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  1. HTI Customs

    What TVs support IP Control

    To add to this thread on TV's that support IP. Several Roku TV's now work with our Roku driver. Power/Volume/input. Lots of events to program off of as well.
  2. Available now: Your Pakedge PoE switch can now be used to control anything powered PoE -Turn off/on wireless access point from any Control4 UI -Enable/Disable cameras from any Control4 UI -Turn off inwall touchscreens in bedrooms at night time and turn back on in the morning -Anything else you can think of to control by PoE? https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-pakedge-poe/
  3. HTI Customs

    Cisco PoE Switch Driver

    We have just released our driver for Cisco SG series switches. Our driver allows to use PoE ports to be controlled to power cycle WAP's, turn off IP Cameras, control power to any device that is using PoE for power. Available now https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/dealer-toolz-cisco-poe-switch/ watch demo https://youtu.be/y2rZvAvVwhc
  4. HTI Customs

    Luxul WiFi Manager

    Funny. Never thought of that application. It does have a lock screen that you have to enter a password to prevent the "kids" from changing it but never thought of changing it on the kids.
  5. HTI Customs

    Luxul WiFi Manager

    We are pleased to announce our latest Control4 driver. Luxul WiFi Manager. HTI Customs Luxul WiFi Manager Description of driver: Gives easy access to end user to change SSID & Passwords without gaining access to network gear. Gives dealer insight of important information. Confirmed Working Models: XWC-1000, XWR-1750 Properties Page: Driver Status - Readout of whether license is valid or not Version - Readout of current driver version License Type - Displays the type of license that has been applied. (Driver, Suite, or Site) License Origin - Where the license key originated from Support Ticket - HTI Customs built in support ticketing allows for you to create a support ticket from within the properties page to get in touch with us about your needs. When YES is selected additional fields will appear to type in your email address and then SUBMIT TICKET Model - Model of Luxul Wifi controller. 2.4 SSID - Active SSID of 2.4GHz 2.4 Security Mode - Active 2.4 GHz Security Mode 2.4 Encryption - Active 2.4GHz Encryption 2.4 Channel - Active 2.4 GHz Channel 2.4 SSID Password - Active 2.4 GHZ SSID Password 5 SSID - Active SSID of 5 GHz 5 Security Mode - Active 5 GHz Security Mode 5 Encryption - Active 5 GHz Encryption 5 11n Channel - Active 5 11n GHz Channel 5 11ac Channel - Active 5 11 ac GHz Channel 5 SSID Password - Active 5 GHZ SSID Password Firmware - Active Firmware Version Firmware Status - Active state of current firmware System Uptime – Uptime of WiFi Controller MAC Address - Active MAC Address of WiFi controller IP Address - IP Address of WiFi controller HTTP Port - HTTP Port of WiFi controller Username - Username Password - Password Lock Code - Optional field, when left blank user will not have to enter a lock code to get to WiFi setting screen on UI. Action - Dropdown to update Active info NOW License - Insert license key here Composer Instructions: Step 1: Receive our appreciation for purchase of our driver! Step 2: Enter the IP address of the WiFi controller in the connections tab Step 3: Insert license key on the properties tab Step 4: Enter a Lock Code on properties tab if desired Step 5: Create a new room called WiFi Step 6: Bind WiFi Settings End Point to Video End Point of room WiFi Step 7: Refresh Navigators UI Instructions: Step 1: Navigate to room WiFi Step 2: Tap WATCH Step 3: If a Lock Code has been entered on the properties tab then enter it on screen and press SUBMIT. If a Lock Code has NOT been entered press SUBMIT to proceed to WiFi Settings page. Step 4: Enter respective SSID and Password information you wish to change. Step 5: Press SUBMIT
  6. HTI Customs

    What are Roku IP drivers for?

    We're not bothered if people don't use our drivers. We offered a solution when one didn't exist. We've maintained, supported and updated the driver frequently and added features as the API allows. Does everyone need the little extras we've added over the past few months? No, but we sure think they are cool.
  7. HTI Customs

    HTI Customs Roku Driver Updated

    We've tested in droid turbo, moto x (1st and second gen) Galaxy pro tablet, Galaxy s4, s5 .
  8. HTI Customs

    Dealer Toolz- Modem Monitor

  9. HTI Customs

    Dealer Toolz- Modem Monitor

    Yes we have plans to support 6121 and 6183 in the next coming weeks. Stay tuned
  10. HTI Customs

    Dealer Toolz- Modem Monitor

    Gain access to modems information from within composer. Either locally or remotely. Supported Models: SB-6141 Various Arris Touchstone Modems (No reboot) View Modem Uptime View Modem Status Reboot Modem (Motorola Version Only) View WAN IP Status Change System Variable for programming Last Reboot System Variable for programming Last Failure System Variable for programming Manual Reboot for programming (Motorola Version Only)
  11. We are pleased to announce we have updated our Roku Driver. We have added auto room on capabilities! Very useful for the following use cases: Start almost any app on you mobile device and cast it to your Roku and Control4 does the rest (tested with YouTube and Netflix) Now a great android alternative to Apple AirPlay, just cast to the Roku and you get mirroring from your tablet or phone (display and audio) play your own spotify playlist, pandora account ect. Just as you would AirPlay. No rooting or 3rd party apps to simulate AirPlay.
  12. HTI Customs

    Dealer Toolz- Freshdesk

    Latest installment of Dealer Toolz: Freshdesk integration: Freshdesk is helpdesk software to help manage client support requests and allows for a uniform paper trail across the company. What our driver does (for now): Simply creates a new support ticket from the actions tab. How would i use this: Create a custom button that says "Tech Support", "Contact Us" "Whatever you want" Why would i use this: A simple way for clients to initiate contact to your company without the texts, phone calls or emails going to 5 different people or places. Do i need to create an account for each client? NO. Once the ticket has been created, if an existing user does not exist the helpdesk software creates the account automatically and will email the client directly with: Confirmation that a ticket has been created/ a hyperlink to complete their account profile ect. If you ARE using freshdesk then give it a try! Freshdesk Driver Freshdesk Service
  13. HTI Customs

    2.2 Wishlist :)

    I would like to see an easy way to pop in a custom icon for sources. Like say i dont know to be able to drop the Hulu Plus logo in there on the Hulu Plus source, or the Netflix logo on the netflix source. That would make clients happy.
  14. HTI Customs

    Netflix/Blockbuster/Amazon Video apps

    the netflix database is already at the end users fingertips every single movie, every single episode has its own unique url. The key is to associate that database with album art and link it to a proxy just as you would with an ip video server and call upon the url... its really not all that difficult. a PITA yes, we are able to do this with local traffic cams and such there is always a work around we just have to use our imaginations.