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  1. I really liked the programming I had going with it .... oh well
  2. This driver with the latest update has been crashing my controller for 3 months now. Like I said now causing reboot after reboot non stop even with updated driver. Eventually the system just locks up and I need my dealer to bail me out. I have had a loner HC800 for several months now while he test's and monitors my HC800. Without the driver the controller works fine, one of his technicians brought it home and hooked it up to his project which is way more complex than mine. With this driver active system crashes, without runs like a charm. I like or use to like this driver and paid good bucks for it and ticked that it has such a negative impact on my system. I am open to any suggestions I can pass along to my dealer. He uses the driver and some of his other clients and techs with no negative impact. This driver issue ( locking up system ) has not made me popular around the house and I have been asked to get rid of automation. Now that the culprit has been found I have to restart my selling campaign. PS. My dealer informs me that his Control4 rep had removed the driver from his project ! I dont know the reason but ................
  3. I have had the same issue but even a reboot would not do it. Dealer came and finally got in going ......! He left me with a loner for the last 3 months ( no issues) he has had mine on test and its running solid ....!
  4. So why are such questions not on the dealer forum ?
  5. Please do not tell me it requires Pro
  6. You feel dumb ?! I have push to iPhone but had no idea this was possible ??? Still can't figure out how to do it ! Me more dumber
  7. I added Poslestar performance package to my Volvo Now here's a thought, seing that its all software upgrade ( that I paid for ) why is it that I can't access this software and adjust a few things ?
  8. There is your answer anything else is just whining !
  9. When I bought my first iPhone i knew what I was buying and if the manufacturer decided to make changes that was his prerogative and my choice again to buy it or not. I bought a phone not a seat on a board of directors.
  10. I knew what I was buying into. Did my research and got what I wanted ! "If you buy a house at the end of a runway dont start bitching about noise"
  11. My wife claims should something happen to me she would have to sell the house ! Go figure, its all there on the touch pad and iPad with labelled switches. I truly like my Control4 but if I knew then what I know now as to the acceptance of its capabilities by the boss I would not be a Control4 owner.
  12. Cant wait for the answer ti this one !!!!
  13. Maybe He works for Control 4
  14. You're kidding right !????!! Unbelievable
  15. No I'm not actually Just making a point........ hell if you own Pro legitimately .....and you have to ask how to add to project, then there is something I am not getting. Unless things have changed !