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  1. RAV

    Weather integration

    It's posted on the dealer forum..... Doesn't have the 'warnings' of the earlier driver, they're using a different service based on long/lat. Has outdoor temp which displays as current temp in the Tstat driver, a forecast text (today and tomorrow) scrolls along bottom, and you can use 'set points' for alerting to above and below temps using MODE as user control if to send alerts that were programmed. Humidity, windspeed, wind direction, pressure variables, and a couple others IF the reporting station reports and displayed on 'extras' tab.
  2. Create a specific sales flyer for them to take with explaining how's and why's. First walk they don't care about stuff, just the house. Later they can review and then it's an extra sauce for your house.
  3. RAV

    Binary HDMI Matrix issue

    DirecTV HDMI issue. Try inserting a 2x1 HDMI splitter between Matrix and DirecTV box to help establish HDMI communications properly.
  4. RAV

    IP controlled blu ray

    My point was, that 3 out of 4 of the top vendors are no longer designing new Blu-ray players; Samsung announced, Sony stale, Oppo quit. Maybe 4 out of 4, I don't follow LG
  5. RAV

    IP controlled blu ray

    Q: And the last time Sony introduced a new "Non 4K" blu-ray player was? A: 2016 Just saying, it is what is. They'll produce the current models until people stop buying them.
  6. RAV

    IP controlled blu ray

    To be clear, that's NOT what they said..... they won't be developing any NEW players for the US market. Sure it's writing on the wall, but it's not an exit, yet.
  7. RAV

    Luma IP Cameras/NVR PSA

  8. RAV

    Control4 buys Neeo

    Neeo built a very pretty, stylish and thin remote. My guess, Control4 was designing a new remote, and they couldn't get the style right, and it was cost effective to buy Neeo and have their designers take over the category. I'll await criticism of the product design when it gets released. Regardless, it's a welcome step forward.
  9. Cause they don't sound as good, or have the reliability and HDMI quality as Sony.
  10. I'll back the installer. The Sony's are great. Excellent sound quality, reliable, 5 year warranty, and seamless integration. What features do you feel are missing? No streaming, that's a bring your own, and they do work great with their music connect sense feature.
  11. Wired extenders are best, and both CA1 and EA1 can be POE. Typically EA1s for secondary TV systems, CA1 if no HDMI output, IR or audio is needed, thus cheaper. Don't put your zigbee extender next to your WiFi, and wire for as many locations as is practical, wire is cheap, and between WiFi and Zigbee and who knows what else, you'll find you need more drops than you might think. While zigbee is a mesh unlike traditional wifi, if you wire for it like it's a wifi bubble, then you'll be covered, and typically a minimum of 1 zigbee radio per floor of average size.
  12. Control4 KD120 solves most of what you want to do. https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/wireless-keypads Its a single light dimmer, and adds extra buttons all in a single decora size, the buttons get programmed for whatever you want: single light, group of lights, every light, audio off, etc. For your theater, you could have one KD inside the room for 1 light, one outside the door for another light, and hide 2 control4 dimmers in your equipment closet. Each KD can then be programmed for individual or scenes. Done. Outside KD to ready the room, inside KD to adjust the room. For outside floods, you could wire them all to an attic or close closet or whereever. Then have a KD by each door to do the decorative door landing light, and have a button for front floods, and one for rear floods, or however you want to do it. Keeping in mind Zigbee range and layouts, which your dealer will address with you.
  13. I imagine that is out of the temperature range of the thermostat protocol of Control4. Not sure how you'd view it in Control4 navigator.
  14. RAV

    Apple Watch

    It is known. I've had some luck force quitting the app. Hold the watch side button till shutdown screen appears, hold crown button till app closes. Relaunch app.
  15. Google has a habit of shutting down niche products and services. Helps show clients why not to rely too heavily on IoT products or their ecosystems as they can change on a whim. Mother company's look at a niche division based on revenue, and can end it with the stroke of a pen.