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  1. rf9000

    EA-3 Brand New in Box

    It sold. Sorry about that
  2. rf9000

    Switches for sale

    Guys, I have for sale the following in Almond and brand new in the box: (6) C4 LSZ-101-A switches (2) KPZ-3B1-A three button keypads (3) KPZ-6B1-A six button keypads (16) LSZ-3W1-A two button keypads
  3. I’m really not the DIY guy either when it comes to building speakers, but there really isn’t anything out there for serious in ceiling subwoofers. Unless you want to spend the money on JL fathoms, everything else are small 4” to 8” to 10” subs that cost A ton and would not give you much output. It would be fun to build basically an equivalent to a free standing sub into your ceiling, but I don’t rrally have time either. Just a thought
  4. I will look into those. Sometimes I wonder though if someone would buy the Tannoy backboxes which are 2.8cubic feet internally, then buy something like the Dayton 12" reference subwoofer (very good reviews), and buy the Tannoy grill, what I would end up with. Subwoofers are about the easiest speakers to build. Then run them off some 700 watt Crown amplifiers that 12v triggers. I bet those would rock and could be done very cheap
  5. I did think about this. Not big on building anything myself, but I wondered what would happen if I just bought the box and grille, then added a much more robust 12” sub, kinda like slot of those DIY guys do when they build those monster stand alone subs. As long as the cubic cavity meets the subs requirements, I wonder how it would sound? Then power them with some of those low cost but highly rated huge output Behringer or Crown amps. It’s tempting
  6. I don't know yet. Looking at several options. Taking a look at these Tannoy subs below with back boxes among others. Also looking at some Paradigms, James, etc. Tannoy is normally a good brand but I can't find any reviews on these subs. Its hard finding something that will give decent punch for a large room. Its crazy that more subwoofer manufactures dont make ceiling subs with large back boxes. in normal construction, there are spots in rooms where the ceiling cavity space is at least 18"+ but it seems most of these subs comes with shallow back boxes and most use only 8" to 10" size woofers. https://www.tannoy.com/Categories/Tannoy/Loudspeaker-Systems/Install/CMS-1201SW/p/P0C20#googtrans(en|en)
  7. Guys, I have for sale two Dayton MA1260 amplifiers. These are six zone (12 channel) amplifiers that deliver 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms. They are used but work perfectly. These are highly rated amps that will work with any Control4 audio switch or any other. Asking $500 shipped for each Dayton Audio's MA1260 12-channel Class D amplifier packs versatility and efficiency into a compact package that is suited ideally for zoned sound distribution. Features: 12 channels (6 stereo zones) in one convenient enclosure Efficient Class D design delivers superior audiophile sound quality and performance Independent and bus inputs enable unparalleled flexibility Bridgeable channel outputs provide additional power when needed Independent channel gain controls allow the output of each speaker to be perfectly matched Product Details: Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 18 x 8.1 inches
  8. Guys, I'm curious as to the timeline for Control4 as to when they revamp their product line. I have a home that will begin construction this spring and wont be complete until early 2020. I'm gathering components here and there. Do y'all think its to early to do this? Will the equipment be dated by early 2020? I'm talking about light switches, dimmers, the Triad stuff like switches, amps, the controllers like the EA5 V2, etc.
  9. Guys, I'm going to add passive ceiling/wall subwoofers as four of the zones to my audio matrix. Looking for a rack mountable amp option to power these subs. Just trying to get some extra oomph in some zones. Was looking at these monoprice amps below. I also know Dayton makes some amplifiers. Has anyone had any experience with these or have any other suggestions? https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=31030&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpM-eleXC4AIVph6tBh3J0QpmEAYYAyABEgJk9fD_BwE https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=31029&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpM-eleXC4AIVph6tBh3J0QpmEAYYASABEgLv_vD_BwE
  10. Guys, I have a Triad TS-PAMP8-100 amp and also a Dayton ma1260 amp. I want all my amps to match. For some reason I was thinking the Triad was 100 watts per channel, but at 8 ohms it is only 50 watts per channel. The Dayton is 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms. Both amps get fantastic reviews. What do you guys think on comparison?
  11. I have for sale a used Video Storm CMX1616A2 audio switch. This switch will allow 16 sources to be switch between 16 audio zones. This integrates perfectly with Control4. It is used but functions great. See specs below. I will sell for $1350.00 OBO CMX1616A2 is not your average audio switch. With over 1 TeraMACs DSP performance, it can process up to 46 audio streams simlultaneously. CMX1616A2 features full DSP audio on all signal types (analog, digital coax, digital optical). This includes industry leading features such as audio delay for lip sync correction, analog to digital conversion, input gain, output volume, treble/bass control, and balance. Everything is performed using the highest quality DSP algorithms yielding CD quality sound or better on all outputs.
  12. rf9000

    Kit for sale

    I will offer you $1000 shipped for the following two items: LEAF LU1082 4K UHD 10 x 10 video matrix (used) C4 10" T3 Touchscreen (new in box)
  13. rf9000

    EA-3 Brand New in Box

    I have a brand new in box EA-3 controller just received from Control4. Never been used. Make me best offer. Thanks
  14. rf9000

    Distributed Video Help

    Isnt weird though that you cant get the NFL Ticket with DirectTv Now?