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  1. thegreatheed

    HC800 vs EA5

    Yep. Control4 has dropped software upgrades on the other flash devices (touch screens). It's only a matter of time before they drop it on the HC-800/HC-250.
  2. thegreatheed

    EA5 End of Life

    I would expect 5+ years, based on past performance of past controllers. Even after EOL as primary controllers, they can sometimes run as secondaries for years more.
  3. thegreatheed

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    I would hammer on Sonos support, then. If you can get replacements (and the issue isn't resolved), then the client should be willing to try something else.
  4. thegreatheed

    OT: Sonos help needed/ not C4 related

    Show the customer signal from phone -> amp is fine. Then show them phone -> Sonos. Their crap design is (should be) their problem.
  5. thegreatheed

    8channel relay module overheating

    You either have a bad dimmer, or your load is not a supported type. Call C4.
  6. thegreatheed

    8channel relay module overheating

    My suggestion is to let it be. Dimmers run hot.
  7. Nice find. Network problems really are the biggest obstacle to smart homes in general and Control4 as well. It's annoying to always be told that, but it ends up being the case most of the time.
  8. thegreatheed

    Why does this happen?

    If you have a scheduler that happens near midnight +- a random time, you can have scheduled items missed at times. Update to latest.
  9. thegreatheed

    Sonos control with remote

    Yes? If the remote is "in the room" with the music playing, transport controls work.
  10. thegreatheed

    AVM-16A-B input from Leaf 6x6 HDMI matrix

    One RCA output means one feed at a time.
  11. thegreatheed

    Normal time to iron out bugs

    Unplug everything from the TV and just leave it powered on. There's SOMETHING causing it to turn off. You need to eliminate a TV issue first. After that, add back in the HDMI, use it as much as possible without network or other control, and see if it's CEC. (no offense, but a homeowner checking out the CEC settings doesn't rule it out in my opinion). 99% that one of those two things will be it.
  12. thegreatheed

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    Yes, the dealers who work on this stuff day in and day out are oblivious to the industry. LOLOL
  13. thegreatheed

    Honeywell VISTA via serial

    CA-1 at the panel.
  14. thegreatheed

    Zwave Plus or Zigbee

  15. thegreatheed

    Zwave Plus or Zigbee

    ZigBee devices are more expensive and will be more reliable.