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  1. This has existed for years and years... at least back to 1.6.
  2. You can use the epic driver, but on the echo setup, you have to give is a US, UK, or Germany location. It won't work with a Canada location. That means certain built-in capabilities of the Echo won't work like "alexa, what is the weather at home?" You would have to ask what is the weather at a specific city. Using the Echo outside a supported territory is also technically a contradiction of the terms of service. No corporation will encourage you to break another's (especially an official partner) terms of service, thus C4 tech support won't tell you to do this. My point is: of course, TS didn't tell you how to do this. It's against Amazon's terms of service.
  3. Fine, it was a little unclear. Your response is off-topic. Post is about Canada. Why doesn't C4 tech support provide detailed instructions on how to use Alexa in Canada? Echo isn't supported in Canada.
  4. also because c4 doesn't endorse using products where and when they aren't supported. echo products are only supported in the US.
  5. The EA-1 supports 1080p, the HC-800 is limited to 720p. That's not a big deal for the content being displayed, the C4 UI.
  6. You get it from any controller. The stream on the EA-1s is just HDMI, but if that matrix is an HDMI matrix, that will work.
  7. The media database is likely not compatible. Open virtual director 2.2.x and load the project with media, it should try to convert it. Then make a new backup file and load that one on the controller.
  8. Yes, Heos has better integration than Sonos for Amazon Music. Neither offers full browsing.
  9. Just to add information for whoever might use it, the HTC 10 can do this without root. HTC baked in some software on the OS level to be able to airplay.
  10. Those changes already affect Amazon Music through Sonos (with old UPnP driver). Amazon Music through HEOS is limited. No full browsing, only AM favorites and a few other things, but that's better than only doing Sonos favorites.
  11. Very... few... people actually enjoy building these sorts of systems themselves. I know this forum is an echo chamber for that exact group, but it's still true. The number of customers I've seen who've even expressed interest in Composer HE is 1. Every single other one prefers that we do it for them. There's several other DIY solutions if your primary goal is to HAVE FUN. That is not Control4's primary goal or purpose. That is not what is driving Control4's growth and success in the market.
  12. This a completely useless comparison. Windows requires a ton of useless overhead for an automation system. C4's custom linux distribution doesn't require tons of useless overhead, thus a processor (order of magnitude) weaker (I doubt this math), can probably do the job BETTER. This approach has been tried before and has failed. Go look up Lifeware.
  13. And higher-tier dealerships have to maintain some level 2 certified technicians (requires online training and testing). I don't remember exactly which tier, preferred or silver of gold etc., requires that.
  14. No, you can't. A restore stick will NEVER work on an HC-800. EVER.
  15. Then there is other programming in the system causing this. This test proved that the remote itself is sending signals correctly, because it triggered the programming to turn on the lights. The fact that another action happened means that there is other programming in the system. Check when the video source changes in the room. Check the remote properties page in system design and see if the watch button has an action. There's something else in play here.