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  1. Rebuild of Home Automation System

    Yeh. WOW. But like would you mind for the sake of mere mortals explaining what particularly you do with all this computer' date=' storage and network gear and how it all fits together. And how you get the most out of it! Cheers [/quote'] 90% of the Storage is Dedicated to Media (60TB) 10% of the Storage is Dedicated to My Virtual Machine Cluster which hosts, Email, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and SQL for my XBMC Installations You can see that the Servers have a Quad Port NIC Connecting into the Network and also a Dual Port On board NIC that is connected between servers, Quad Port is for Data Transfer Across the LAN and Between Servers Dual Port is for the iScsi transport between the servers to the SAS Array which runs my Hosted VMs, this is done to do away with any bottlenecks caused by large file transfers You will also notice that each of the server has a Single Cat 6 cable running from it, this is for Management of the server and allows direct access to the IPMI so i can control power and the systems in case of a hardware failure or software failure. All my Client Houses have Cisco Business grade IOS Routers, Which have VPN Tunnels back to my 'Data center' which I can control from my router. This allows me real time access to their systems, completely bypassing Control4's Remote Access Protocol. All my Devices run a Cisco VPN Client as well which allows me to segment them away from the other parts of the network and only access Control 4, but this also depends on their Security Permissions within Active Directory. I have a Backup 3G Connection which automatically fails over after 3 consecutive failures to bring up my ADSL Connection. On top of this the Cisco 1801 handles all the traffic for the Unmetered 100Mbit / 100Mbit Internet Connection. Due to having a Virtual Environment running, I am able to run the Virtual Cisco Wireless LAN Controller software which allows me to join all my Cisco APs to one large network to provide seem less switching between access points without devices actually having to disconnect from one and connect to another. Basically, The way I setup my Networking for my House, is the same way i set it up for all my Clients. Wireless, VPN.
  2. Rebuild of Home Automation System

    ion systems is still alive and kicking, I Do programming work for a few dealers as well. But I mainly work Full time as a Senior Network Engineer for a Managed Services Company.
  3. Rebuild of Home Automation System

    haha thanks guys. Didn't know it will make people go .. WOW haha
  4. Rebuild of Home Automation System

    Not too bad alan, It has been awhile! How is Recluse treating you ?
  5. If it has recovered Firmware, You will have to re-identify it to the system.
  6. what about recovering the firmware? IIRC, You pull out a battery Press and Hold the Control4 Button and 0 then put the battery back in, when the Keypad starts flashing let go and it will write the replacement Firmware onto it. Then you can re-id it and it will flash new firmware. Or if it returns to 1.7 Firmware you will need to upgrade via Embernet.
  7. http://www.control4.com/documentation/Composer_Pro_User_Guide/configure_system_remote_control_v3,_sr-250.htm Any of that help you?
  8. Rebuild of Home Automation System

    and the customisations I did to the 2.3.0 MyHome App for my Nexus 7
  9. Rebuild of Home Automation System

    Thanks I have Updated the main post with more information
  10. Rebuild of Home Automation System

    hey guys, Thought I'd show off my rack at home. It is still a Work in progress. Hardware: Dell PowerConnect 5348 24 Port Gigabit Switch Cisco 3750-48PS 48 Port PoE FastEthernet Switch Cisco 1841 Router - ADSL + 3G Connection & VPN Cisco 1801 Router - 100Mbit Cable Norco RPC-4224 - 12x SAS 600GB 15K HDD | 12x 2TB HDDs in Raid 6 | Dual 4 Core Intel Xeons | 32GB Ram | Windows Server 2012 | Dual Gigabit for iSCSI | Quad Gigabit for Data Norco RPC-4224 - 24x 2TB HDDs in Raid 6 | Dual 6 Core Xeons | 48GB Ram | Windows Server 2012 running Hyper-V | Dual Gigabit for iSCSI | Quad Gigabit for Data Generic 4RU Case - AMD 6 Core | 16GB Ram | NVidia GTX500 | 4x 256GB SSD Raid 0 | DViCO FusionHDTV 4 | XBMCBuntu Control4 HC1000 Control4 HC300 Control4 Media Controller Denon AVR-3805 (Soon to be Yamaha RX-A2020) - Main Zone + BBQ Area - RS232 Control Integra DTR-6.9 (Soon to be Yamaha RX-A1020) - My Bedroom + Balcony - RS232 Control Aircon Integration Fireplace Integration Wireless System 4x Cisco AP1242G 2x Cisco AP1231G Cisco vWLC Running in Hyper-V