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  1. HDMI distribution

    What I'm saying is the prices are going to keep rising the more people cut the cord. People might be lulled into just not getting as much or as quality of content, but others may decide to go back to the cord. And the ones that never had Cable TV subs still have the wire going into their house, for the most part.
  2. And speaking of that, I force edited the project long and lat just to give that a kick. Didn't mention that troubleshooting step. And I have various other C4 drivers that do use data I choose, and they all are updating fine. Tired of seeing static temp on every Navigator screen, which has been solid for me since 2011, and I see very little discussion of issues here or on dealer forums. Search terms may be an issue as the terms are pretty generic though.
  3. HDMI distribution

    Cord Cutting is being driven by a lot of venture capital and companies making big bets. Over time it is going to be a less and less attractive option for many reasons. Somebody has to pay for the content.
  4. Just revisiting this and deciding I really need to switch to serial--but I need to be removing the HC300s from my project... In any case, I think everything else in your post was covered, but you don't want IR. Only going to give you one way comm.
  5. My Navigator displays on my legacy Flash Touchscreens are stuck on 21 degrees F (it is much warmer lately). This also shows that same temp on the 4Store app. The forecast looks fine on 4Store weather, just current temp is wrong and has been for days. Rebooting TS, even a full Director reboot hasn't helped. My understanding is that this data is pulled from a web API from weather.com (or maybe wunderground.com). All my local weather from other sources look fine. Ideas? This is on version 2.9.1.
  6. IP control of TVs and AVRs

    Even if a device has IP control, you can't always count on it being reliable. It shouldn't be a make or break purchase decision.
  7. I got the license error, got past that, but now it says all my devices are offline. When at most one of them is. The normal trick to kick the iTunes account doesn't work. Anybody else?
  8. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Mine turned out to be a wiring issue, its working on wired now. Thanks.
  9. These are commercial. They have battery backup.
  10. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    I had to manually update this driver, and it was on quite a newer level. Is there any trick to getting the auto-update to work? Also, as far as the Oppo 203 is concerned, has anybody had any trouble getting it to work on a wired network? I've just left it on wireless, as it works, but I figured there was some type of firmware glitch and at this point, firmware updates have slowed down so I need to get serious about determining if I have a hardware issue or not...
  11. The driver is working the same as it ever has for me (which is intermittently). If the trick of adding a space to the password and then delete the extra space, then save it doesn't work, not sure what to tell you. What pisses me off is I was lead to believe how great SmartThings works for presence vs this solution, and this definitely has not been the case for me. FollowMe still works worlds better than SmartThings...
  12. Control4 Matrix Switches

    I think it is unfortunate the Control4 matrix solutions don't support HDR. But on the other hand, not much of a difference between 1080 and 4k is marketing-speak. Lots of variables there. On a large screen or up-close, there is a huge difference. And HDR is a moving target, format war mess.
  13. I would think they would be making a big deal out of that if it was the case. But I'm not at CEDIA, so...
  14. OS 2.10 Features

    I didn't realize the 300's were that old. I guess the 250's only came out about a year and a half after I had my 300's. I should have been more proactive at those prices. Luckily I think I can move almost everything to my 800 in my main rack and may be able to get by without replacing the 300 in my theater closet rack.
  15. OS 2.10 Features

    When did you get that? Not seeing that as a recent price point. Try around twice that. Probably going to go up now.