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  1. I don't think that helps the OP much. And if the price is comparable, that would be surprising to me. But maybe it is the case. Can get a google 3 pack for about $250 these days. What would your system be? Just curious...
  2. Entered LAN and WAN IP? Just need to enter the IP that the controller is connected to. I am guessing you know that, but that sentence confused me. Reboot the controller and retry? I don't think anything needs done in Composer, but I may be wrong there. Someone with Composer Pro access would have to weigh in on that.
  3. Did you remove the current system and allow c4 app to find the new system? That all you should need to do as far as getting it running with the C4 app.
  4. So a dealer can tell you that you need to spend 3k on new equipment and installation. I've had Google wifi for 2 years and never an issue with control4 once you change everything to google's different IP address numbering.
  5. Jeffrey

    [SOLD] 2 x SR-260's + batteries + chargers

    Interested in one. PM me. I don't think I can PM you because your account is too new. Thanks, Jeff
  6. I thought I remember having this done on my 2.7 system. You have to put it back into embernet mode, go to mini-app mode then finally upgrade to pro. How do you guys physically wire up your dimmers so you can do this quickly (and safely)? Wire it up on one end and have a length of romex with a plug and plug it in? Better idea than that? Jeff
  7. Why would it need to be lower than 2.5.3? I thought it would need to be higher if trying to upgrade a device to zigbee pro from embernet. I’ve got an old 300 laying around and would be interested in doing this.
  8. Jeffrey


    Did the disable hdmi audio checkbox and that fixed it! Thanks! Jeff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jeffrey


    I’m trying to add Amazon music. I have an ea-3 and latest OS. The app is installed and I logged in. I can select Amazon Music through the control4 app and select play. It looks like it’s playing but I have no sound. Receiver changes to correct input but says no signal. This makes me believe no signal is coming out of the digital coax from the EA-3. Does the digital coax need to be enabled somehow on the EA-3? Already swapped the optical coax cable once so I don’t think it is a cable issue. Thanks! Jeff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jeffrey

    Multiple Garage Door Buttons and Ideas

    The relay is a sort of one piece solution for door status, ability to open and close and also extend the zigbee mesh. Since you have the cable already run, you probably could have some programming done off of it to get where you need to go. I am not sure if you can control more than one door with your connection going back to 800. Also not sure if you can program in door status too. Someone on the forum will know this.
  11. Jeffrey

    Multiple Garage Door Buttons and Ideas

    You need to get a card access relay on your garage door so you can fully integrate with C4. Then you can bind it to any control4 button you want. I can see the status of any of my garage doors and open/close them via the 6 button keypad in the master bedroom.
  12. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    My garage door switch was reporting as offline. I think that may have been why all my outdoor lighting went down. I did a reboot and all is functioning well now.
  13. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    I do have a one or two that show a poor connection for some unknown reason. They are right next to another dimmer in the same box. Think I have two like that.
  14. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    Doesn't really answer why it happens to multiple switches, dimmers, outlet switches all at once. Not just one outlier.
  15. Jeffrey

    Why does this happen?

    Thanks for the reply. My outdoor lights turn off around sunrise. Show off in the app, but still physically on. Try to toggle off/on in the app and nothing happens.