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  1. Mac version of Control4?

    Don’t fix what ain’t broke I only use Windows for Composer.
  2. Mac version of Control4?

    Using //'s since system installed. Had XP running fine and now running Win7 . No issues
  3. How does this work ? I cant buy through ( Houselogix ) as I am an end user and not a company as required on the Houselogix site.
  4. Bump Still trying to get some insight here
  5. WAN IP

    $71 + CAN
  6. WAN IP

    That probably would be in US $ .... ouch
  7. Any Tesla owners out there?

    IFTTT seems so convoluted and unfriendly to use, may look at it again.
  8. Any Tesla owners out there?

    What are the other options. Had the Synapse driver but it crashed my HC800. Thanks
  9. This is new to me. How does it tie in to C4 , is it simply a driver or extra hardware required. Thanks
  10. Garbage day Recycling day Dear have you taken your meds today ( make sure you are out of the house on this one) Going to bed " listen dummy you left the patio door open " Programmed button for a wake up for the one who sleeps in All very useful stuff
  11. Cant log in system via safari

    I am on High Sierra (Beta) just tried connecting via 4 sight ,using Safari and it took awhile but got request to give permission to use flash and loaded right up.
  12. The end result is the same.
  13. Not rushing into an update has its merits. This is the first update I have stayed away from and havent had a failed announcement.
  14. I loved that driver but it rendered my HC800 to a piece of crap. Cost me a bundle to find that out. Had to use a loner from dealer for 2 months while testing mine and every time the driver was activated the controller became a brick.