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  1. pinkoos

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    Hadn't heard of Ruckus before but regardless I think we end users are, for the most part, at the mercy of our installers in terms of what they usually and want to install.
  2. I have a question in for my dealer regarding the Wattboxes status lights and safe voltage switch. Looks like the top Wattbox is plugged into the UPS but it's safe voltage switch is off whereas the bottom Wattbox is not plugged into the UPS and it's safe voltage switch is on. See pictures.
  3. pinkoos

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    The WAPs are Araknis 500 series dual band AC access points with OvrC
  4. pinkoos

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    Thanks for the additional info Matt
  5. pinkoos

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    Okay, thanks for your help, I'll follow up with my dealer and see if we can further troubleshoot.
  6. pinkoos

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    Yes, surfing either on the laptops or iPhones can get incredibly slow, with web pages not loading, etc. We didn't have this problem before when the Airport router was in the study, in the rack. The digital picture frame I have keeps dropping off the wifi and has become a dog to try and get it reconnected. Again, no issues with our Airport. There's drywall separating the study from the master and our master bathroom inbetween the study and master. I'll have to find one of those apps for the iPhone and test the signal level but I'm wondering if it will give misleading results, kind of like how the study would speed test just fine (most of the time), but our real world usage was a different story.
  7. So, the new Araknis router that I got installed seems to work great, but I guess I didn't realize that it doesn't have wifi built in. I came from Airport Extreme routers that had wifi, so I just assumed the Araknis does too, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, it's installed in our rack in our "study room" which is where both my wife and I have our laptops and where we spend a lot of time after the kids go to sleep (it's basically a combined study/man cave with a large TV, sectional sofa, etc.). My dealer installed 3 APs throughout the house to blanket it in wifi, but our study is not one of the rooms with an AP. The AP closest to our study is in our "master bedroom" which is right next to the study. That AP supplies the study with wifi, but it's definitely flakey compared to the wifi we had in the study with my old Airport Extreme. I've discussed with my dealer and we've both speed-tested the wifi in the study and, for the most part, it seems great, but every now and then it's not so great (ie, tests turtle slow). But, regardless of the testing, our real world use has been impacted by the less than ideal wifi that we now have in the study. To partially solve the problem, I went ahead and got ethernet adapters for both of our laptops and, now, they're both basically hardwired into the network. But, we have other wifi devices in the study, such as our iPhones, a HomePod, a digital art screen, a multifunction printer, etc. Ethernet is not an option except for maybe the printer. So, what would be the solution to this problem in your guys' opinion? Spend some money on a 4th AP and put that in the study, hardwired directly from the router/switch in the rack? Or, is there some other option I could try? I've got old Airport Expresses that maybe I could hardwire into the router/switch and create/extend a wireless network for the study? Does Airport mix and match with a non-Airport network? Or, I have an old Netgear Range Extender that maybe I could use, though it's not gigabit, it's only fast ethernet. Thanks.
  8. So you're suggesting that my "upper Wattbox" (after moving the Tivo onto it) can just be plugged directly into the UPS and that would be the extent of shifting things around that we would have to do?
  9. The UPS I have is an old Tripp Lite, installed by my original dealer 8 years ago. The battery in it has been replaced once or twice in the interim. I believe this is the one I have: https://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-Line-Interactive-Rackmount-SMART500RT1U/dp/B0002CUA6K
  10. Thanks that's helpful information. My Wattbox model number is WB-700-IPV-12 and I got two of them installed. Here's what's currently connected to each. I wonder if I can have my dealer consolidate mission critical items onto one and have that plugged into the UPS and leave the 2nd Wattbox for the rest of the components and leave that one off the UPS? Upper WattBox Port 1 - Modem Port 2 - Smart PoE Port 3 - Ovrc Hub Port 4 - NVR Port 5 - EMPTY Port 6 - Camera PoE Port 7 - Circle Port 8 - EMPTY Port 9 - HC800 Port 10 - HC300 Port 11 - 24 Port L2 Switch Port 12 - Router Lower WattBox Port 1 - Sonos Port 2 - Denon Receiver Port 3 - EMPTY Port 4 - EMPTY Port 5 - EMPTY Port 6 - Receiver Fan Port 7 - EMPTY Port 8 - EMPTY Port 9 - TiVO Port 10 - C4 AMP Port 11 - Study Apple TV Port 12 - BluRay
  11. Also, I'm not entirely familiar with the purpose the Wattbox serves primarily, but I'm guessing if that the items I listed above are not plugged directly into the Wattbox, then the ability to remotely reboot those items is lost, right? But if you plug everything into the Wattbox and then the Wattbox into the UPS, you regain that ability? If so, is there still a chance that you will overload the UPS?
  12. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I should insist on getting at least the basics connected to the UPS and keep the rest on the Wattboxes. It seems the consistently mentioned items from the replies include: modem, router, switches, main C4 controller, cameras, NVRs, DVRs (like a Tivo). If you plug the Wattbox directly into the UPS, I'm assuming that would overload the UPS when the power goes out?
  13. Just curious what you all have plugged into your rack UPS (if anything at all). In my ongoing upgrade, my dealer has everything plugged into 2 WattBoxes but nothing, I believe, plugged into my UPS. His reasoning behind this is that if items are plugged into the UPS, then the purpose of the WattBox is sort of defeated (ie, remote reboots of different components is my understanding). Since having new hardware installed, we've had 3 power outages (brief) that resulted in the whole rack rebooting since nothing is plugged into the battery backup. And, in our ongoing camera troubleshooting, it seems that the Zuum NVR he has installed reverts back to a year 2033 timestamp each time it loses power. So, it seems to me it would make sense to have the NVR on backup as well as probably all the networking gear (router, switches, POE, etc.). Any thoughts? Thanks
  14. I think they are - they're familiar with C4; they even have a driver for their cameras.
  15. Thanks. He's been working with the company directly to try and troubleshoot as I and Zuum are both in Houston, Texas.