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  1. looking forward to it! Will this be a free upgrade for existing users?
  2. Its not possible on the new T3 TS
  3. Thanks!! Didn't even know they had an APP.
  4. Thats exactly what I was seeing. Except my processors are at 39% Yea, I wouldn't run out and upgrade your PC yet, I am running a dual Xeon® E5-2620 v4 server on Window server 2016. I seem to be having the issue again, choppy in C4. Even the pay version of the driver has the same issue. Definitely an issue with the driver. I can install drivers for the cameras and they work perfect, its just through the blue iris driver that is the issue. Again, blue iris app works perfect.
  5. After testing again with the newest update, I am having the same issue. The blue iris app works as expected without issue, but on C4 it is choppy. Reboot of the server fixed it.
  6. How long is the run to the remote sensor and why type of wire did you use?
  7. You have to have a snappy processor to run blue iris. They recommend i7.
  8. The APs need to be Unifi APs at the minimum, to use the cloud service or a cloud key. The edge router lite is not part of the unifi system.
  9. It sounds like yours are not true dumb RGBW lights. The ones from @jackstone are true dumb RGBW lights, they have 6 wires, 2 for 24volts dc power (that can be daisy chained between multiple lights), and the other 4 are RGBW signal wires to go to your DMX decoder.
  10. I guess it depends on what color you are looking to use. These are RBGW and when you have all the channels on, they are really bright!
  11. @txfanatic yes. They are pretty bright. It also depends on how tall your tree is. I have one lighting up my 18 foot saguaro cacti in green only and it is bright enough.
  12. I don't blame the driver at all, I think it is a limitation of the C4 hardware/software.
  13. Got it working. Had to uncheck the "Secure Only" under web server->advanced section.
  14. I tried this last year (keep in mind it was the version 1 driver) and it worked ok, but not consistent. It did fade but as the controller would get loaded up, the fade would be somewhat random in length. If you are looking for a simple fade between a few colors, the driver will definitely do it. Just use the DMX effect driver and set all the parameters within the driver and you are good to go. I started with that setup for my holiday lights, but moved on to xLights. I just have a C4 relay switch the DMX between C4 and my computer at a set date/time, then have xLights run my show. C4 then switches it back at the end of the night.
  15. I finally moved over to blue iris for my cameras but I have having an issue getting it to view the live feed. I installed the driver, got it to connect to Blue Iris and login without issue, I just can't get the cameras to display. I am running BI 4.5, any ideas? I tried the houselogix driver, and the C4 driver with the same results.