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  1. thegreatheed

    List of Equipment

    And vastly better audio quality in the Triad gear.
  2. thegreatheed

    List of Equipment

    An EA-5 will only distribute to 5 sessions/groups of zones. To distribute to more zones, you use an audio matrix. Your system will almost guaranteed need more inputs than just C4 audio. The EA-5 would allow 5 different sessions, distributed over many zones with an audio switch. So, you could have 10 rooms listening to one stream, and another 5 on another stream, another 5 on another stream, etc. If you have 24 zones of speakers, you have to have some sort of matrix to do the switching. An EA-3 only has 3 streams, so, it could still handle 24 rooms with an audio switch, but that would limit the number of unique sessions to 3.
  3. thegreatheed

    Z-wave and CA-1

    you can't make drivers for z-wave devices. control4 only supports the ones they've built.
  4. thegreatheed

    DS2 intercom prob- TS too

    Identifying them by IP address certainly wasn't the fix, so, since you haven't found the culprit, you can't rule anything out. The FACT remains that issues with SDDP are usually caused by the network. FACT. I'm not troubleshooting your network or your system, it's a FACT that issues with SDDP (which is a multicast-dependent protocol) are usually caused by the network. If you knew that, you would have known that identifying a device by IP address isn't a fix, it's a bandaid for network issues. And just because your Pakedge gear didn't change, that doesn't rule out a network issue. So, keep ruling out things you haven't ruled out. I don't care, it's not my project. Or, you could take someone's comment and try to use it and not dismiss it.
  5. thegreatheed

    DS2 intercom prob- TS too

    You obviously have something else happening in your system, and you're lucking into things working better, not fixing issues. Issues with SDDP usually means a network which isn't handling multicasts well.
  6. thegreatheed

    DS2 intercom prob- TS too

    Why would you ever ID devices another way... ... ...?!?!
  7. thegreatheed

    HDMI De-Embedder and Control4 EA1

    use the "local source" driver, or create an audio switch driver using the driver wizard that converts the signals you need, or use a generic audio switch driver like that found in the database, in the KB, or in many forum posts.
  8. thegreatheed

    New Home Build - Help

    The blog post comes from a highly respected lifelong tech leader (literally the man behind both Windows Media Center and Amazon Alexa) who expresses his thoughts, as a smart home genius, on C4 (and other systems) versus DIY products. so, go ahead and read it because it's an opinion that should be considered.
  9. thegreatheed

    New Home Build - Help

    From the guy who brought you Alexa: https://ceklog.kindel.com/2018/05/24/concierge-home-technology/
  10. Feel free to develop it yourself and get rich doing it.
  11. thegreatheed

    Control4 Equalizer App - FREE

    4Store is almost dead. It only works on older touch panels and HC controllers. No paid apps anymore. That equalizer app only worked on the older C4 matrix amps. If you had the legacy controllers and the legacy amp and you were on an old software, I believe you can still download a few apps.
  12. There's no MSRP price difference. If you are adding a controller, there's basically no reason to go with a V1 (integrated WiFi, but realistically, you shouldn't be using that) besides OS requirements.
  13. thegreatheed

    Audio endpoints

    You can however go C4 > Sonos > network > Sonos or C4 > network > C4 > Sonos if you have Sonos in the first room or C4 in the second room.
  14. thegreatheed

    Fire TV Mouse toggle

    I don't know how that app works, but the Control4 driver uses a different mechanism (secure ADB) to control the Fire TV than their remotes do (custom API). Based on that, it's doubtful that this will work.