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  1. Mockupancy driver

    There is a toggle function that you are supposed to bind to a button. Then when you press it, it gives you feedback as to what state it is in. Similar to your macro above.
  2. Mockupancy driver

    For what it's worth, I could not get the LED status to work with a 6 button keypad no matter what I did. I triple checked that I had the bindings set up properly, etc. It seems like there should be some programming to make this all work, but have been told no and that it should work after binding properly. Jeff
  3. Lighting Schedules during "Away"

    What do you mean by changing it to be programmed? I thought all that had to be done was the mockupancy toggle be bound to a button. I didn't think any type of custom programming was involved. At least that is how the mockupancy directions make it sound. Thanks!
  4. Lighting Schedules during "Away"

    I have mockupancy toggle function bound to button 5 on a 6 button keypad. Red is supposed to be recording, green is active and blue is paused I think. For some reason the colors are not changing on the keypad. Mockupancy is working when I press the buttons because I was messing with it one day and then the following day lights were turning on and off. Anyone know how to get the button to show the correct color? Does it have something to do with following the bound color checkbox? Thanks, Jeff
  5. Houselogix HSIM Module Programming

    Yes, I am just trying to see what works here. But I DO appreciate the suggestions and the instruction on how to program things most optimally. So thanks everyone for your suggestions. Eddy.trochez - I was wondering what the Emergency event was. So I will try using this event. The main thing I was trying to accomplish was to NOT set off the emergency lighting scene when walking in the door prior to disarming the alarm. I have little/no experience with advanced lighting scenes. Hopefully Vince will add that to his tutorials soon!! Thanks, Jeff
  6. Houselogix HSIM Module Programming

    I was hoping that the lights would only come on during a real emergency. Currently it triggers every time I walk in the house to disarm the system. I added the delay which seems to stop it from triggering right away. But maybe there is a better way. I will try to attach a screenshot! Thanks again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Houselogix HSIM Module Programming

    So I tried it out and it works. But it turns the lights on when I come home. Should I add in a delay for me to disarm first? Or is there some other trick I should be using? Thanks again! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Houselogix HSIM Module Programming

    Cool. Thanks Vince! I found it. I really appreciate the help. Thanks! Jeff
  9. I'm trying to program some lights to turn on when the house alarm goes off. I'm not sure if I am using the correct event. The one I am using is: When Security -> Houselogix Security Integration Module receives a TROUBLE notification Turn on Kitchen Lights Turn on Family room lights Is this the proper event? Thanks, Jeff
  10. Can it be set up to send notification between a certain time?
  11. Ah. Didn't know that. Thanks for the information. Jeff
  12. Hello, Now that I finally have my alarm integrated, I would like to do some programming. First, I would like to be notified with an email when my kids enter their specific alarm code. Not sure how to program it to send the email only for their code. Thanks, Jeff Vista 20 panel houselogix integration
  13. Friend said they recently when from paying for the software to making the software free. Might increase desirability for it and thus your C4 integrated piece?
  14. Friend was showing me his cameras through Milestone software. Not sure if anything already exists with that and C4 integration or not.
  15. This is great! I would love to see a tutorial on advanced lighting controls and getting the dimmer LED's to follow always seems to be a problem. Or setting up scenes, party lighting, evening lighting, etc. Another one could be security alarm functions such as turning all lights on if the alarm is sounded, blinking outside lights if alarm is sounded. Turning on interior lights when you punch in your alarm code upon arrival, sending an email when your kid comes home and turns off alarm. Jeff