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  1. cidle323

    Baseboard Heater & C4 Therm

    As Pbir mentioned above and yes it is just one part, makes for an easy swap. Just be sure to order the correct range of wattage to match your baseboard heater.
  2. cidle323

    Baseboard Heater & C4 Therm

    I went with this route, when Sinope just came out, now they have Zigbee models. https://www.sinopetech.com/en/product-category/products/heating-en/line-voltage-thermostat-en/
  3. I didnt install the patch and mine no longer works either, assume its more than a issue with the patch. Also Installed Older versions, which dont work anymore either...
  4. cidle323


    Deleted sold items
  5. cidle323


    Updated, thanks!
  6. cidle323


    Replied and updated add
  7. cidle323


    Up for sale; reasonably priced? Best reasonable offer takes it, thanks so far and again everyone $100 each used APD dimmers in white $70 each used FPD dimmers in white $75 each two Z2IR units (BNIB) PM me if interested in anything, Buyer pays shipping to either USA and Canada Up for sale locally as well.
  8. cidle323

    Control4 compatible plug socket

    One licence per project
  9. cidle323

    FS: EA-1 Z2IR SR-250 sold

    Had a few requests to seperate controllers, updated as requested
  10. cidle323

    FS: EA-1 Z2IR SR-250 sold

    Invoice sent
  11. cidle323

    Dimmer Repair - wires too short

    Picture1) a soldering gun and a solder sucker will do the trick. Picture 2) looks like rivets too me, have to drill them out. I would file a Paypal dispute, item not as described and get my cash back. Either way good luck
  12. cidle323

    Dimmable Window Film

    The smarttint show use on aircraft, Vimeo video as well. Cool stuff, looking for UV film myself https://vimeo.com/88090790
  13. cidle323

    SR250 Repair

    You have a valid point there