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  1. Recommendations

    It is all stereo. This was working just fine and then all of a sudden just stopped. I have double checked all Wiring connections and RCA connections to matrix.
  2. Recommendations

    I have one set that is outdoor on my back porch, which I installed about 1 year ago. Everything has been working fine for years until about 6 weeks ago. I do not have any volume controls at all
  3. Recommendations

    So this is now my second niles amp in about 6 years. So they both lastest about 3 years each. I bought the first one and that wouldn't get out of autoprotect so I sent that one in for repair and they ended up not repairing it and sending me a new one. NOw the one that I have, all the left channels are blown on all 6 sets. So if I move the speaker to the left channel none of them work, so I figure has to be the AMP. As of now I have the C4 Audio Matrix. I thought at first it could me the speakers but not in all six rooms. I frequently get power outage, but I have everything protected not sure if that could be a root cause, but if that was the case I would have bigger issues.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good replacement for niles si-1230. This is the second one I have gone through and ready to get something better. I have used it in the past cause it has just worked.
  5. Is anyone using this driver and what functionality does it really offer? Can you display who is on camera at front or any doors? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. That is what I am trying to find out. There is no solid way. Has anyone done it. MY main concern is Nest Camera
  7. Does anyone have any idea when all these will integrate with C4? Do they even have plans to talk to each other? Thanks
  8. Can anyone recommend a good audio matrix that will not break the bank. I am looking to see who has had good success and what brand. I am having several issues with my current one. Also looking for speaker selector I have 8 zones Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Announcment

    43KB and about 6 seconds
  10. I have some announcements that play on a weekly basis and for some reason, they started to cut off around 50% through. So the announcement will play through all speakers but then it just cuts off midway through. Suggestions. I am playing a simple wav file
  11. IP, I believe you can only use IP with GEN4
  12. Is anyone else having issues with the new iOS release 4.2.2 on GEN4 AppleTV. I have one room that is on this update and it is like the unit is possessed. It is almost like a button is pressed and not released. selections hop all around the menu and I cannot select items properly or play anything without if fast forward or rewind. Just curious if anyone else has seen this. Thanks
  13. You can def. connect Blueiris to C4, they have a couple of drivers for it. But Foscam has drivers directly for C4 so no need to use Blue Iris. I just use Blue iris to control the NVR for cameras
  14. You can't go wrong with either one. I use Drobo NAS and then Plex to stream all the movies, works out really well. On the V4 cameras I have mostly FOSCAM and some others but they all intergrate with C4 and I use blue iris to record to the NAS
  15. Energy monitor

    I am using Sense to detect all power in my house. After about a month of configs I am able to narrow down what light is on. There is no plugin to C4 that I know of and I don't believe they have open API yet, it is coming https://sense.com/