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  1. Most towns offer electronics recycling drop off. Best Buy also does recycling, they limit to 50" for flats and under 32" for tubes. Many items are free, others $25, check their site for specifics. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/clp/recycling/pcmcat149900050025.c?id=pcmcat149900050025
  2. RAV: what buttons did you use to activate in the various rooms? Dedicated button on keypad dimmer in bathrooms.
  3. Did one as mentioned, pluged into a C4 outlet or use a C4 light switch on the outlet the pump is plugged into. We setup timers for morning and homecoming. Then buttons to activate when needed on demand. Also since it was a weekend home, tied into the home/away modes, selecting Home also activated pump. And away stopped the timers.
  4. Roll Dog, For client IP Control - use the IP address of the Genie 2 (make a router reservation, DirecTVs are known to be forgetful of static settings) and input the EXACT room name of the client box. Caveats - no IP power control of clients, and no client side 'setup menu' navigation, for that you would still need IR.
  5. Just use a toslink to digital coax converter and use your coax cable, about $20.
  6. The 6700 Sony works great with the 'Free' database driver.
  7. RAV

    12V Trigger Question

    There's an 8 zone amplifier driver in composer, designed for the Control4 108 amp, but can be used with others as well. It provides audio line inputs, endpoints, a contact and a trigger connections. Make your bindings, and amp will be powered as needed. 4 amps: 4 instances of driver, 4 relay connections to controller.
  8. Consider a hybrid. Zigbee keypads per room controlling the main room fixture. Accent, relay, outdoor lighting on panelized. Local fallback, great mesh, clean, cost effective.
  9. (if for lamps, there's the Axxess on cord zigbee dimmer, available through Blackwire)
  10. RAV

    Garage door sensor

    Nyce has a tilt zigbee sensor, if you only need to know state.
  11. An awesome one would be if the control4 status page has an image we could link to.
  12. When level changes - If less than 90 - set level to 100 And something to correct for power outages. Even if you tap to turn off, as it dims down based on ramp time, it will self correct back to on. Add a check variable and you can activate as needed, maybe your doing holiday lights...
  13. You setup the driver for the Epson to have a Macro for power off which would be "off, delay, off
  14. Not true. The HS17 has an Ethernet port of it's own for wired LAN. The C61 4K client boxes use coax. RVU TVs use Coax - Deca - Ehternet Port (you do not appear to be able to do RVU TVs with your own network switch and category cabling, which you could get away with prior Genie) And yes, IP address and Room Name gets you control of clients using existing drivers, with the power off exclusion.