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  1. cidle323

    FS: EA-1, SR-250-260, FPD,

    PM sent
  2. cidle323

    FS: EA-1, SR-250-260, FPD,

    Added EA-5 and KP from reno
  3. cidle323

    WTB: EA1 + SR260 Remote

    PM Sent
  4. cidle323

    WTB: EA3/EA5 and SR260

    PM Sent
  5. Just added Jan 10th: Ea-5 on 2.10.5 $1200 sold EA-3 on 2.10.5 sold! EA-1 on 2.10.5 KC120277 configurable keypad $110 sold! ADP Dimmer $110, all sold! FPD dimmer $70 LOZ 5D1 outlet dimmer X2 Keypad dimmer $125 sold! SR260 remote with charger SR250 remote, battery version Contro4 HC800-BL-1 on 2.10.5 sold C4-Therm-WH sold Pricing are in USD, Plus shipping PM for details, reasonable offers considered!
  6. cidle323

    EA-3 for sale

  7. cidle323

    EA-3 for sale

    Up for sale, pulled from a working system. $600 Includes: power cord, 2 antennas and relay block
  8. cidle323

    Shades again

    No issues with this combo as well. Have you tried the Domo Sapiens Somfy Generic RTS and DCT driver by chance? I am curious if this actually improves the blinds position/status "this driver set uses an elaborate timing model to maintain at all times an estimated view of the status and position of each blind"
  9. cidle323

    WTB: Used ea3

    PM Sent
  10. cidle323

    WTB: SR-260

    PM sent
  11. cidle323

    HC800 Antennas

    OEM style: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Control4-C4-Antennas-x2/113220287672?hash=item1a5c747cb8:g:EKIAAOSwswVaz-k3
  12. cidle323

    WTB White T3 portable panel UK

    PM sent
  13. cidle323

    WTB: Yale lock modules

    PM Sent