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  1. Curious: Is it room aware? If you have multiple thermostats in the house, when controlling temperature, do you have to always say which room to adjust, or if you leave off the room from the command does it assume the room it's in?
  2. LC or SC are just ends, depends on the hardware media converters or switches you pick. http://www.ppc-online.com/blog/fiber-connectors-whats-the-difference JAP or Similar as stated refers to sending video over Ethernet. Simplest setup would use 4 strands of fiber. 2 for traditional ethernet from your house switch to the cabana, and then the other 2 for the JAP, used as a direct connection between two JAP boxes, no switch required since you're not matrixing. So 4 media converters (~$200), 1 JAP encoder, 1 JAP decoder, av equipment as desired, 4 strands of Multimode fiber terminated with LC or SC ends depending on the media converters.
  3. Conduit - Multi Mode 6 strand Fiber - once you've fixed a system that gets hit by lighting/surge from an out building, you'll do nothing else but fiber between buildings. Put a little rack in the cabana: network switch, EA3, audio receiver. Put the video in the house fed through a JAP or similar.
  4. Depends on what you need from it. OVRC has been solid other than the one hiccup with servers a couple months ago. Doesn't have every feature, but has a lot, and has great APPS, which other services are missing. I can quickly see components online, access outlets to reboot, check a lot of higher level functions, all from the phone app while waiting in line for lunch. Has user side app for simple client rebooting, good logs, and works with a lot of their products and several other brands (sonos, nuvo, expanded control4) in their latest update (yesterday). And updates roll out regularly lately. Control4 driver for the wattboxx works great.
  5. Several Panamax Surge units have 12volt triggers.
  6. Xantech has always been reliable.... http://www.xantech.com/controls/controllersswitches/controllersswitchers/CC12/
  7. @Christopher Spitler Thank you very much for the Meural commands!
  8. Would you be so kind as to post or send me the list of Meural commands? Thanks.
  9. (Don't forget to include Lutron Pico's using a smartbridge pro)
  10. Splice it on the coax.
  11. True Aux switches (hard wired three ways) aren't zigbee, don't count them against your mesh.
  12. original driver didn't have recall code right, might check your driver version against the online database. (I see you said "stop working", but who knows.)
  13. Top TV brands... LG, Sony, Samsung. 2 out of the 3 have good/great IP control, pick one.