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  1. Information on wiring the aux keypad is included with every dimmer/switch in the diagrams included in the box.
  2. You need to add a motorization driver to represent the relay output and then connect that driver to the relay output in connections. Something like the "Relay" driver in My Drivers.
  3. programming tab > right side of programming page (actions) > panel whatever commands are available to send to your panel will be there.
  4. The EA controllers cannot be installed on a 172.18.x.x subnet. They use that address range internally. This is in the installation guides for the controllers.
  5. This is not a "Security Issue". This is a parenting issue.
  6. I have purchased a Pi Zero from this site before - Reasonable prices and shipping costs. If they're actually in stock is another matter.
  7. You're using the mymovies driver, which is different than c4's media scanning for movies.
  8. Again, to clarify. There are 2 services that can run on a controller: zserver and zap. You can see them in System Manager. A ZigBee mesh requires a ZServer and a ZAP Coordinator. "ZAP Coordinator" is just a role that the primary ZAP runs in the mesh. When you first create the mesh, it asks you to select the controller for ZServer and ZAP Coordinator (usually do them on the same controller). You'll see in the status field in Composer that the ZAP status is 'Coordinator'. Any additionals ZAPs will show a status of 'Enabled'. ZigBee mesh on one controller = ZServer + ZAP Coordinator. ZigBee mesh on multiple controllers = ZServer + ZAP Coordinator + additional ZAPs if needed. Don't add in additional ZAPs unless you need the coverage or you have more than 50 devices per ZAP.
  9. Well, it would make more sense if you called it by the right name. It's the ZAP Coordinator, not ZigBee Coordinator. It's a ZAP too, but it's the 'master' ZAP. Really, it's just the first ZAP. In fact, in a one controller installation, ALL you have is ZigBee Server and ZAP Coordinator on the one controller. You cannot have a C4 ZigBee network without the ZAP Coordinator.
  10. No, a dealer only has access to systems listed under his dealer account. If a customer unchecks the box to allow remote access, no one has access to their system remotely. If you need service, check the box, let him in, then un-check it after.
  11. This is exactly how every company operates. You have a way to opt out of communications.
  12. This is the page he's talking about when the account was created.
  13. Google doesn't want to dominate home automation, Google wants to sell advertising through its channels. Google has no desire to make a ZigBee Access Point when it can make Google Home and simply interface with a ZAP.
  14. Control4 doesn't need ports forwarded. DON'T FORWARD PORTS. I'm on Comcast with their router and my system works perfectly. Try to disable SIG ALG.