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  1. What is your budget?
  2. Yes, all hooked up and saved $40. Now I hope they don't raise price after a year. HaHa
  3. Thanks, should be good then... looking forward to the bump from 50/5 to 100/10 and a cheaper bill...
  4. Has anyone made the change from Time Warner to Spectrum cable boxes? Getting ready to change and was wondering if the codes are are the same or will dealer have to make some changes? I'm guessing no changes needed.
  5. Agree, I also think the enclosure is a must on what you choose. That's why we use James. Well they sound great too. 😀😀😀 Triad Inwall would be great from what I have read and that looks like what you are looking at. I think you have some great suggestions. Good luck on your decision and happy listening...
  6. We use James Inwall and have a couple of the James Powerpipes...
  7. Thanks, all working great again. You don't realize how much you use until it's broke...
  8. I know speaker points only have 2.5.3 but since controller is on 2.8.2 all will work fine correct?
  9. Paul, are they getting any closer to a resolution. It's a disaster on Napster...
  10. It's a mess. Thanks for updating us. We have not been notified either.
  11. Thanks.
  12. Quick question does this Pioneer receiver have a C4 driver.
  13. Thanks Cyknight... well I decided to go ahead with the Luxul and this thing has great range and my speed is off the chart. On our 5G before 15/5 now 61/6. The Asus must have had series issues. Hope last longer than the 2 1/2 years due to price...
  14. Asus router is acting up. looking at the luxul XWR-1750. Does this integrate well with C4? It looks like this router is $400. This is a lot more than the Asus but then again it's acting up. Any thoughts on this router?
  15. Was just going to comment. Thought I was loosing it. went to download and it's gone... Told daughter to delete and reload it was gone oops...