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  1. Monoprice Blackbird 4k HDMI Matrix

    Yup. The first was beginning of May. Tried for a couple of weeks. Worked through their support team (which, unfortunately, weren't much help). Tried to even reach out to the manufacturer (MP had whitelabeled the matrix) and didn't hear back from them. Then, decided it was time to RMA. I was on a tight timeline, so I didn't wait for the RMA to process and replace it. So, I just bought a new one. It acted exactly the same. Worked for about 1 day, proved it was able to send signals across, then mounted it in the rack. Day 2, it was dead. It wouldn't sync up with the receivers. I could see that the device was trying to power (the blue light was blinky) but it would never power up fully and sync with the matrix. Tried 4 different receivers. Tried cat5, cat6 cables. Tried custom built cable, and tried high mono price 1' cables. Nothing. Just a blinky light of the box trying to power itself. Was very frustrating.
  2. Monoprice Blackbird 4k HDMI Matrix

    I did not. I also sent back 2x of the matrix. The first was DOA. Bought a second while the 1st was being RMAed. 2nd was DOA.
  3. I wrote a serial driver for the 15750 switch. If the codes are the same I would share.

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      Thanks, I just blew the thing up somehow, so it's being RMAed.  Will try again when the replacement is delivered.




  4. Is anyone aware of a driver for the Monoprice Blackbird 4k Matrix? (https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15779) It can use IR, Serial, or IP. I looked into the Monoprice drivers posted in the file library, and they don't seem to match the codes for selecting input/output. Scanning my network for the device, it shows as a "Key Digital Systems" assigned MAC address. Looking at Key digital, they also have C4 drivers - however, again, none seem to match (and are all IR/Serial) Anyone have a IP version available? Barring that, a serial version? Cheers, D.
  5. Did the 1.6 upgrade this morning. For those not running on the network appliance, remember to do an 'sudo npm update -g homebridge-control4'. I forgot this step, and was scratching my head for a few minutes trying to figure out why things wouldn't work. Kudos to Joshua on the driver. Love. It.
  6. Is been taken over by MIT. URL is here : http://teach.appinventor.mit.edu/ It works really well. I used to use it to wireframe an app and POC it before handng over to the Dev team to fill it in. Even a non programmer can create apps in minutes. I was able to do some pretty advanced Bluetooth work, including pairing, searching, connecting, etc etc with app inventor. Took a lot of the technical complexities of the underlying system away from the wireframing process. I would never have published an app made with app inventor, but there is no reason it couldn't happen. Thanks D.
  7. Building HTPC

    I give them money, yes. But that $5b ( billion, with a b ) that they cut as royalties to developers has paid for all of it. And the royalties that I pay them to license their IP to sell my other products ( hardware and software that has paid for my kids college. ) is worth it to them. It's a win win - which is what a business relationship should be. But, as you pointed out, the OP was asking about htpc, and I still stick by my raspi. ( knowing the OP is against the apple solution ) Thanks D.
  8. Building HTPC

    Sorry - not buying it. I have: 5 iPhones 3 iPads Umpteen iPods 3 Mac minis 2 laptops 1 ( on order as of today's keynote ) Mac book pro 4 apple tvs. ( gen 1, gen 2, gen 3 ) 0 DVD players 0 bluray players 0 cd players 0 vcrs Every tv has a apple tv behind it. Every computer has its own iTunes account Every computer is authorized with every iTunes account Every computer ( except the mini in the rack has its own local iTunes library ) Mac mini in the rack has its iTunes library stored on a drobo. Every iTunes account is set up to automatically copy all purchases to the rack mini. Rack mini has 100% of all media ( between iTunes match for music, access to all tv shows, and all movies. ) DVDs that are bought by unknowing relatives are immediately ripped with handbrake, and added to local iTunes library, which then automatically syncs to rack mini. From every device, i have access to every apple tv. From every device, I have access to every piece of content ( even ripped ) From every tv, I have access to every piece of content Access is via iPad/iPhone/iPod/laptop/apple tv/sr 250 Music is streamed ( iTunes match ) from the cloud Tv shows are streamed ( iTunes purchases ) from the cloud Movies are streamed internally from the iPads mostly with AirPlay Movies are also streamed from the mini Desktops are streamed via AirPlay Photos are streamed from any device My 4 year old can pick up an iPad, turn on the tv in the family room, and start to stream her favorite movie. My 2 year old can pick up an iPad, start watching Cars 2, and then project it to the tv. ( if the tv is on ) When guests come over, they are joined to our "guest network" and can stream any content they have on their mobiles ( "heard a great new song today - wanna hear it?" 1 double click of a 6 button keypad and their music is streaming to my ceiling speakers ) When guests with kids arrive, and they have their iPads, the same 1 button allows them to project their kids favorite movie while adults visit ( ie have a few beers ) Everything is 100% seamless. There are hiccups every once in a while, I'll admit, but for the amount of effort I don't need t put into this, and the number of times a device needs to be rebooted, I'm happy. I think the point is: its irrelevant -where- the content is stored. Its irrelevant the format it's stored in. What matters is that I have access to it when / where / how I want to watch it. Cloud. Local hdd, rack hdd, iOS device, friends device. It just works. Thanks D.
  9. Building HTPC

