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  1. 2.10 Considerations

    On EA controllers, yes.
  2. If you have enough programming to where copy and paste would make a significant increase in programming speed, use macros.
  3. Time Display

    With Composer HE, I believe it can be done. (requires a license) Your dealer can do it, maybe even remotely. There's a command line option for it, but it's pretty advanced.
  4. Zigbee question

  5. Unsupported audio HELP please

    PCM is stereo (2-channel) audio. It's ruling out any surround sound audio encoding in the audio coming from the device. Something in your video path does not support passing surround sound audio formats.
  6. "Control4 needs to move its technology forward, but not my Control4 project".
  7. The When >> Then feature is actually hosted on the controller. Control4 uses the remote access feature to forward the interface to the 4Sight portal in your browser. As a technician, you can access When >> Then from the local web interface of the controller.
  8. Firmware version 2.10

    Your dealer knows your project best. He's the expert on it, not me. Personally, I wouldn't update anything larger than my apartment remotely.
  9. Firmware version 2.10

    That's up to the dealer. It's a large update so being on site is very prudent.
  10. LED bulbs

    Those sound like wireless outlet DIMMERS. Wireless outlet switches would shut off completely, just fine. The LED bulbs you had in there were not meeting the minimum load rating on them. These dimmers still pass a small amount of current, even when off. Being under the minimum load means the bulbs are still trying to activate with the trickle current, but there's not enough current to fully turn on. Bulbs that pull a heavier load to meet the minimum load req., as stated above, will help. The LED bulbs MUST also be dimmable, or you risk damage.
  11. I don't see an option for that either. You could some programming on the other button presses with logic and MAYBE approximate that event. If button 1 is pressed >>start (restart) 20 second timer >>set variable to true (repeat for each button) If usercode 1 is entered >>set variable to false >>other programming when timer expires >>if variable is true >>>>(this would be the incorrect code event, send notification or whatever here)