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  1. prabeau

    Control4 Equalizer App - FREE

    Just not married long enough I guess. My Sunroom has just become the Dining Room ....... took 41 years😂🤔as long as the Dog house doesn't become ........
  2. Great Thanks Working many thanks Who says I can't learn something every day. The problem is I forget more every day.
  3. I don't know why it shows set, all I have used is the ON event. Use Alexa the coffee is ready
  4. Lua response is " Triggering Set Event for Barista with value:50 Nothing If I execute the programmed driver command for the announcement in HE ..... works ( of course )
  5. She is agreeable but no announcement will check some more.
  6. I am trying to have Alexa play an announcement . I have been firing the announcement from a touch screen or app. I have tried to program a routine on Alexa to fire the anoucement. . tried a direct command programming to play announcement . tried to have it activate the custom button All this by using programming via epic driver under the ON election. Getting nowhere, what am I missing. Thanks
  7. Not exactly on topic but I am considering going from my old C4 T to Ecobee. Can you program in C4 to set "emergency heat" on Ecobee as this is part of my programming strategy for a power failure. Thanks
  8. I guess that was too simple. I was reading way too much into this. Your suggestion of adding the ON programming to the SET command did it. I thought if I did that I would loose the SET capability. This is fun. Thank you for your patience.
  9. This sounds great but for the life of me I can't make heads or tails. I have the on off and set working but to be able to use more natural speech would be great.
  10. prabeau

    Establishing power State.

    Done. It's not till I looked at the back of the HC800 and followed the wiring of 2 other switches that the light came on. Got my dealer to incorporate and voila. Thanks Always learning stuff around here.
  11. prabeau

    Establishing power State.

    Do you mean input the 12 volts into the HC800.
  12. prabeau

    Establishing power State.

    I'm looking for a way without involving my dealer.