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  1. cidle323

    WTB: EA3/EA5 and SR260

    PM Sent
  2. Ea-5 up for sale with rack ears, pulled from a working system on 2.10.5 $1250 US plus ship. Sold! C4-DIN-8DIM-E $500 plus ship PM for details, reasonable offers considered!
  3. cidle323

    EA-3 for sale

  4. cidle323

    EA-3 for sale

    Up for sale, pulled from a working system. $600 Includes: power cord, 2 antennas and relay block
  5. cidle323

    Shades again

    No issues with this combo as well. Have you tried the Domo Sapiens Somfy Generic RTS and DCT driver by chance? I am curious if this actually improves the blinds position/status "this driver set uses an elaborate timing model to maintain at all times an estimated view of the status and position of each blind"
  6. cidle323

    WTB: Used ea3

    PM Sent
  7. cidle323

    WTB: SR-260

    PM sent
  8. cidle323

    HC800 Antennas

    OEM style: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Control4-C4-Antennas-x2/113220287672?hash=item1a5c747cb8:g:EKIAAOSwswVaz-k3
  9. cidle323

    WTB White T3 portable panel UK

    PM sent
  10. cidle323

    WTB: Yale lock modules

    PM Sent
  11. cidle323

    Baseboard Heater & C4 Therm

    As Pbir mentioned above and yes it is just one part, makes for an easy swap. Just be sure to order the correct range of wattage to match your baseboard heater.
  12. cidle323

    Baseboard Heater & C4 Therm

    I went with this route, when Sinope just came out, now they have Zigbee models. https://www.sinopetech.com/en/product-category/products/heating-en/line-voltage-thermostat-en/
  13. I didnt install the patch and mine no longer works either, assume its more than a issue with the patch. Also Installed Older versions, which dont work anymore either...
  14. cidle323


    Deleted sold items