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  1. turls

    Dish Network vs DirecTV?

    Actually, there is a "30SKIP" hack to do instantaneous 30-second skip on DirecTV. Google it if anybody interested. That being said, DirecTV is legacy and anybody risking jumping on satellite now, should probably go with Dish unless there sports programming sways the decision one way or the other.
  2. turls

    C4 Switch Energy Monitoring

    lol, some plumbing company is called "My Eragy". This used to be Control4's domain. Can't believe they let it die. (Found this when going through LastPass browser security checks) https://www.myeragy.com/ But, the app is still working on my Flash touchscreen...
  3. turls

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Between my ongoing system issues, and my lack of time, I'm just now verifying that even when I have the newest driver loaded...2.9.195, there is no "DIMMER" command available in the driver which prevents me from doing the region change (using a chip add-on) through Control4, as a reminder here is a copy and paste of my previous post: the sequence is DIMMER , DIMMER , DIMMER , MUTE , (1,2, or 3) for Region A, B, or C, then a power cycle. Do I still have an issue and "DIMMER" is supposed to be an available command? There is a huge list of commands available but that critical one is missing. There are multiple commands for MUTE including on, off, and toggle so hopefully I'm good there at least.
  4. turls

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Interested to know this as well, a new beta driver for Oppo 20x was just released so it isn't a dead product--yet...of course I am not sure if anything at this point needs a driver update as major changes may not be coming from Oppo...
  5. Usually see a Chowmain sale, but nothing posted? Did I miss it?
  6. I'm reading that as since I have a weather station and provide data to WU, I should be able to still access my own data. But it's a month away and they haven't finalized that.
  7. This post is from 2012. Part of the problem with these Panny iOS apps is that they didn't update them so they won't work on newer iOS versions. That being said, Control4 IP control should still work but serial is a better choice for robustness.
  8. So this thing hasn't connected successfully since August 24--from the looks here it has not for others either. Time to finally delete it from the project? I had put it off even though I have SmartThings and the IFTTT driver from ChowMain but it seems to be as inconsistent as any other solution I have tried. And no I haven't dug into it, as I am dreaming this should be a set it and forget it ... Don't forget to Nuke the "Synapse System Manager" as well.
  9. turls

    Apple TV OS 12

    The update screen on Apple TV right after you complete the update prominently mentions Control4 compatibility. That being said, I'm not sure we should expect a new driver as the exiting one seems to be fine...
  10. turls

    Water Leak Detection

    Haven't really looked at the new ones, but FloLogic not being able to be turned back on remotely is a pain if there is a false alarm.
  11. I'm trying to wrap my head around your advice...why would you create double (I assume you mean duplicate) scenes? Just for the names for ease of use with Alexa? I'm trying to avoid too much renaming for just Alexa in general..I don't trust those renames to persist through lots of tweaking / updates / resets / etc.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I don't use timers. I check and see if a room is in use, and if it isn't, I automatically select the Echo Dot hooked into the audio matrix as the source for the room. I do a check to make sure each room that I previously turned on still has the Echo Dot as a source when it stops sensing audio. If it is, I turn that room off. This accomplishes not disrupting a room that already has another source playing, and also will not turn off any rooms that have switched to another source since the Echo Dot started playing.
  13. Everything this driver does (I used it for years) is available natively in 2.10 now IIRC.
  14. turls


    YMMV toady when I went through the automated attendant and said I was cancelling, first human I talked to gave me the same offer I've gotten the past few years. I think the same happened last time too (only had to talk to one person). I was getting tired of having to call every six months because subs (2 vehicles) weren't co-terminated, but now they are only a few days apart. Not great I don't get an extra discount for multiple vehicles, but two streams and sets of favorites do come in handy, especially for C4.
  15. turls


    FYI, in the US you shouldn't be paying more than $120/yr or $50/6 mos. (plus royalties and taxes) if you have SiriusXM. This is for "All Access" which includes all their content including streaming for your mobile or Control4 ("Select" is a limited package). Call in close to renewal and threaten to cancel if you aren't getting this price.