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  1. There's no difference in the media tab capabilities between Composer Pro, Home, or Media editions.
  2. No, but the macros can be programmed to custom buttons, which can be viewed on the iOS app.
  3. This is correct. Release when you see amber LED.
  4. If you are also doing video distribution, a control4 hdmi matrix also has a built-in audio matrix. Depending on the sources and numbers, you MIGHT be able to eliminate this 16Z AMS.
  5. Your home is "connected". It is not "automated". Switching between 6 different apps to control your home isn't automation, Control4 can solve that, but it does require a dealer. The media controller is very old and not compatible with current software and drivers, and drivers for your connected devices are probably not compatible with the OS that the media controller can run.
  6. Right, the Sonos itself may work, but it's indeed the source of the issue. They do all sorts of special networking sauce that wreaks havoc on devices that try to operate normally.
  7. Those white boxes with a couple buttons sound like Sonos ZonePlayers. Sonos devices create their own wireless P2P mesh. Sometimes, they can create broadcast storms because they relay information over both their hardwired and wireless connections. A common practice is to hard wire 1 Sonos device ONLY and let the others use their own wireless connections.
  8. LOL Hard-wired versus wifi doesn't have anything to do with this. Not unless your network is totally messed up. Latency differences should be minimal on WiFi versus wired. There's not a lot of data being transferred, so throughput doesn't matter either.
  9. Sling (not slingbox) is a streaming service. They have the major sports channels, espn/espn2, but didn't have everything I wanted to watch all the college football I needed.
  10. sharing from Windows has a lot of issues, and there's no good resolution. if you can get your music on a USB or NAS, that's the best solution.
  11. That is not a Z-Wave switch. "communication occurs over the existing powerline"
  12. You have the keypad button bound to a light or lighting scene. Now, the keypad itself won't 'manage' the button presses and give push/release colors, the button LED state will follow the state of the device it's bound to.
  13. blackwire designs
  14. Sending system-level audio to the airplay device requires root in Android, minus a few HTC phones that have started integrating it. Apart from those phones, the only audio options are media stored on the phone or some strange things like MP3s in dropbox/drive. No streaming services support airplay in android.