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  1. 1n4003 diode, stripe towards the emitter end on both positive wires.
  2. Summary - EA and T3 are the future. HC and V2 series will do it, but for how long before you want this or that feature they may not be able to support? Also, talk to your dealer about how he feels installing and programming used hardware. Step up now and cut something from your wish list, rather than get it all and be left behind, or having to upgrade sooner than you'd like.
  3. It will work, for a while. That while could be many months, or even years. That while will certainly be shorter than if it's in a cooler area. Are you willing to except that shorter life?
  4. Atmos through Matrix Question

    It's implied that the Oppo can direct connect to the receiver for HDMI without needing the matrix? Don't know if it will play nice, and you may need some EDID bandaid as well, but perhaps an HDMI audio embedder, where you take the analog outputs of the Oppo into the embedder with the 2nd HDMI output of the Oppo, and it replaces the DD HDMI audio stream from the Oppo and that gets output to the matrix for the rest of the house? Found this one, I know there's others out there https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-BlackbirdTM-HDMI-Audio-Inserter/dp/B01B5FR7PY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1501078285&sr=8-3&keywords=hdmi+audio+embedder
  5. Outdoor remote options

    Glue a flat magnet to the battery door of the remote. Establish a place inside where the remote is to be put back too, install a window style security sensor (mount under a table, or a recess style, etc,). Have composer check the remote is put back after couple hours, or specific time, play announcement or push notification if it's missing.
  6. Samsung Tv IP Drivers!

    Samsung 40MU7000 Yes, needed update. Got it working fine, but the WAKE on LAN to power on was painful, 10-12 seconds. In the end, I stuck an emitter on it, not worth the hassle or potential service calls/explanation. "Yes I know the Sony's in the house respond instantly, start your coffee, the kitchen TV will turn on in a minute...." yeah, no. (Set is hardwired to same switch as Director.)
  7. Controlling Somfy Motors

    Used it with bug screens another dealer had installed, he had already programmed the Somfy remote that has a channel selection on it, one of the channels he had programmed for all three shades as a group. So I programmed this piece to do that group channel and all three work together. Range is the same as a Somfy remote..... (since it is one). As noted, if you also want 'stop', that's another wire and relay.
  8. Controlling Somfy Motors

    If all you need is open & close of one group, then this piece is dead simple. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HM9QOCA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's a Somfy remote in a box with wires for contact closure, of course you'll need to locate it within range of the shades. It's a lot smaller than the box they include, naked remote circuit board inside, needs 3 wires using 2 relays on a controller (open,close,common). If you also want individual control of each shade, than not the solution for you.
  9. Curious: Is it room aware? If you have multiple thermostats in the house, when controlling temperature, do you have to always say which room to adjust, or if you leave off the room from the command does it assume the room it's in?
  10. LC or SC are just ends, depends on the hardware media converters or switches you pick. http://www.ppc-online.com/blog/fiber-connectors-whats-the-difference JAP or Similar as stated refers to sending video over Ethernet. Simplest setup would use 4 strands of fiber. 2 for traditional ethernet from your house switch to the cabana, and then the other 2 for the JAP, used as a direct connection between two JAP boxes, no switch required since you're not matrixing. So 4 media converters (~$200), 1 JAP encoder, 1 JAP decoder, av equipment as desired, 4 strands of Multimode fiber terminated with LC or SC ends depending on the media converters.
  11. Conduit - Multi Mode 6 strand Fiber - once you've fixed a system that gets hit by lighting/surge from an out building, you'll do nothing else but fiber between buildings. Put a little rack in the cabana: network switch, EA3, audio receiver. Put the video in the house fed through a JAP or similar.
  12. OVRC vs. Bakpak

    Depends on what you need from it. OVRC has been solid other than the one hiccup with servers a couple months ago. Doesn't have every feature, but has a lot, and has great APPS, which other services are missing. I can quickly see components online, access outlets to reboot, check a lot of higher level functions, all from the phone app while waiting in line for lunch. Has user side app for simple client rebooting, good logs, and works with a lot of their products and several other brands (sonos, nuvo, expanded control4) in their latest update (yesterday). And updates roll out regularly lately. Control4 driver for the wattboxx works great.
  13. Relay controlled power

    Several Panamax Surge units have 12volt triggers.
  14. IR controlled relay

    Xantech has always been reliable.... http://www.xantech.com/controls/controllersswitches/controllersswitchers/CC12/