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  1. Of course thats assuming we all have intercom capabilities I guess 🤫
  2. Thanks Derrick That was speedy
  3. This takes the cake 2.10.2 down. What a joke.
  4. I asked my dealer what the story was regarding using UBNT. He has over 200 installations with the equipment and no issues and continues to use it. Not a small dealer, with many large projects.
  5. Like I said Using Lite good all three floors Besides you can add as many as you want very easily.
  6. 2200 s.f. here basement and 2 floors. Installed Ubiquiti Router USG 3P and 1 - UAP AC lite, router and AC in basement. Full access all floors plus garage and outside 25' around the house. I installed this myself with no difficulty. It replaced the Cisco equipment installed by my dealer.
  7. prabeau

    Weather Underground

    Same here. I dont have my own station but use one .5 km away. Was getting funky readings. Changed stations to the general area station for a couple of days I went back to original. Readings are fine now.
  8. Not upset at all. The point is I am paying for something I am not getting. Just answering your post man as futile as it might be.
  9. Oh sure let me pay for a service I am not getting. Its not for free I am paying to use Composer HE. My cable company is publicly traded and if my cable goes out I just sit at home without, tv , internet and phone sure no problem
  10. A little communication would go a long way along with a slight touch of transparency regarding the fix. Oh well ....
  11. 2 weeks 😂🤣😅🤪well if that is a fact, we know where we stand as users dont we. Hope this is not an accurate time line.
  12. All I'm getting at if you bothered reading all previous pages is that C4 has not reached out to notify users. So............. keep the OMG's
  13. Lucky you I am still being ignored even after sending a request directly to C4 as of Friday