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  1. Well.... that answers that now doesn't it !
  2. Been away thanks ( more ways than one I guess ) Time for my second coffee Thanks
  3. If I knew what that was I could answer your question. I guess I have stumbled along and got lucky. Could you enlighten me
  4. Running 2.9.1 and updated adobe air then got the certificate message. I uninstalled the My Home pc app. and downloaded a new copy and installed. Works fine. This is on a Mac running High Sierra beta
  5. Networking

    I got my dealer involved Thanks to this forum some time ago I introduced my dealer to Ubiquiti Its now his go to network gear.
  6. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    Yes for some of it.Thats what i meant by sort of. Its all good.
  7. HC800 - Disadvantages?

    I have an HC800 and always went for the latest firmwares, a bunch of new drivers ( one kept crashing the controller ) and now 2.1 comes out and I am left out (sort of). The thing is the new features have absolutely no place in my project and how I use it. Granted its a small project compared to most of you on this forum. I'm getting over that first feeling of being left behind with the full realization that my HC800 will die some day. Its only 5 years old but thats an eternity in this game. I just hope its good for another 5 as I can see my $ being blown away by Irma.
  8. Give me your ideas.

    Extremely interested. Any topic regarding programming with HE would be welcomed I'm sure. I would appreciate content regards scenes ( lightning and media) still a hit and miss for me.
  9. No such issue here. Request a room on and the time it takes for amp and tuner to spool up music is on. Also an 800 and latest 2.9
  10. Pardon my ignorance but how and where does one track down this info on forum (search does not seem to get me there) Thanks
  11. So if it was viable what would it be ????? After all its only the end user that pays for it last I heard! Lets call it mystery sale or pot luck bonanza
  12. 50% of what exactly $. Since the info seems available to dealers only ! So wife comes home and says " Got a great deal it was 50% off"
  13. Power Tab in C4 App

    Ooooooo k .......
  14. Scan Now greyed Out

    All I had to do is specify the storage device and the directory to scan Provided my NAS was included in the project