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  1. cannemi

    Control4 and Alexa

    I figured this out. When you are adding a scene to voice scene in C4 you need to make sure you don’t have any action. Once I removed all the actions I was able to discover it then I configured all the actions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So my Alexa has been working great with my C4 but today I wanted to add a voice scene. It adds fine to C4 but when I go to discover devices on Alexa it will not find it, nor does it find it online. Any suggestions or anyone encounter this? I have disabled the C4 automation and re-enabled the skill but no luck. Looks like it will not discover anything new that I add.
  3. There are soooo many options here, all comes down to Budget. My setup is Amcrest Camera's, 8 to be exact and then I have a DROBO for my NAS and I run Blue Iris. All integrates with C4 and is a cheap option for me. Depending on your budget, it will depend on what route you take. If you go Blue Iris, I am happy to share my setup and configs.
  4. Yep, Wiped our the OS and reloaded the entire project was working for about a week then same issue again. Just curios if anyone is expierencing this. The HC800 was rock solid up until this cert update issue
  5. I have a strange issue going on. My HC800 runs as my director and I cannot get any IR/ data (Napster,Spotify) to work correctly. So here is what I have noticed. 1. If I reboot the HC-800 I get NO link light on REBOOT 2. If I run the command killall -9 ioserver the LINK lights comes on immedietly and everythiung will work, except DATA portion such as napster, tunein, spotify, etc. 3. If I run inspector from putty I see this [ FAILED ] verify the MD5 checksums for files owned by package ioserver :: test_package_checksum_ioserver() DNS,IP, HE connections are all working fine so network is good Has anyone else scene or expierenced this type of issue?
  6. I am having same issue and I am on All opinions aside, @RyanE Post said they should have something on Thursday/Friday, pending no issues. Has there been any update since?
  7. I am having same issue and I am on
  8. Is there anyway to get the press and hold to work on C4 remote for apple tv4?
  9. C4-TSMC7-EN-BL 4 Sale with Dock asking $175/OBO. Perfect condition and I will ship for free. /Users/mcannella/Downloads/IMG_4536.JPG /Users/mcannella/Downloads/IMG_5042.JPG
  10. Thanks guys! Forgot about the obvious!
  11. I just upgraded to 2.10.1 and upgrade went well. But now HE is read-only! Has anyone else experienced this. I cannot programming anything in HE due to the fact it says read only
  12. cannemi

    Spectrum 201 DVR driver and IR port question

    I just looked at mine and it says 201-T. Which one did you get? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. cannemi

    Spectrum 201 DVR driver and IR port question

    I just signed up last night and will be testing it today. They use Humax boxes so I am looking also. I will update you if I find anything
  14. cannemi


    It is all stereo. This was working just fine and then all of a sudden just stopped. I have double checked all Wiring connections and RCA connections to matrix.