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  1. Sony Bravia Won't Stay Off

    Something isn't good. Something isn't done right, because lots of projects have this driver without this issue. Responding "everything is good" doesn't give any information for anyone to possibly help.
  2. Try this: In Windows, search for and select "Turn Windows features on or off" Check "SMB 1.0" & "Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)". Click ok. Restart your PC.
  3. custom wallpaper not fixed?

    This doesn't make sense. The T3 is not a flash navigator.
  4. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    The DS2 can ring your Control4 touch screens as well.
  5. 2.10.1 Released

    Uptime 99.9%'ers
  6. 2.10.1 Released

    A TV is exactly like a monitor on my computer. No, I don't game on my laptop, because that's just either a waste of money or horrible performance. Try again with a better analogy! haha
  7. Screen Saver Picture Frame

    Follow the instructions in Composer Pro/HE/ME user guides? You're doing it backward. Basically, insert empty USB, open Composer, then load pictures using Composer.
  8. mp3's from pc to media controller

    Are you really using a Media Controller? It would still function in an OS 2.5.3 project as a hard drive, but barely more than that. The folder to move files to the Media Controller is \\[ip address of media controller]\media\audio\ So first, you need to find the IP address of the Media Controller. An app on your phone (Fing is the best) that can do an IP scan is probably the best way. Once you have that address (likely something like, we'll use that as an example), open up file explorer or windows explorer and enter \\\media\audio\ and that is the location to copy or drag and drop your music to. Remember, that address is just an example, and you need to find the address of the MC. The PREFERRED solution, and one that will last long after that Media Controller dies (that thing is ancient!), is to get a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) drive. That will give you a good central location to access the media. That drive will require a little bit of dealer setup.
  9. Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    calling @wappinghigh .
  10. All T3s have wireless, but we're going to assume it's a tabletop.
  11. Oh right, it requires more than that.
  12. There's a pinhole button that will do the same thing. Just press and hold and the screen will tell you that it is doing a factory reset.