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  1. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    My garage door switch was reporting as offline. I think that may have been why all my outdoor lighting went down. I did a reboot and all is functioning well now.
  2. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    I do have a one or two that show a poor connection for some unknown reason. They are right next to another dimmer in the same box. Think I have two like that.
  3. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    Doesn't really answer why it happens to multiple switches, dimmers, outlet switches all at once. Not just one outlier.
  4. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    Thanks for the reply. My outdoor lights turn off around sunrise. Show off in the app, but still physically on. Try to toggle off/on in the app and nothing happens.
  5. Question for the experts. About once a month my EA-3 (running 2.91) seems to flake out on me. Lights that are normally on scheduled routines don't turn on/off by the scheduler, my keypads that are linked to lights don't turn the light on/off. App shows things are off but they are actually on. Does the EA-3 have some type of scheduled reboot? I have heard these situations happen when the zigbee mesh is rebuilding after a reboot. This is just a guess... This morning this all happened again. Never happened when I had my 250 running everything. Seems weird. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Jeffrey

    Anthem MRX 720 locking up

    I have an Anthem MRX 520 receiver. I called their tech support and they said it is better to use RS-232 with C4 integration. They gave me a list of reasons why it's better than IP control that I don't remember. I have not had one issue since January with it. Jeff
  7. Jeffrey

    Extend zigbee mesh to barn

    Barn is up and electric installed. I had a garage relay (the one with the external antenna) connected so I could experiment whether or not it would connect. It appears to connect just fine. The electrician has to come back and run the outlet and switch wiring yet so I am unable to try a switch out there yet. Will having the relay out in the barn strengthen the zigbee network in order to allow a light switch to connect? Thanks, Jeff
  8. Jeffrey

    Extend zigbee mesh to barn

    CFUG - LOL Thanks! I'll take a look. Dcovach - I figured a controller would work, but was hoping not to have to do that. Isn't there some sort of zigbee extender that grabs it from the controller and sends it further? Are they crap?
  9. I am having a barn put up about 75 ft away from the closest C4 dimmer. I am guessing the zigbee mesh won't make it out to the barn. Along with electricity, I am running CAT-6 out to the barn. What would be the best way to extend the zigbee mesh out there? Zigbee extender? I do have the card access wireless relay with external antenna on my garage doors which would be about 90 ft away from the barn. Any chance it could extend the mesh far enough? Thanks, Jeff
  10. Jeffrey


  11. Jeffrey

    Honeywell Thermostats and C4

    So why not drop the price then?
  12. Thanks VStar that fixed it! I appreciate your help!
  13. Unplugged battery then power brick. Let it sit for 30 seconds or so. No change. Still same error code showing in composer as before. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Jeff