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  1. cidle323

    Control4 compatible plug socket

    One licence per project
  2. cidle323

    FS: EA-1 Z2IR SR-250 updated

    Had a few requests to seperate controllers, updated as requested
  3. cidle323

    FS: EA-1 Z2IR SR-250 updated

    Invoice sent
  4. All in used condition; EA-1 with one Sr-250 remote and 2 IR buds $250 (wifi antenna, never used so was misplaced) Two BNIB CardAccess Z2IR $75 each One unit on Composer 2.10 but was never used Two SR-250 remotes $60 each Can Ship within Canada or the US at buyers expense PM or message Item added, deleted as sold
  5. cidle323

    Dimmer Repair - wires too short

    Picture1) a soldering gun and a solder sucker will do the trick. Picture 2) looks like rivets too me, have to drill them out. I would file a Paypal dispute, item not as described and get my cash back. Either way good luck
  6. cidle323

    Dimmable Window Film

    The smarttint show use on aircraft, Vimeo video as well. Cool stuff, looking for UV film myself https://vimeo.com/88090790
  7. cidle323

    SR250 Repair

    You have a valid point there
  8. cidle323

    SR250 Repair

    ^ correct! I gently use plastic automotive panel removal tools. Those clips are a PITA
  9. cidle323

    SR250 Repair

    I have had good luck cleaning the back side of the rubber buttons and the contact area on the circuit board with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol on my SR-250 remote, mini remotes and garage fobs.. Find the black rubber soils the contact area PITA but worked for me
  10. on Domosapiens site now, http://dev.domosapiens.ca/index.php/2015/03/10/sinope-thermostat/
  11. cidle323

    2.6 Issues after upgrade

    Up completion of 2.6 update, needed to update obsolete Tunein driver. Option to do so popped up in window
  12. cidle323

    2.6 now available?

    Android and PC yes! No longer able to Update Embernet devices in 2.6
  13. cidle323

    WTB: cardaccess Z2IR

    Looking for a Z2IR Cardaccess unit (Z2IR10A-ZP), please advise if you have one up for sale! Cheers
  14. cidle323

    More Stuff I Need to Sell

    PM sent