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  1. Yep, Wiped our the OS and reloaded the entire project was working for about a week then same issue again. Just curios if anyone is expierencing this. The HC800 was rock solid up until this cert update issue
  2. I have a strange issue going on. My HC800 runs as my director and I cannot get any IR/ data (Napster,Spotify) to work correctly. So here is what I have noticed. 1. If I reboot the HC-800 I get NO link light on REBOOT 2. If I run the command killall -9 ioserver the LINK lights comes on immedietly and everythiung will work, except DATA portion such as napster, tunein, spotify, etc. 3. If I run inspector from putty I see this [ FAILED ] verify the MD5 checksums for files owned by package ioserver :: test_package_checksum_ioserver() DNS,IP, HE connections are all working fine so network is good Has anyone else scene or expierenced this type of issue?
  3. I am having same issue and I am on All opinions aside, @RyanE Post said they should have something on Thursday/Friday, pending no issues. Has there been any update since?
  4. I am having same issue and I am on
  5. Is there anyway to get the press and hold to work on C4 remote for apple tv4?
  6. C4-TSMC7-EN-BL 4 Sale with Dock asking $175/OBO. Perfect condition and I will ship for free. /Users/mcannella/Downloads/IMG_4536.JPG /Users/mcannella/Downloads/IMG_5042.JPG
  7. Thanks guys! Forgot about the obvious!
  8. I just upgraded to 2.10.1 and upgrade went well. But now HE is read-only! Has anyone else experienced this. I cannot programming anything in HE due to the fact it says read only
  9. cannemi

    Spectrum 201 DVR driver and IR port question

    I just looked at mine and it says 201-T. Which one did you get? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. cannemi

    Spectrum 201 DVR driver and IR port question

    I just signed up last night and will be testing it today. They use Humax boxes so I am looking also. I will update you if I find anything
  11. cannemi


    It is all stereo. This was working just fine and then all of a sudden just stopped. I have double checked all Wiring connections and RCA connections to matrix.
  12. cannemi


    I have one set that is outdoor on my back porch, which I installed about 1 year ago. Everything has been working fine for years until about 6 weeks ago. I do not have any volume controls at all
  13. cannemi


    So this is now my second niles amp in about 6 years. So they both lastest about 3 years each. I bought the first one and that wouldn't get out of autoprotect so I sent that one in for repair and they ended up not repairing it and sending me a new one. NOw the one that I have, all the left channels are blown on all 6 sets. So if I move the speaker to the left channel none of them work, so I figure has to be the AMP. As of now I have the C4 Audio Matrix. I thought at first it could me the speakers but not in all six rooms. I frequently get power outage, but I have everything protected not sure if that could be a root cause, but if that was the case I would have bigger issues.
  14. Can anyone recommend a good replacement for niles si-1230. This is the second one I have gone through and ready to get something better. I have used it in the past cause it has just worked.
  15. Is anyone using this driver and what functionality does it really offer? Can you display who is on camera at front or any doors? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk