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  1. prabeau

    Amazon Music Canada

    You have done this ?
  2. prabeau

    Amazon Music Workaround

    Just found this You have an active Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription in CA. If you want to move your Amazon Music account to a different country or region, please contact Customer Service.
  3. I have both a .ca and a .com/us Amazon accounts both with Prime When I try to sign in the C4 app for Amazon Music I follow the authentication process and "Home" shows = no results found. Thanks
  4. prabeau


    How did you make this work. I had a second copy of the driver installed. Signed in using my .com (prime) credentials yet the driver still shoes me in Canada. I am in the States right now so no need for VPN either. ?? ----PARAMS---- ROOMID = 14 NAVID = c4-A0D30F9E-ECE2-490E-8060-901CDB69A985 LOCALE = en-CA SEQ = 35 Thanks
  5. prabeau

    Amazon Music Canada

    Same here. Requires US Prime
  6. prabeau


    Thanks I have a US one also so will sign in with that one. Thanks.
  7. prabeau


    Have 2.10.4 installed and sign in on Amazon. Followed the sign in procedure but get nothing when selecting home. Signed out and back in again. I have prime music. What am I missing ? Thanks
  8. prabeau

    Alexa volume control

    Thank you Ari. The up and down works perfect and really its all I need. Spoke too soon it did work for a few minutes but now only accepts request for down not up.When I executes commands in composer both work. The "TV UP " I get TV does not support That Working on it Paul
  9. prabeau

    Alexa volume control

    Havent tried will get back to you. Thank you
  10. prabeau

    Alexa volume control

    Now on 2.10.3 All I am able to get regards volume is "40" Volume manually set to 50, all that I can get from Alexa is 40 If volume is 30 all I can get is 40. 40 Seems like the only setting accepted.
  11. prabeau

    Alexa volume control

    I have reloaded HE still on 2.10.2 All seems normal with HE now. However my volume control is IR controlled and no matter what I try controlling the volume of My Sound System (Pioneer) seems hopeless. The best I was able to accomplish was to get Alexa to Set Volume 40 and it only works if it lowers the volume. Any other request higher or lower is like talking to the wall. The SR250 does the job as always. Thanks
  12. prabeau

    Alexa volume control

    I will get him to do it. I have to say that I have a great dealer who has always been attentive to my needs and requests. Will get back to you when done. Thanks
  13. prabeau

    Alexa volume control

    dealer confirms 180 Still same problem
  14. prabeau

    Alexa volume control

    No I get "INFO: Unable to find/parse config data file." I actually get that response for the 5 different drivers I tried