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  1. Pulsing Receiver

    I guess depending on what context. but I'm guessing its describing how to increase VOLUME via pulse. In the Programming section
  2. Bullfrog Spa - Balboa Wifi Driver Beta

    Following this thread. VERY INTERESTED I do own a Spa with Balboa Wifi Module If I can help, please let me know.
  3. Apple Watch integration

    I'm an android wear guy, but I'm quite certain that Tag Heuer Connected watch goes both ways: IOS & Android Wear "Naturally, as the Tag Heuer Connected runs Android Wear, it's compatible with all Android smartphones. But as it runs the latest version of the operating system, it's also compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8.2 or higher."
  4. WTB White Switch Change Plates Gen 1

    Ive got a couple but they are ivory
  5. Wtb speaker point

    What price is right? i have one available
  6. Control4 Items For SALE

    Baldwin Smart Lock (Lifetime Polished Brass) BNIB Card Access Doorbell and Phone Event Package BNIB NYCE Control 4-Button Keyfob BNIB NEW - Wireless Contact Relay ZCA-WCS10-R-ZP NEW - MTS Table Kit 1 White, 1 Black NEW - 10-Button Keypad (Almond) NEW - Line Power Adapter for Card Access WMS10 Motion sensors NEW - Legacy Single, Double Gang Plates (Various Colours) NEW - Speakerpoint Ethernet & Wireless NEW - XM Tuner for Control4 Multi-Tuner Radio USED - Wireless Music Bridge USED - 2-Button Legacy keypad USED - 3.8 Mini Touch Screen USED - Audio Matrix Switch V2 USED - 8-Zone Matrix Amplifier USED - 4-Zone Matrix Amplifier USED - HC300C (2) Available USED - HC1000v3 USED - 1st GEN 7" Touchscreen (2 Available) USED - 1st GEN Wireless Portable 7" Touchscreen (2 Available) USED - 3 Kwikset Zigbee Modules Let me know if I can package deal them for you. For everyone's convenience my direct email
  7. Wtb: Yale yrd220 zigbee module

    I've got three that I never used. PM Me
  8. Wanted: C4 Amp

    It would be about 3 to 4 years old I would imagine I think there was only ever one kind/type of the 4-zone amp, but I can get the model number for you. In terms of price, I've been out of the loop for awhile what is FMP?
  9. Wanted: C4 Amp

    It was attached to the spare bedroom, garage, washroom etc rooms that are barely used. As I was typing I'm realizing you are looking for just the amp. This is a 4-zone Amp matrix Sorry
  10. Wanted: C4 Amp

    I've got one to spare
  11. Warnings for abusive behavior

    I don't know how you get a negative point or warning. But it takes courage and humility to admit that you were wrong I gave you a plus for that Cheers,
  12. DSC drivers for new security proxy

    IF you have a currently working IT100 DSC driver in the 2.81 OS, is it really worth upgrading to the 230 or the 280 with the adapters power or not powered. Will it actually add more functionality or just a shiny new GUI?
  13. I have a Control4 zigbee Kwikset module but i'm not sure if they could be switched to work. Whereabouts are you?
  14. Patio Heaters

    Hey, what patio heaters are these? propane? Nat gas. Please specify model. I would be needing some but i didn't think they could be integrated. Thanks
  15. blueray with ip control

    It's model specific so just check prior to buying