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  1. You said "whatever you want". If people are going this route and you take that literally, they are going to run into a lot of crap somebody recorded in a theater. They think everything is going to be like the screeners that leaked last year but then they find out...
  2. Except the post earlier in the thread says that Sonos "will grow the API to better meet needs". They could still see the error of their ways, but even if they do, the providers still have to play along.
  3. I assume you mean as favorites, and what I'm saying if even if the Sonos API/driver evolves to offer more functionality integrating with HA, there is no guarantee it will be back to the level of integration Beats had with the old Sonos driver. This is because Apple may still limit functionality (which was Cyknights' point)
  4. Ok, well then use Apple Music as an example. Beats worked fine, but during the rebranding to Apple Music somehow it was necessary to break integration with Control4? And even if the Sonos API evolves, no guarantee that is coming back.
  5. Ok, just to be clear, now that I have the SmartThings hub, I need the Alan's IFTTT driver for this to integrate, correct?
  6. Do you mean "days away" from releasing the driver to beta or general release?
  7. Its a good spot for previous gen switches/dimmers.
  8. Service has been down for my entire family since evening of Jan. 10, or perhaps morning of January 11 since there probably wasn't any triggers late on January 10. Nobody will authenticate. Anybody else?
  9. Sent a PM. Sorry haven't been on the forum for a few days, hopefully its not too late to beta.
  10. The _server_ on an Apple TV? I don't think that is possible...but there is the Plex Cloud server option...and yes I think Alan's driver will work with almost anything that Plex runs on. Not sure though, as I am just getting into Plex.
  11. That particular model has a surge mode for high usage periods (large families getting ready at same time, etc). You can put that mode on a timer. And I would consider tying it in to geofencing, alarm, etc to turn it off/down when I am away from the house. Or combine stuff and realize no reason for surge mode if only two people in the house, etc. Not sure it is worth the extra cost but this model has been on sale before. I guess some can get rebates too, but not in IL that I can tell. I've got solar so want to leverage that as much as possible, at this point I should be able to time turning up the tank temperature to when the sun is blasting, but Control4 / Eragy haven't bothered to facilitate that yet.
  12. Anybody used GE Geospring Hybrid Water Heater? It has IFTTT control, so I assume it can integrate with Control4. I'm at the point I might be replacing my tank. I've been fighting my Navien tankless for years (mostly based on poor installation), and about ready to throw in the towel on that side of things.
  13. @pstuart another thread is pushing towards SmartThings as a good geofencing solution, but not wanting to throw money away if your opinion of the platform hasn't improved. Any update?
  14. Pretty sure this is not Axxess Industries that sells Control4 gear...