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  1. I am using Sense to detect all power in my house. After about a month of configs I am able to narrow down what light is on. There is no plugin to C4 that I know of and I don't believe they have open API yet, it is coming
  2. I have a C4-TSMC7-EN that keeps loosing connection to director. Project will load fine on wireless but once the unit goes to sleep or just sits idle for 5 min it brings me right back to CONNECTING.....and just sits on that screen and I have to go through and manual connect to the director everytime. Any suggestions?
  3. I would like to get rid of TWC and Directv once and for all and get just straight Antenna HDTV. I have been looking at HDHOMERUN for DVR. Anyone have recommendations on what to use or the best devices to use? I am looking for something that can integrate with C4 obviously or if I need to even worry about that Thanks
  4. 4 Sale make reasonable offer and it yours 1. (1) Drobo B810n with 16TB of SAS and SSD- This unit is brand new and never turned on. Comes with Disk and power cord. I had to open up box to make sure all disk was there -SOLD 2. (2) USED HC200's with 2.8 on them. 3. (1) USED HC250 with 2.8 on it - SOLD 4. (1) Brand New CardAccess WCS10A-2-ZP Wireless Contact Sensor 5. Epson PRO G6470WU WUXGA 4500LUM NIB - $2200 All is Free USPS shipping and guaranteed NO DOA! MAKE OFFER! For some reason pics are uploading so will be happy to send but everything is in great shape or new
  5. I have a brand new Drobo B810n with 10-14TB 4 sale. Dirt cheap too
  6. Thank you i moved zigbee to 25 and all is working!! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. sorry forgot to mention rebooted it last night
  8. I have noticed some issues with my timers/macros/programming lately and I haven't done any upgrades. I am currently on 2.8.2. For example: I have it set in my HE when my garage door opens turn on the garage lights indoors and when the garage door is closed shut off the lights. This simple type of programming doesn' work. I also have a fountain outside that is setup with a timer and now that timer doesn't come on or off. Lastly, I have a good night macro which shuts down the whole house and I am noticing it isn't cycling through all the tasks as it should. Any suggestions on what to look at or for? Thanks
  9. I have a TSMC7 that keeps dropping off WIFI. Any suggestions, I know it is not wifi in my house but it keeps connecting. Should I reset it? If so is it just a straight reset button. It will just sit at loading UI screen once it connects then it will eventually load project. It will then disconnect and do the same thing. Everytime I pick it up it says Connecting! Suggestions?
  10. Right now i am using plex on Apple TV to stream all my movies but issues i am seeing is it isn't picking up my entire mkv collection. What other apps are out there for c4 or apple that don't require more hardware? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. I am located in wake forest north carolina Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. Great thank you Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. What are requirments to become a c4 dealer? Thanks
  14. Sorry they are all EA1's
  15. Yes Sorry about that I think I have one that is EA3