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  1. cybuch

    Front Porch Light

    sounds like you might be re-tripping your camera motion sensor when the lights go back down to 50%, then they ramp back to 100% because the camera detected motion. Just a thought. You could add another timer that is 5 minutes and 10 seconds to start when it detects motion, once the 5 minute timer expires and the camera detects motion, if the 2nd timer is running, do nothing. Hope this helps.
  2. cybuch

    Control4 Dimmers versus Lutron

    100% agree! Way better fit and finish, by far!
  3. cybuch

    SR250 Repair

    Running the batteries dead will sometime corrupt the old 250s, have two that have done that.
  4. cybuch

    OS 2.10 Update Glitch?

    Had the exact same issue, I had to do a factory restore and then update it.
  5. Looks like I am a bit behind, 1.8.2
  6. HAHA, right....This is the perfect time for me to upgrade as well!
  7. cybuch

    Long Distance Motion Sensor?

    I use beam sensors for this, but have to run a wire all the way out there.
  8. Thats what I was leaning toward, thanks for the replies!
  9. I don't even get events to work
  10. So my Dune HD Base 3D died and I need to replace it, was thinking of replacing with a 4K unit. I do watch 3D MKV movies all the time with ATMOS, so I need to keep that. What is everyone using? OPPO? Dune 4K SOLO? Any recommendations?
  11. @jackstone sent you a PM
  12. wait for it, it will work for a bit and then go back to sluggish...you will see the clock in the display and it will skip a few seconds at a time
  13. Yea, I had the same issue, that driver is very slow. When cameras finally show up, it only updates every few seconds (at best). There is something wrong with that driver. I switched to using the Blue Iris mobile app, works perfect every time!
  14. 2 - I was running 150 per strip and ran 5 end to end. I power injected at the beginning of strip 1, between strip 2 & 3, and at the end of strip 5. The end of strip 5 was 250 feet from the DMX decoder. You will need to inject at least this much with those strips or you will have dimming and color inconsistencies.
  15. Yes, you have to uncheck the “Secure Only” setting in web server under the advanced section.