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  1. Matt, Thanks you! Worked like a charm!
  2. Would anyone know the best practice to join rooms together based on whatever is playing in the source room? I don't want to just apply this to a specific device. Thanks.
  3. I've got several WCS10 Contact sensors in a project. They were purpose installed to transmit temperature to the C4 virtual thermostat thus display on the clients UI. This works perfectly. However, does anyone know of a driver that will close a contact for low and high temperature parameters for this? I see them for Z-Wave devices but none for the Card Access sensors. I'm looking to set up programming for low and high temp in certain rooms. I know I can program variables based on temperature but it would be easier to have a driver with high and low thresholds.
  4. I'd like to program one of the keypad dimmer buttons in the bathroom to join whatever audio source is playing in the master bedroom. I'm assuming this will be done through a media scene and choosing those two rooms. I'm just unclear what programming and or conditionals will be required to accomplish this. I know how to choose a particular source or playlist, I'm just unclear how to choose whatever is playing in the bedroom. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. I can easily pull an output from the matrix to the HC-800. I didnt think of that. Thank you very much!
  6. Can an HC-250 connected via wired ethernet perform as a remote input to a 4 channel amp? I have a pool house I would like to set up with 4 zones of speakers. I already have wired network out there but not able to run the speaker wires back to the rack in the main house. So what I'd like to do is place an HC-250 in the pool house and tie that output into a 4 zone matrix amp. I'm hoping to be able to pull any music source I currently have in the rack back to that HC-250. The main controller is an HC-800 and I'm running 2.8. Will this work?
  7. Thank you for the tips. Which driver would be used for this?
  8. I have an HC-800 and plugged in an eSata drive. I can't seem to get it to connect. It's a 2 TB drive, I formatted it for FAT32 and have no problem connecting to it when plugged into my computer. Any suggestions? I read the KB article on this subject and it seems to read that it would be plug and play. Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. I see there's a driver available for Speco ONSIP IP Cameras but I have a customer that has 10 of them with a Hybrid DVR. (16 IP and 16 analog). Does anyone have a driver for that DVR? The model is a D24GS. Spec sheet is attached. Or, would anyone know if an existing driver from another brand would work? Thanks
  10. Does anyone have a recommendation on an outdoor rated wireless motion sensor? Seem to be having difficulty finding one.
  11. Uncheck automatic firmware upgrade. This is a known issue.
  12. I have a C4 8 channel amp version 3. One complete channel will not work and another only plays one speaker. All else works. Anyone else experience anything like this?
  13. I'm looking for (2) wireless music bridges. Can anyone quote me?
  14. thanks again but I'm not clear on this. If I unbind the relay physically connected to the opener, how would this work?