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  1. My apologies for the frustration

    I had a network and a C4 system that worked just fine no issues , when I decided to upgrade Router (Cisco) and WAP (Cisco)to Unifi. This decision was prompted after reading many post on this site and doing online research. I chose to do this on my own without dealer input ( he had setup my original network ) so that I could benefit from higher internet speeds offered by my ISP. I proceeded with the installation of these units one at a time following the instruction provided and found on line. Some minor issues cropped up ( because of my understanding of Controller) in the Unifi world. Called my ISP to upgrade to 1GB service. Bingo I am smoking but now have TV issues (Fiber optic to the house) I didn't start crapping on Unifi or my ISP this was the result of my doing. Contacted my dealer who was interested in what I was presenting him( he did not know of Ubiquiti products ) long story short he now uses it almost exclusively.He helped me out with the TV issue that required creating a VLAN. I learned something.He now has management of my network and I have full access through his site.I do my own updates have added WAP's. Being an old fart of 65 with onset of ..... what ? ah forget it
  2. This has lost its entertainment value a while back!
  3. Just because you are having network issues doesn't mean thousands have to join your frustration or by default have the same issues. Help was being offered and perhaps a slightly thicker skin and a sense of purpose in your quest would serve you much better. Broken network = hell on earth, should this be your biggest problem ! You are a very lucky man dude. Fire away
  4. C4 Thermostat help

    I agree. I did change some settings when new heat pump installed but would like some guidance or will simply call my dealer. All my doing. Glad I don't have Pro
  5. C4 Thermostat help

    I am looking for the help feature of Composer HE regarding the advance settings. I use to access it in an older version of the Composer Guide but is not in the current version.
  6. Where can I find info on advance setup to thermostat for Composer HE. Thank you
  7. Adp120 blinking red

    Dealer or no dealer .. just wondering
  8. Adp120 blinking red

  9. Rock On Control4

    I hate going back up north and loose that feature
  10. Ups

    1 u is just fine for my setup. All I need is 1.5 minutes on battery at the most prior standby generator. Depends on needs
  11. Same here never had Facebook and never will
  12. I knew that. Just cant understand how a dealer would not know this! Basic
  13. How does one go about changing signee channels.?
  14. Light won’t turn off

    Thanks for info. Seeing how its not the only lighting in garage I will leave as is. It has been ok for 5 years now.
  15. Light won’t turn off

    Thats just it its a set of 2 (5 bunch) mini fluorescent that don't dim of course