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  1. Does anyone know if I can use an ecobee 4 and a remote sensor as the only input for the ecobee? What I want to do is replace my existing C4 therms with ecobees. My current C4 therms are mounted in the laundry room with remote wired sensors as the only input to the C4 therm. I just don't know if that is possible with ecobee 4. I want to keep them all in the laundry room but mount remote wireless sensors so the laundry room temperature doesn't affect the ecobees. I hope I didn't confuse things with my way of thinking.
  2. Ah, thanks! I missed that one.
  3. Anyone else having issue with the chowmain image uploader? I am getting the following error in two different projects: <html> <head><title>500 Internal Server Error</title></head> <body bgcolor="white"> <center><h1>500 Internal Server Error</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)</center> </body> </html>
  4. Dr HDMI solved all my EDID issues.
  5. Anyone have any issue with blue iris driver and the T3 video stream being scrambled? I checked the resolution on the web server settings in blue iris and it is 1280x720. The strange this is, it displays just fine on the EA5 and iPhone, but not the two T3s I have.
  6. cybuch

    MyMovies and C4

    I have been running MyMovies4 in two locations without issue for ~5 years. I will not be updating to version 5, if this is what I can expect.
  7. cybuch

    2.10.5 Release

    eh, an update to the dimmer module, relay module, and the gateway, more reliable, blah, blah, blah. I would have really like to see a Fan speed controller module. Now that would have been great! I have to install 5 or 6 fan speed controllers near the penalized lighting to control all the fans, seems like a no brainer! They could have made it half din and controller 4 fans, just add more for more fans.
  8. C4 does an average job of camera integration. The native blue iris app for my cameras is much better than the C4 app. The C4 camera refresh is the biggest issue for me, so slow! The only reason I integrate my cameras with C4 is for the still shot screen flip on the T3s, other than that, I use the blue iris app.
  9. Yes, those are the loose plastic coating. Most of the day they are exposed to direct AZ sunlight.
  10. Here is what the water proof wrapped ones look like after 2 years, compared to the silicone after 3 years, granted the silicone ones are a year older, but they still look new.
  11. Anyone know of a driver for the My Observer Thermostats?
  12. Thanks! They are all in motion with a pixel controller. I started with the ones you use and mine only lasted a few months in the sun and water, when it did rain here. But these ones in the silicone jacket are spot on!
  13. Yea, I know what you mean, I had to custom cut mine as well but reused the connectors to connect them together.
  14. I use these, except I went with pixels, instead of dumb RGB on my pool fence, but the same outer shield, they won't discolor or get water in them. The come with water proof connections and you can order pigtails for them as well. I have these permanently installed in my backyard for the past 2 years in Arizona without issue. Here is a picture of random colors around my pool and wall. http://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-LED-Strip-12v-30-LEDs-per-Meter-Waterproof-p/59-wp.htm
  15. I can't seem to get pushsafer to work at all. I registered and entered the Private key but I can't get it to send a notification. I tested it with and email with my Privatekey@pushsafer.com and that works no problem. Here is what I am trying: