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  1. I would also like to know Thanks
  2. Running for several years and no issues.
  3. Sometimes yesterday is not soon enough
  4. Not with the Epic driver. Ask for lights off and its dark before Alexa says squat. Maybe your network needs a little TLC
  5. Alexa works fast and well with the Epic driver. I am a Mac guy but buying more hardware is not my choice. I have the 4sight license but after doing a little research and asking my dealer and people on this forum I went with the Epic driver. Glad I did and has certainly added to the automation function of my setup. So saying " Alexa is pretty bad" is a tad inaccurate,as a blanket statement. Perhaps your experience for whatever reason was not a good one but others may have a different opinion. Cheers
  6. That would be the nuclear option
  7. I have installed this driver and happy I did. I also have a 4Sight license.
  8. I gave up with the "follow me" driver and its issues.
  9. Wow going from getting rid of C4 to adding devices. Sorry but I think I just sh.t myself. Here I was on another post asking help with Epic driver ( none given ) and yet with the help of a forum member who has a PATCH one gets to dump dealer. Don't get me wrong I don't want the PATCH I like my dealer and saved my ass too many times. "Thanks for your help" yea
  10. Need some help, Please I can turn on and off a room adjust volume by defined increments ....... can't seem to get the programming right for setting a specific level on command. Basically same for lights on/off The SET variable is the mystery how to get to ( Amazon Echo>SET_VALUE_NUMBER ) Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Guess my question is way too stupid easy or complicated beyond reason 🤔🙄
  11. Just started programming the driver. The part I am having trouble with even after watching video many times and using documentation is how the "variable" programming for volume is achieved. In the video the "demo room" use befuddles me ( granted easy to do). Any help here would be very much appreciated. My wife is starting to hate the name Alexa with all my failed trials ..... haven't done any programming as such with variables. Thanks Guess not
  12. This is frustrating . The echo will not discover squat. I have the proper Ip crosschecked with mac and the echo will not discover a thing. When I delete a trigger it still shows under programming and is not shown when printing triggers. I have done factory resets, dedicated the ip hope I haven't waisted $125 US
  13. Got it thanks
  14. Getting ready to install my echo in system driver installed and dealer sent documentation. What is the purpose "dummy event" I know, I know let em fly !🤓 Also would appreciate any macro example that would be ideal in the programming. ( haven't used macros yet )
  15. OK thanks will request from dealer then