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  1. Letran

    Anthem D2V 3D Semi Sealed BNIB

    There is a good deal to be had here 🙂
  2. Letran

    Anthem D2V 3D Semi Sealed BNIB

    Pushing the Boundaries The D2v 3D pushes the boundaries on what you expect from music and home theater performance. With the unparalleled flexibility you have to come to expect from Anthem processors, it provides both the versatility and adjustability you need to ale all of your digital video components work together seamlessly. The results are spectacular. Ready for 3D From riding the third dimension on light cycles in the movie Tron, to racing through the 3D jungles of Pandora in Avatar, the movie experience is always better in triple dimensions. 3D video has a different structure than traditional video so it must pass through the A/V processor without being affected. The new Anthem D2v circuit board automatically detects the presence of 3D video and go into passthrough mode as per a source menu option for video output configuration, passing the 3D HDMI signal from a 3D Blu-ray player to a 3D TV at resolutions up to 1080p. For additional convenience, in passthrough mode the output refresh rate is now automatically matched to the source’s frame refresh rate which is useful for sources that output a mix between 24, 50 and 60 Hz. It’s now 3D equipped. Fully featured 7.1-channel audio and video processor, 8 HDMI Inputs and 2 Parallel HDMI outputs with the top four ports (HDMI 1 through 4) and top output (HDMI 1) supporting true bypass sensing 3D inputs automatically, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, PCM 24/192, highest quality 1080p upscaling with 1080p24 compatibility, Anthem Room Correction, premium quality A/D and D/A converters, 24-bit/192 kHz upsampling on all channels in main zone, two stereo zones.
  3. https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/type=av-processor/model=d2v-3d/page=overview New in a box (NOT SEALED) but never used Please PM Offers
  4. Letran

    WTB: Matrix Rack Kit

    i should have one. PM me if interested
  5. I noticed that the new Triad amps have 3 options for powering zones 1 Always ON - I'm scared to use this. Due to issues it caused on the older power amps. 2. 12v Trigger - Turns on all 8 zones when triggered 3. Audio Sense - Only turns on the zones that sensed signal. Is there any advantage between the three or situations why you would choose one over the other. Announcement speeds maybe? It seems to me for efficient energy consumption Audio Sensing is the best choice. I also like the fact that eliminates the need for the trigger wiring.
  6. I like the price. :-) Thanks annex4
  7. CT -Mike, This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the feedback. I will get that Taylor kit, and I'm looking into the BBB method. Sadly, I bought enough of this SpaBoss stuff at least for a few years I'm getting the robes soon, so Terry cloth is suggested The hornet comment is scaring me, it was a big problem for me last year. (it got into my exterior walls) This tub will be sunken under a deck so I wouldn't even see if they are housing down there.
  8. Re: Balboa Wifi Module « Reply #3 on: Today at 04:09:34 PM » Quote Modify wow, does this $%#&# module/app lose connection all the time? I've got it all working one day and now no connection again. grrrr
  9. No I didn't but the dealer told me I could do that in the future if I wanted to. What's the diff? Still new at this. I haven't mastered maintaining the water yet. I was given Lithium & SpaShock from SpaBoss to maintain. I did go to the Jacuzzi store in Vaughan, pretty high pressure sales. I didn't mind them but they didn't have the size that I liked. I think they were telling me they use to be an Arctic store and bashed Arctic left and right. I did like their sauna's though (maybe next year) I did place it as close to the house as possible. I'm building a deck around it this spring. I'm finding out now that I'm using the tub this winter that wind is the enemy. But as you said this non-winter helped a lot. For Control4 integration, its not so much scheduling when not being used. It already actually comes with built in scheduler for filter cycles and High/Low range for when it is not being used. And of course with the Balboa Wifi Module you can even control it from your phone on the fly. I'm not sure what Eric's driver will allow for control but I would find it helpful to know if the tub is on and someone is using it specially late at night, if not - (scheduled) Lights out, Doors locked, Alarm armed. Let's just say we've been locked out of the house in the middle of winter night with nothing more than trunks - no phones either. Home integration would have been helpful, not to mention having one app to control the house and tub is nice but notification fo sho.
  10. I decided on Artesian Spa. I looked at Artic, Hydropool, Beachcomber and many more. I initially wanted to stick with a Canadian mfg, tested in Canadian winters but the features of the Artesian and models they have fit my needs better. (translation the Artesian salesperson was really good). To be honest after looking at so many tubs for so long, they really start to all look the same to me. I even looked at mid range tubs (I'm so glad I didn't go with those) Hopefully Eric will come up with a driver that will integrate the wi-fi module with Control4 Got the court tiles too. Snapsports I feel is really the only way to go. I got the bounce stuff really makes a diff in ball handling. If you need any advice on the court tiles I'll be more than happy to help.
  11. Good to hear from you, Eric. I got my Balboa module connected and up and running in the cloud, waitin for ya. Let me know If I can help, running HC800/2.80 for now I would upgrade if I have too. Feel free to PM me yours is full
  12. So is anyone actually working on a driver? I haven't seen EricScales reply for quite sometime. I would be interested
  13. Find the reset magnet and raise above reset line which is half way in the module it self. I also don't like turning my tub on and off
  14. I also have the Balboa Wifi module. It will only connect once then it registers the SSID to the Balboa cloud service (yearly service) To suggest an alternative to power cycle. I don't know what power cycling the wifi module means to you guys? Does that mean turning off the power for the whole hot tub? I'm always weary in doing that. If you just mean taking power out of just the module only well I haven't investigated in I can do that BUT if you just want to reset the module for connectivity my module comes with a reset magnet which part of the wire that connects it. I just touch the wire above the reset line and the direct connection to the spa will be available again.