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  1. Look for previous Rachio threads for ideas. In my case, I use FloLogic. If I don't have two-way integration with my sprinkler system, so FloLogic doesn't know a sprinkler running longer than a set time isn't a leak, its a big problem. Another good thing to do is when an audio zone is active, make sure sprinklers don't come on.
  2. No kidding. You aren't going to want to pay to even get it up and going, just rip it all out and eBay it. Threads like this are pointless.
  3. ban them. Obviously trying to get a post count up.
  4. I had a Harmony before Logitech bought them and used them for probably 10 years. Its a decent solution, but I'm taking exception with somebody praising a market cap of a company who almost dropped this product line fairly recently--like the Harmony line is a core product of theirs or something.
  5. Logitech Harmony? Are you serious? The brand almost disappeared just a few years back.
  6. My bad, didn't realize they added that...I see what you're saying though.
  7. C4 ought to at least add Touch ID on iOS. Its a free API. Can't be that hard. Not that it would prevent this but its kind of a checkbox item to me. Allow it to be turned off if not used.
  8. Old topic, but I just went through yet another sewage ejection pump failure and my water sensors were late to notify... http://www.sumptest.com/
  9. No idea, its a legacy driver at this point and not sure how much information you can find.
  10. You might still be able to go to training.
  11. The old serial driver from RecluseAV worked before I switched to a newer driver. It would be an option to check on at least.
  12. Great products, and great support.
  13. I know, but the thread is about a switch -- apples to oranges.
  14. Ok, but lets make sure we know if we are talking matrix instead of switch the price goes up exponentially.
  15. No kidding. Really, @c44me better to worry about unsolicited e-mail you have no way of stopping than this trivial thing.