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  1. I'm trying to wrap my head around your advice...why would you create double (I assume you mean duplicate) scenes? Just for the names for ease of use with Alexa? I'm trying to avoid too much renaming for just Alexa in general..I don't trust those renames to persist through lots of tweaking / updates / resets / etc.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I don't use timers. I check and see if a room is in use, and if it isn't, I automatically select the Echo Dot hooked into the audio matrix as the source for the room. I do a check to make sure each room that I previously turned on still has the Echo Dot as a source when it stops sensing audio. If it is, I turn that room off. This accomplishes not disrupting a room that already has another source playing, and also will not turn off any rooms that have switched to another source since the Echo Dot started playing.
  3. Everything this driver does (I used it for years) is available natively in 2.10 now IIRC.
  4. turls


    YMMV toady when I went through the automated attendant and said I was cancelling, first human I talked to gave me the same offer I've gotten the past few years. I think the same happened last time too (only had to talk to one person). I was getting tired of having to call every six months because subs (2 vehicles) weren't co-terminated, but now they are only a few days apart. Not great I don't get an extra discount for multiple vehicles, but two streams and sets of favorites do come in handy, especially for C4.
  5. turls


    FYI, in the US you shouldn't be paying more than $120/yr or $50/6 mos. (plus royalties and taxes) if you have SiriusXM. This is for "All Access" which includes all their content including streaming for your mobile or Control4 ("Select" is a limited package). Call in close to renewal and threaten to cancel if you aren't getting this price.
  6. According to the documentation there is a limit of 1 stream per login. If this is working for you I'm not sure how long it will be supported.
  7. turls

    Leak Detection

    Why do you want integration into security and Control4? Just a couple of reasons. Override during sprinkler use. Different levels of leak detection (from the ones that monitor flow) depending on if you are at home or not. If I'm at home, 30 minutes is ok. If I'm not, if water is running for 2 minutes, I might want it turned off. Lot of difference in damage between 2 minutes and 30 minutes.
  8. turls

    houselogix client MAC address

    But you'll have to involve Houselogix to get the MAC address changed first, I think. And don't expect them to be responsive through the Houselogix portal. Maybe they respond at SnapAV.
  9. Because Flologic requires different programming whether the relay is on or off. With just getting a state change, no way to know for sure which way it is. And I have 8 zones changing state very close to each other so overlap could be an issue. Maybe simple for you seasoned programmers but I'm still a novice compared to some of you guys... I actually found something in the Rachio driver that may work for me, you can program on if all zones are off. So I'm going to give that a shot first.
  10. Ok, doesn't seem foolproof with a lot of state changes among the different zones so close together, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
  11. Still not seeing enough to work with. Checked that previously.
  12. Ok, but can you explain why you say you have on and off triggers and all I see (in the screenshot) is selected? I'm not wrapping my mind around using "selected" to achieve my programming.
  13. Ok, I need to make sure we are on the same page here. If I do a search in Composer on "sprinkler", the only two options that come up that are valid: relaysingle_sprinklers_c4.c4i (dated 2005) timer_sprinkler.c4z (dated 2016) Is there another one besides those? Because your page currently says: "The Rachio Driver for Control4 also fully compatible with Control4’s new Sprinkler Experience Button and standard sprinkler relay drivers." I included an image of all I have for the Sprinkler timer (Experience button) programming options. Sorry I'm sure I'm missing something...
  14. I've got both in the project, but all my programming was based on the old drivers. If I'm supposed to use the newer, drivers, I don't see any on / off programming on them. Just selected, and timer variables. If I need to open a ticket I can...