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  1. Swann ( Hikvision OEM ) 5MP IP PoE Bullet or Dome Security Camera 2 Pack - NHD-850 / NHD-851 Swann ( Hikvision OEM ) 5MP IP PoE Bullet or Dome Security Camera 2 Pack - NHD-850 / NHD-851 will these cameras natively work with Control4 ? TIA
  2. Hmm.. I'm running 2.9.1 with communication agent (not intercom license), I can voice in 2 ways but only video one way, so with intercom license it will allow me video both way, is that correct? Can someone please clarify this? Thanks,
  3. Thanks dcovach, I have a few 250 and 800 with intercom license, but the thing is I run hc1000 as main and hesitate to change it to hc800 because most of my drivers license tie to HC1000 MAC. Still in love with the crazy fast speed of hc1000 running solely as director.
  4. As title, I need to buy separate intercom license (not tie to HC or EA controllers). Please PM. Thanks,
  5. I can't find zwave motion sensor driver for Mi Casa Verde (Vera). Any advice ? TIA
  6. c4life

    Amazon Echo Driver!

    Is there any way that I can use alexa driver with 2.5.3 ? Thanks,
  7. Correct, the USB restore/install does not work, if that the case (it got loaded with a wrong factory firmware), is there anyway I can make it run 2.5.3? Thanks,
  8. Hi everyone, I'm trying to hardreset hc-800 by holding the button till the wifi flash, but it's not going back to 2.5.3 (as the little yellow sticker states factory reset will put the system to 2.5.3), but it's still 2.6. Any idea? Thanks,
  9. c4life

    Router Recommendation

    netgear r6300 with dd-wrt. I can remotely turn on/off and remote desktop with any computer with WOL in the house. not sure if others router can do that.