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  1. thegreatheed

    Audio zones order

    Yes, the searching is new. Maybe OS 2.9.1? It's not exposed in any major way, but if you're combing through logs, for example, the device ID is exposed. You can then go back to composer and search that ID number and it pulls up the device.
  2. thegreatheed

    Audio zones order

    Every device, room, floor, and so on in a Control4 project receives a unique device ID number. The last-in, last-shown order means Navigator is sorting by device ID. You can even search the Composer Pro system tree by device ID now. Not that this information helps the situation... but...
  3. This is how I think it works, your customer account shows the version that matches your system. I don't know how long it takes to update, but it won't show 2.10.2 until it knows your system is on 2.10.2.
  4. And you pretty much always have to update to use new features. I highly doubt that will change with the Intercom app.
  5. Who said this has anything to do with Intercom?
  6. Yes, the apps use H264.
  7. It depends on which Control4 Navigators you have in the project. Some need Mjpeg, like the older touch screens and hc-250 and hc-800. All the newer stuff can do H264.
  8. A customer should not have to do anything besides update their Control4 app on the App Store or Play Store. If you lose connectivity, make sure you have internet access to that controller, make sure your app is updated, and then call your dealer to run a patch.
  9. thegreatheed

    H300 12V Relay

    Yes, a contact would still sense only 2-3V. When you tested, did you test between 12V and GRD directly on the back of the HC-300? Or did you test somewhere else?
  10. thegreatheed

    E5 red light

    Playing audio.
  11. 1. There is zero indication of the residential market shrinking for Control4. It's just not reality. A huge chunk of people don't want to manage 5 different tech platforms in their homes. 2. No one integrates Lighting, AV, HVAC, Security, and entry points better than Control4. No one. Amazon and Google are not interested in managing devices IN THE HOME. They'll let things make web calls to their services, to increase their web presence, but they are not entering the home to integrate these things. Control4 can integrate with web calls no problem, but they can also do local control, which is vastly superior. 3. You say the vast majority of people want Lighting, AV, HVAC, Security, and entry points, yet, the leader in integrating these services is not meeting their needs? That's completely illogical. 4. Control4 is already competing extremely well with Crestron in high-end residential. See every other CEPro article...
  12. thegreatheed

    WB - Speaker points

    It needs a control4 controller, just like a speakerpoint. EA-1 will do. Yes, optical input on the triad one. hook it up to a passive soundbar, for example. It doesn't have speakers itself, though.
  13. thegreatheed

    WB - Speaker points

    Yeah, the Triad One is basically the new speakerpoint. WAAAAAAAAY better, too. It sounds fantastic! I have one, on just a pair of bookshelf speakers in my kitchen, and I love it.
  14. Kids? How do you figure that? Pakedge has in-house development. Have you met the developers? I agree the GUI is a bit disappointing, but it's improved several times over since C4 bought them. I have an RK-1 at my house and I've never been disappointed with the performance/execution.