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  1. TuneIn Down?

    Tunein back up. Thanks C4...
  2. TuneIn Down?

    Interesting. I might have to sell some of my older equipment.
  3. TuneIn Down?

    The way I understand if you have Napster your Tunein will not work. if you don’t use Napster then your Tunein would work but can’t have both on 2.9.1. If it’s something different please let us know. I don’t want to have my older equipment turn into bricks so I don’t want to upgrade at this time.
  4. TuneIn Down?

    It’s my understanding if you have Napster you won’t get Tunein if on 2.9.1. will see how this works out I really liked Tunein.
  5. TuneIn Down?

    Rebooting did not help for us. Napster is working...
  6. TuneIn Down?

    My Tunein still not working. Anyone still having this issue or know if C4 will be correcting the issue.
  7. TuneIn Down?

    I hope a patch gets sent to fix this issue. Hope we don’t have to pay for a service call since it was working. Will see how it plays out...
  8. TuneIn Down?

    Same for our system Tunein not working so I hope they find a fix... on 2.9.1
  9. Transfer

    Well the fun starts in a couple weeks... Closed on Crown Point house Friday... Theater area seems nice. Projector is Procision DLA-X500RBU. All I could see on screen is screen research THX ISF. The speakers in the house are RBH. Not familiar with these.
  10. Transfer

    We have multiple controllers. Living area 300 Sitting room 300 Basement theater area 800 Master 200 1.Kid room 200 2.Kid room 300 Will be taking lots of pictures but shouldn't be to bad. They are leaving all speakers and equipment but I'm taking all my James speakers and equipment and changing as needed...
  11. Transfer

    Well been very busy but finally got excepted offer for home in the Crown Point Indiana area. looks like Internet service will be Xfinity. Now the fun begins. Have not taken anything apart on Ohio end. Hopefully close the first week in July. I might be getting to old for this...
  12. Transfer

    One good thing have not installed lighting. Not sure room names will change but deal with that on other end. Thought Ohio was last stop. Just another adventure... Sixth move a charm.
  13. Transfer

    We have our own Router. So just mark everything and should be good to go. Thanks really appreciate it.
  14. Transfer

    Getting ready to move and taking everything with us. Can I set everything up and get working even if we switch cable providers? Can all changes be done remote or will tech need to be onsite? Just trying to figure out what we will need to do. Thanks...
  15. WTB: Speakerpoint

    What is your budget?