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  1. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    Second of all, you shouldn't infer tone where none exist. Also, I didn't modify the quote. I quoted you. Read carefully.
  2. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    It's what you WROTE. You can't argue with that.
  3. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    That actually WAS what you were asking, and I answered directly to what you were asking.
  4. C4 Leaf 4k Matrix Switch

    The 2 extender kits from Control4 only vary on distance. 230 ft on the Lite, 330 ft on the Full. They both do 4K.
  5. No. On the dealer forums, this was reported as a bug.
  6. EA1 replacing an HC250?

    You're trying to use the HC200 as an example to show the EA-1 should support other controls, yet at release, the HC-200 could not either. Later software upgrades opened it up. History does not support the use of the HC200 to support your point.
  7. EA1 replacing an HC250?

    At one point, the HC-200 could NOT be a multi-room controller. Also, the EA-3 replaced the HC-250 which replaced the HC-200. The EA-1 is not the replacement for the HC-250/200, the EA-3 is.
  8. EA1 replacing an HC250?

    No, HC-300 as a primary controller of any system was capped at 2.5.3.
  9. Update to the newest 2.10.0 build. 542686
  10. C4 2.10

    Do the 8-10-year-old power supplies die frequently on a device that stays powered on constantly? Yes. That's basically expected behavior, in my opinion. Just order the new replacement power supply if it goes out. It's on these forums frequently.
  11. All off for a Room not reliable

    Advanced Lighting scenes are executed by a single command on the ZigBee mesh. "Execute scene 66" for example. Each light knows and remembers its place in that scene. Way more reliable than macros (not to mention the ability to toggle, sense states, ramp, flash...).
  12. EA5 and HC800 Relays

    Relays don't provide power. They are switches, they are either open or closed. They can pass through the rated voltage. Contacts are sensors. They do provide power, to power up a motion sensor, for example. Relay = outputs for controlling something. Contacts = inputs for sensing something.
  13. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    This thread:
  14. Somfy RTS Shades don't respond

    2 conductors are not enough for RS232.