is going back to the network port on the Wattbox -two of the 8 POE ports on the POE switch are 2 of the 4 cameras -it looks like the remaining 2 cameras are directly connected to the NVR So, I can't make heads or tails of this setup: 2 cameras connected directly to the NVR, 2 cameras connected to the POE switch and the Wattbox connected directly to the POE switch And, I believe this 8 port POE switch was connected solely for the cameras/NVR so I'm not sure why the network port on the Wattbox is connected to this POE switch
  8. I'll have to check and see exactly how it's connected
  9. They have a custom C4 driver, it’s even listed on their website. So what you’re suggesting is that maybe the camera feeds can’t be pulled up individually without a separate POE switch? I know we’re just speculating and I’ll get some clarification from my dealer today.
  10. Hi, Is there any reason to attach a POE switch to an NVR that already has POE built in? As part of my upgrade, the camera manufacturer (a local Houston company) recommended using a separate POE switch rather than the NVR’s built in POE. I believe this is the NVR we have: http://www.zuummedia.com/product-p/psnvr8ch-4k-2tb.htm I’m going to have my dealer explain it to me again today but just thought I’d check with you all as well. Thanks
  11. Hi, I have a couple of older TSs - the ones right before the Android versions came out. They have four “touch” buttons running along the bottom. I have these buttons programmed to do various things. All of a sudden, maybe a week or so ago, the buttons on one of the TSs stopped working (the other one is working fine). I finally had time today to get into Composer HE and see if the commands are still there and if I can execute them from Composer HE. The commands are there and they are executable. So, maybe it’s a hardware issue? The TS works well otherwise, just those buttons have stopped responding. I’ve refreshed the Navigators but haven’t actually pulled the TS off the wall to cut power - that will be my next step. But wanted to see if anybody has any ideas here why this may have happened and what could possibly fix it. Thanks
  12. My installer said he had a chat with level 2 tech at C4 and basically the problem comes down to low memory issues. My previous ultra low resolution cameras were never a problem - any camera feed could stay active on the TS indefinitely. But, since the Lilins have a higher resolution, they use more memory that my system is can handle and that is why the camera feed blacks out.
  13. Yes, the direct camera feed has a time/date stamp - when I reboot the Wattbox, that time/date stamp reset. I'm not sure if the cameras get their time/date from the NVR or from each camera itself.
  14. Hi, Is it normal for the camera timestamps to reset after a power outage? After pulling my Wattbox power yesterday to reboot it (see thread below), I noticed that all the camera timestamps reset to some default date. I’m not sure if the camera feeds get their date/time from the camera itself or from the NVR; regardless, though, they keep getting reset with any power outage. Hopefully this won’t be an issue since the Wattbox is connected to the new Wattbox UPS that we just installed, but I’m still curious if this is normal (to reboot the Wattbox last night, I had to disconnect it from the UPS, but it won’t normally be disconnected. Thanks