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  1. That's a 3rd party app, but I'm surprised how polished it is. It's really nice. I'll spring for the in-app purchase to unlock full functionality for sure.
  2. Well, Dan got it done! Was able to set up discrete ON and OFF commands so I can put that OEM remote away. No Smart features yet, but maybe Control4 will release a formal IP driver that will allow that functionality. We tweaked the location of the IR bud slightly as well. Combination of the above plus help/advice from you guys got it done. Thanks again and thank you to Dan - I highly recommend him if you need any remote work done.
  3. I can control the TV with the iOS app, thanks for that link. Seems like a nice, high quality app.
  4. Thanks, I have an iPhone, I will try this app tonight when I'm back home.
  5. Dan is helping me out remotely, so coming out is not an option. In terms of the bud, if it works for turning the TV OFF but doesn't work for turning the TV ON, would that not rule out the possibility of incorrect placement?
  6. Not with this TV. We have a Denon that is used for another TV.
  7. I ran software update before leaving for work and it said my software was up to date, version is T-KTMAKUC-1210.8
  8. I had turned it off when first setting up the TV b/c I had read that, in general, it can cause the screen to appear too dim on some TVs.
  9. No luck tonight with a couple of different IP drivers and with trying to learn the ON command from the OEM remote. Many thanks again to Dan and all of you for the help. Will just stick with two remotes for now, even though that bugs the heck out of me! 😞
  10. Despite my obvious frustration, I do want to take a moment to thank everyone for their help and advice and, of course, Dan for remote-ing in to try and get this figured out.
  11. I'll have to re-enable IP control when I get home since we turned it back off last night to try some of the IR stuff.
  12. We had IP Control enabled in the Expert Settings. Is that app iOS and/or Android? I have an iPhone, if it's iOS I can try it this evening when I get home from work. I appreciate the input from everyone about maybe buying a higher end TV not from Costco, but I'm on a budget and the LG TV failure was, of course, not part of the plan, so this is an unexpected, unplanned expense.
  13. I'm open to learning the ON code if that will allow me to put the OEM remote away and not have to use it. I guess I can do without access to the Smart TV features and the TV menu/settings screen until we can find an IP driver that works. I'll be back home tonight.
  14. Returning the Samsung and buying the LG is not really an option now - too many moving parts involved (getting handy man to come back out and take TV down and install the new TV, etc.).
  15. Thanks but at this point all I want is to not have to use two remotes with this TV. Feels kinda silly having a C4 system but still having to use the original TV remote to turn the TV on. It's weird how the IR blaster is working to turn the TV off with a Room Off command, but not on when a source is turned on. Is there a way to know for sure if an IP driver will ever be released and even if it's released, when this would happen? Of the TVs I was considering (listed in a different thread), only one model actually had a driver in the database. It was the 2018 LG 55" model. The Samsung model I bought is actually an older model, so the fact that there is no driver already in the database leads me to believe there either won't be one or it may be a long wait for C4 to release an official one.