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  1. Streaming coming to New Controllers - 2.10

    New controllers were announced with OS 2.8. Not to mention that Rhapsody is no longer the name of the service. This is not about OS 2.10, and it's not even accurate for OS 2.8, so that's weird.
  2. I'm sure it's not super difficult to implement, probably just applying resources to other, more important things.
  3. More accurately than the order in which they were added, much of Composer is sorted by a device ID, but this is really only seen in the project XML. That largely corresponds to the order in which things are added, but not totally.
  4. Advice for Prospective Customer

    I'm not trying to dissuade you away from lighting control, because I love it in my home, but if I had to choose either lighting or music during the build process, music is the choice.
  5. Advice for Prospective Customer

    Having the ability for music throughout the home now is important during the build process. C4 control of music (C4 amps and audio switches) has been rock solid for years, apart from streaming services who change things on their ends (not really Control4's fault, it's just a changing industry). Lighting can be retrofit in standard, existing light switch wall boxes. Speaker cables are harder to run once the home is built. WIRE THE HOUSE NOW. But lighting AUTOMATION (not just control) is really rewarding once it's done. Having scenes trigger automatically and your home react to you is very valuable, in the long run. It's not just 'you can control your lights from the couch'. C4 can be built and added in stages and is retrofit-friendly. What you do now (besides wiring) will have little effect on what you do later.
  6. System Manager software

    You'll need a dealer to add that speakerpoint to the project anyways. They can help you with setting the network settings.
  7. It's a keypad dimmer, you need the keypad dimmer driver. C4-KD120. Anything with the configurable keypad face needs a driver with configurable keypad properties.
  8. HC-800 Broken?

    Maybe an issue with the daughterboard that the DOM connects to, then, or even the motherboard. That sucks. I don't know of any ways to fix or repair those. I was hoping that was it.
  9. HC-800 Broken?

    yep, the storage with the C4 software is in the DOM which mounts in the front panel. when a controller powers up, doesn't boot, and you get no LEDs on the front, that's usually the culprit.
  10. HC-800 Broken?

    Since you're probably out of warranty, open it up, and make sure the cables to the 'front panel' are connected. That includes the internal ROM. I haven't heard of one getting disconnected in a long time, but it's a possibility.
  11. Number of licenses/devices per account?

    Depends on your account and what license you have. Old licensing scheme was per device or per site (50 devices). Any newer controller comes with the site license (50).
  12. Home move-in

    That sounds about accurate. Most of the adding/connecting/configuring of the devices can't be done in HE. Once set up, doing macros and programming and other automation tasks can be done yourself. You DON'T want to run an update yourself. Even Apple screws up major OS updates, and they have a handful of devices.
  13. What's Included

    In what kit? and what type of switches are you talking about?
  14. Programming Macros

    It's on, then off. It's a macro, it has multiple commands.