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  1. No kidding. Really, @c44me better to worry about unsolicited e-mail you have no way of stopping than this trivial thing.
  2. Don't see a 4K / HDCP 2.2 version, and besides hopefully shouldn't need another device once I get everything sorted out.
  3. Thanks, I grabbed a discount.
  4. I thought everybody just used their phones instead of touchscreens anyway
  5. Its working now but has had reliability issues in the past. Please try being more descriptive with your topic headings or post in existing topics. There is already a thread people post in when they have trouble. Search on "followme" if you tried to search maybe that is why you didn't find anything.
  6. Which switch did you get from Monoprice and did you integrate it into Control4?
  7. Ok, a little ahead of schedule I have a bunch of 4K / UHD HDMI sources and still not enough inputs on a Raidance Pro. So I need to replace my iOGEAR 8x1 HDMI switch. I need HDCP 2.2 and UHD, and preferably HDR support. I need at least IR for remote control so I can integrate it into Control4. Anybody have any good luck with anything? Perhaps the Blackbird ones from Monoprice?
  8. @THEORY offers an ESI driver. No idea if it works with your model. http://www.theoryav.com/category/control4/
  9. Still might be able to avoid that, I got some new information from Jim Peterson: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/37-video-processors/2172017-new-lumagen-radiance-pro-series-40.html#post50636337 Might help somebody else, when I dig into this I'll post back and let everybody know if any of that works for me.
  10. My first attempt at this simply forced my custom button that power cycled the Radiance Pro at power up of the projector. Somehow, that did an endless loop of power cycles, so that got deleted quickly. Anybody else have anything before I resort to editing drivers?
  11. I thought Amazon pretty much locked down the voice control to their own devices, so the open source versions have to have a button pressed to receive input. This seems to get around that somehow...
  12. But that's only if you have a variety of devices that you all want to have the same timer options, right? You need a different instance for every variation in options, don't you? I wanted bedroom closets different than other closets, so I used multiple instances. Also from the examples you listed of different devices they would all have multiple instances I believe...
  13. Ok, seeing some other posts that lead me towards a driver edit that will include a 1-2 sec delay in power on, but that doesn't seem very elegant either...and only works on drivers I can edit like the Lumagen...if it doesn't end up being the issue then I would still be stuck.