    wappinghigh: You seem to know everything apple should be doing.., I suggest you call them. Email them. Suggest to them via enhancement requests. And send unsolicited ideas to them. Don't rest until they listen to you. Just so I don't have to listen to your knowing better any longer, I'll even put in the effort for you: Phone number: +1.408.996.1010 Email: tim@apple.com Address: 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA, USA 95014 Enhancement requests: bugreporter.apple.com Unsolicited ideas: http://www.apple.com/legal/policies/ideas.html If these don't work, there is a tonne of contact details here: http://www.apple.com/contact/ Start at the top, and work your way down the list. There has to be someone in apple that shares your vision that their corporate and consumer media strategy is 180 degrees off the mark. And, if any of those don't work, there are 15 job openings in apple corporate in Australia, including 3 iTunes interns - affect change from the inside. Http://jobs.apple.com Now, if any of these don't work, may I suggest that you refrain from trying to tell them you know better in every 2nd post. Thanks in advance D. Edited to add URL to jobs board.
  10. Building HTPC

    Raspberry PI. $25 and one of the prebuilt images is XBMC. Awesome videos of the raspi doing XBMC. So cheap you can put them behind every tv. Ethernet attached to be able to stream from a NAS. IP controllable. Very cool. http://www.raspbmc.com/
  11. IPv6

    MAC doesn't have to be. It's convention to encode, but just like natting the entire address space, hosts can choose to nat their true MAC address in the v6 space. No one outside the SPA needs to know anything about the MAC ( same as it is now ~= subnet ) Apple supports this with Lion and above. You can specify whether you want your PHY encoded, or just make one up. Right from the OS, and transparent to users. Sorry, you lost me completely on this one. You said "Go ask apple if iPhones and iPads support IPv6". I answered yes. What does that have to do with devs and paying 99 to be part of the Dev program. The physical and iOS platform support v6. They have for years. Devs using apple's discovery tools ( such as bonjour and service discovery ), and not caring about the network will use v6 seamlessly. Dev don't even know its happening. It's there, it's supported, and it works like a charm. Thanks D.
  12. IPv6

    Last I delved into this, ii had come tomthe conclusion it was actually easier with ipv6. The combination of TLAs as well as NLAs make it so that the routing becomes easier. I don't have the problem wherein a standard class c address spaces has been so chopped up, that 1/2 it's address space is in Toronto, and the other 1/2 is in Afganistan. Try doing geo location reverse lookups on class Cs that have been split with a /30 mask. Very, very, very innefficient. With v6, I can look at just the first few bytes and throw the packet to "roughly" where it needs to go, and then have the network figure it out to the next degree of accuracy. ( yes, I know that I can only route to my closest peer, and not throw a packet to the other side of the world - but think about it - I have two egress points - weighting of the routes can now be done by simply looking at the tla header - more efficient ) Works fine. It has since iOS 4.2. ( been supported for over 2 years ) Thanks D.
  13. Yes, they used to be. Then, they dropped the word "Computer" from their name 4 years ago. A conscious decision, and one that was met with almost 0 resistance by shareholders. Now they are much more than just computers. Because they paid the licensing fee. They decided that the cost was one that their business model could bear, and thus pay apple for the privilege. I was in Cupertino several years ago, and had the head developer of the app store, iTunes, and the manager of support all sitting beside me working out a problem we had come across when we were launching our hardware / software platform. A somewhat similar question came up in conversation, and the consensus around the table was that everything is available for a price. Apple makes a ton of cash licensing its ip. I pay them quarterly for the ability to license their IP, and thus sell my product. It's a model I was willing to invest in, and one that has had great returns ( in my case ) If you want to license the IP, there are many folks at Apple that I'm sure would be willing to take your money. Thanks D.
  14. Although I somewhat agree with your post, I have to call out this statement. There are two ways that apple actually do have a NAS 1) Airport Extreme (or Express) with a large HDD attached via the USB port. Shareable via AFP. You can mount the drives and store whatever you want on them. This hits the home market. 2) XSan. It has the capability of terabytes attached. Any Mac Server can then serve up any and all of the SAN via SMB, AFP, NFS So, yes, there is a plug and play NAS for consumers, or professionals. Does it do all the cool things a Sinology does? Nope. But does it allow network attached storage? Yup. Thanks D.
  15. Um, water may flow in a different direction down the drain, and seasons may be reversed, and you see the southern cross while we see the north star... But, doesn't matter where you are on earth, the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. I think Dan said his house faces east, so in the evening the back is bright ( thus the west )