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  1. That's what I figured. The cloud services are not in the navigator choices so it seems a connection is missing but I can't figure out what.
  2. I want to add a secondary controller in a remote location in the home. I'm running an EA5 primary and an EA3 for the secondary. I have an audio matrix and amp in that remote location connected to the output of the EA3 Do I need to add new cloud services for that remote EA or can I share the cloud services already in the project? There is no physical connection, other than network, to the primary controller or the matrix switch in the rack. I'm curious if the primary controller will handle the remote controller as an added audio output. Currently, I do not see any of the cloud services in the project in that room (remote location)
  3. I have a DTS digital audio stream coming from a TV going into a receiver for surround. I have a splitter tied into the digital output of the TV one side going to the receiver and the other side going to a DTS to analog converter. The analog is going to an input on a Triad Matrix. I'm trying to figure out how to set this up in composer. The TV driver is not editable so I cant add an analog output. I tried adding a Houselogix converter but the TV is still not showing up in the list of audio devices. I assume this is a common scenario these days. How is it being addressed? Thanks Barry Segal
  4. On a Samsung UN24H4500, the only driver is for both IR and Serial. Allegedly, the driver will operate on either serial or IR depending on how it's bound. The driver works with the exception of the Smart Hub. When the command is executed, the TV will not respond. It works fine with the factory remote. I tried to edit the driver but the "edit driver" button is greyed out. Looked for an IR only driver with n luck. Any suggestions?
  5. Thank you! Shall I use a standard coax splitter?
  6. On a new Q series Samsung TV, there's only a single optical audio output. This is connected to a toslink to Coax converter running back to a Denon AVR-X3200W DVD digital input. The audio output from the TV is Dolby Digital (DTS). I need to get an analog audio signal back to the Audio Matrix Switch so the audio from the TV can be broadcast throughout the house. The receiver will not decode DTS to its analog outputs. It can only decode 2 channel digital. (PCM). I don't want to change the output on the TV to PCM because I'll lose the surround sound. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Thanks!
  7. Would anyone know how to adjust a remote sensor on a V2 Thermostat? It can't be done through composer as the older one used to. I know you can adjust the internal sensor through the setup menu directly in the thermostat but don't see one for a remote sensor adjustment. Thanks Barry
  8. Ryan, I actually got it to work. I turned off the IP control let it sit over night and tried it again the following day. Oddly, it worked but I don't know why. Strange. Thank you all the same! Barry S
  9. I'm in NY and Expert settings are there. However the choices are "mobile on/off" and "IPv6". Mobile is on but IPv6 is not configured.
  10. I'm installing a new Samsung QF7 TV for which C4 now has an IP driver. I set up a static IP address on the TV, verified the connection to the network and placed the IP address in the connections section of Composer. I entered the Mac Address in the configuration section but when I attempt to Pair the TV to C4, I get no connection. I've followed the instructions to the letter. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  11. indwind

    Join Rooms With any Source

    Matt, Thanks you! Worked like a charm!
  12. Would anyone know the best practice to join rooms together based on whatever is playing in the source room? I don't want to just apply this to a specific device. Thanks.
  13. I've got several WCS10 Contact sensors in a project. They were purpose installed to transmit temperature to the C4 virtual thermostat thus display on the clients UI. This works perfectly. However, does anyone know of a driver that will close a contact for low and high temperature parameters for this? I see them for Z-Wave devices but none for the Card Access sensors. I'm looking to set up programming for low and high temp in certain rooms. I know I can program variables based on temperature but it would be easier to have a driver with high and low thresholds.
  14. I'd like to program one of the keypad dimmer buttons in the bathroom to join whatever audio source is playing in the master bedroom. I'm assuming this will be done through a media scene and choosing those two rooms. I'm just unclear what programming and or conditionals will be required to accomplish this. I know how to choose a particular source or playlist, I'm just unclear how to choose whatever is playing in the bedroom. Any suggestions? Thanks.