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  1. thegreatheed

    looking for hardware

  2. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    This is not, as I've covered extensively, a Savant OSD. By saying it's an OSD from Savant (and yes this post is saying that because you said it was from Savant repeatedly throughout the thread) that means that Savant equipment is generating the UI. Savant is not generating the UI. It's LITERALLY an app on Apple TV. No! Don't call it an OSD or an app or whatever. Those are quite different things. This is my whole point and the whole reason I ever replied (and the fact that you're still arguing this is why this is so frustrating). And, like I've said multiple times, CE Pro agreed with me (and I'm sure tons of others) enough to walk back their claims on that article, too.
  3. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    I'm not focusing on the Savant remote controlling an Apple TV, and I never was (but it's another also less-impressive-than-claimed feature). I've never claimed anything about their remote or that integration. I quoted that post to reply to you. The problem, in our posts, this thread, and even in the articles in CE Pro, is that the messaging was misleading. The press on this release conflated these features into something that it was not, and that is what I've always been pointing out. One is a 2-way driver with voice input (it gets a couple bonus points for this, but not that many). The other is an app. In the article that I quoted in that post you just referenced, Julie even edited it to say she made a mistake. I agree, and I was pointing it out to you before she even made the correction. So... did you refer to it incorrectly, or not? You did say, after all, that you just repeated her caption. She made a mistake, you just basically quoted her, and I was trying to point out the misleading nature of the headlines (mostly the OSD one), ALL ALONG.
  4. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    I'm insufferable because I won't back down when I have external sources to support my opinion? And my opinion is PURELY that we should describe all of this accurately? At least I'm not insulting you...
  5. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    It matters enough that the original author issued an official correction in the first article and mentioned it in the second article as well. So, the journalist thinks that it matters that people were misled. It matters enough that you are still replying. Me, I've always thought that it mattered. So... does it matter? Yep.
  6. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    No, YOU don't understand what it is, or, you're not using accurate language to describe it. I won't take a firm stance on what you understand or don't (you don't have an issue quantifying my level of understanding, though....), but that integration shown is NOTHING more than the apple tv remote navigating a Savant app on the Apple TV. It's not accurate to say the Apple remote is controlling a Savant OSD. LOOK: Julie even issued a correction on that article because IT WAS MISLEADING. "Correction: This particular demo does not illustrate Savant's forthcoming two-way IP control of Apple TV. That particular implementation has been demonstrated elsewhere (see it here). We apologize for the mischaracterization." But, go ahead, keep telling me that I'm wrong.
  7. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    How is it insufferable to clarify features and suggest that you use standard language to describe features? Being accurate is insufferable? /smh
  8. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    an app* for apple tv. the remote is NOT controlling a savant OSD, the remote is controlling a savant app on apple tv. It's not that impressive, really.
  9. thegreatheed

    Apple TV

    You mean Savant has an app on the Apple TV.
  10. thegreatheed

    Control4 buys Neeo

    Wap thinks that once again rehashing the most common topic on these boards (dealer model) is saying what "nobody else ever" says. LOL 🙄
  11. thegreatheed

    Control4 buys Neeo

    That has very little to do with NEEO, and far more to do with mixed 4Q results.
  12. thegreatheed

    control4 audio switch firmware blank

    What's the network. Sounds like multicasting is not working well.
  13. thegreatheed

    My Movies doesn't show

    You can't even scan video files on a usb drive connected to a controller.
  14. The Alexa smart home API reserves music calls for its own devices. In other words, you can listen to music on your Echo because that's the way Amazon designed it to work. They want to push their devices.
  15. thegreatheed

    T3 base station / Stand

    I mean, will Control4 ever release a new touch screen? Yes, I put those odds very high. Will it be called T4? There's not really a pattern there, it's not like T2 and T1 exist. And talking about this stuff is dumb. If someone who knows actually told you something (which I don't totally believe), it's dangerous for them. It doesn't matter the intentions, if someone profits off of insider information, that is illegal, and the FTC can prosecute.