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  1. The controller is a HC-1000 on 1.7.4...
  2. Need Help... Please!!.. I'm receiving the following. "Error while communicating with Control4 Web ServicesFault = SSL_ERROR_SSL" wanted to ask if anyone have a copy of the SSL patch ..I believe it called "C4_Thawte_CA_patch" .. The time and date is correct on the controller..Thanks
  3. BrownC4

    HC1000 HC300 and brand new HC200 For Sale

    What's the model number on the HC-200?
  4. @neil12011 You was exactly right. I used a Win XP PC and was able to get the patch to load. Thanks... What a great site with very helpful people....
  5. When trying to import the Ipad patch. Im receiving error message "Please install Composer 1.7.4 (but I have 1.7.4 installed and updated) "Cannot copy Control4 Ipad device images to Composer 1.7.4 install location"
  6. I thought if the device doesn't have a zigbee radio that it could be downgraded to a supported firmware. I'm not sure about this model 7" portable (C4-TSM7-G- touchscreen.
  7. Can the 7" portable C4-TSM7-G-B be downgraded to 1.74... If so how would you downgrade it...through Composer or USB restore stick. I believe the 1.74 firmware is supported for this model
  8. Do anyone have a HC-200 thats running <=1.7.4 firmware they're willing to sell.
  9. I have to say that C4DIY and C4forums is truely great sites. It's a enjoyment to be able to understand how my system works and the potential of what my system can do .... Reading other C4' enthusiast projects, tips and great ideas is very entertaining and educational. If you enjoy these sites like I do.... Lets do what we can as a C4 community to keep these sites alive.... If its Donating $ or Contributing....... @ Dan C4DIY --> I know you're a busy person but if you dont mind please inform everyone again the steps on how we can get access to be able to contribute/post informative articles to C4DIY.... C4 community Lets join in to add more in the How Do I...? catergory.....very informative to users of Composer HE... To C4DIY.com, C4forum.com and Veteran C4 and novice contributors..... THANK YOU http://www.c4diy.com/about/
  10. If anyone have any Switches or Dimmer on firmware 1.74 (embernet) for sale please let me know... (NON- ZIGBEE PRO)
  11. Do anyone have a driver for a Yamaha RX-V871 ? I've been searching for a driver for this receiver but Im thinking of returning the receiver for the more powerful Control4 certified Yamaha RX-A2010. If I can find a driver I would be happy keeping it.
  12. I mean using multiple A/V receivers to act as a video matrix switch........with the help of some C4 programming and splitters maybe. An A/V receiver is basically a matrix switch without the extra outputs, correct?
  13. Can any one tell me the pros or cons of using multple A/V receivers instead of a true Video matrix switch. My C4 build will have 4 video zones, and 6 audio zones. Yes I have consulted with my dealer but Im looking for other opinions that may have a different view or experience with either setup. Thanks all
  14. This is seems to be a great semi permanent, secure on-wall IPad mounting solution with cool charging option. Not much of $ ouch as other over price mounts. http://www.vidabox.com/products_ipadmount.php