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    Thank You

    As a hands on end-user I have had some serious hiccups in Control4 integration on my project. I wanted to take some time to thank a couple of the stand up community members here who have taken some time to lend a hand. Cyknight - Simply put - Super duper helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating considering the time zone difference. AVleadtech - Simply put - the man with a plan, always available on short notice for a call and quick assistance. Neil12011 - Complexly put - stand up fellow willing to answer some questions. Incredibly knowledgeable who also has a kick ass avatar. Godzilla - Cause he threatened to attack my integration project with the ferocity of a mythical beast with some proper solutions. Now that I'm starting to get the hang of composer, I'm looking forward to consulting with these and others integrators to bring the "cool/ kick ass" features to my project. Keep the ideas coming people and thank you to all thus far.
  2. So it seems I'm having a similar issue... The 300 on my system is not registering anywhere in my project. The link light is dim... the power light is solid and the network ports do show some activity. What do I do?
  3. ceeeelo

    Little project

    Nice stuff there!
  4. Ah... I dig it. Thank you for the help and suggestion SMHarman.
  5. ceeeelo

    Help needed...

    I appreciate all those who reached out. Thank you very very much.
  6. ceeeelo

    Help needed...

    Looking for a remote integrator for assitance with a driver. I am looking for the Wemo driver from EV. If someone can PM a price and perhaps have a chat around some other questions, that would be great. - cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Is that bad? I don't have an EV acct... I'm not a dealer... How else would I get the driver? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Ignore? Why that? Was there some sort of violation of code on my part? Only reason I ask is because another dealer on this site told me to ask as something popped up and suggested I ask...
  9. Tried Pushover as its was an attractive option... wow. Very cool thus far. Thanks peoples. Next item I'm looking for is a driver to let me use my Wemo (http://www.extravegetables.com/products/belkin-wemo) via Control4. Can someone here hook me up?
  10. How might I get my hand on said driver Godzilla? BTW... how is your movie doing in theaters (lol?)
  11. How about a nifty solution to keep all the email alerts from Control 4 which get via sent to my mobile via some sort or exchange server to always come from the same email address instead of some randomly generated email by AT&T (does that even make sense?).
  12. Thanks msgreef for the swift response! It looks like I'll be on the hunt for one of those soon enough. C4-IOX-E-B = the way to go to keep it all Control 4 goodness.
  13. Next issue is IR ports... I've used up 6 of the IR plug spots on my HC 800... yet I have another 6 devices to control via IR (a couple more televisions, some audio equipment and random devices) How do I move forward? Any suggestions?
  14. ceeeelo


    Suddenly my integrator pops up. Issue solved. Thanks for the response gents.
  15. Thats a good deal... jump on it.