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  1. Thanks guys. When I spoke with Video Storm they said that their 4K encoder was almost ready. I assume they meant 4k@60, but maybe not. I have been comparing these two and was about 100% sure on Video Storm until I read one post made by a user about how their JAP setup has never had to be reset or rebooted. I hate doing that with any electronics. They did say that Video Storm was more versatile though. But now I read above about how an installer has been using for years and has never had issues. So now after gathering all the info I can, the two setups pretty much become about equal. For the much lower cost of Video Storm, I think it is the winner. That on top of me wanting more than 24 zones of audio using their their 38x38 switch, makes it an even better choice. I don't know maybe I'm wrong. But they seem to be pretty solid systems. I just want to have no issues if that is even possible in video distribution. I do have a question though on the decoders. I was thinking I would probably use Nvidia decoders because they seem better than the Firesticks. But maybe this is because the negative posts I read about the Firestick was that it became pixelated. I think though that this was the previous generation of Firestick before they made then much faster and 4k. What do you all think for the decoder? I assume that the Videostorm decoder would be the best but they don't really recommend those for residential use. I could still use them but they say it would be overkill. I also would like to know how this would all look when I sit down in front of my TV. I would use the C4 remote menu in the "watch" section I'm guessing and it would have all my sources listed. But what actually shows up on the TV screen? If using a Firestick does it first flash the Firestick logo? Then what after that? I'm talking about TVs that don't have the C4 menu on screen. Or if I use the Nvidia what shows up on the screen? Just curious. Also, say I have 5 DirectTV boxes and say there are 2 other TVs on watching DirectTV. Does the system automatically know which source to select that is not in use? Or do I have to try each source separately to find one that isn't being used?
  2. I have gathered info on this since my post. Does anyone know with JAP if you can use the 2G decoders in most TV locations and then use the 3G (4K) decoders on only 3-4 main tv locations?
  3. Guys, I'm looking at these two for distributed video and wanted to get everyone's thoughts on pros and cons for these Video over IP systems. I'm leaning towards the Video Storm product just because they seem very easy to use. Its my understanding that they use the existing network switch and don't require a separate managed switch. I also like the fact that the decoders/receivers at each TV/AVR location can be a simple firestick if need be or can be a Nvidia box, which I would prefer. The JAP equipment is also very nice, but can get very costly when have to buy their receivers for 14+ TVS. Video Storm also sells IR components so that the C4 remotes can be used. You do have to buy a license for each TV at $90 a shot, but its a one time fee. My last reason for leanng towards Video Storm is because I'm also considering buying their 38x38 audio switch. Thoughts?
  4. rf9000

    List of Equipment

    Thank you sir. But can I ask why? It was recommended before when setting up my system to use the C4-16amp3 units. Are there complications with going that route? And can it be done to create 32 zones? Just wonder why you say to steer clear
  5. I will buy for $240 shipped
  6. How many keypads and dimmers do you have?
  7. rf9000

    for sale

    Hey man, if you are willing to deal I will buy the following for $750 shipped: T3 7" white touch screen with backbox sr 260 icon remote with cradle 6 button keypad NIB kwikset c4-ksdb-z-vb deadbolt NIB 2 C4-SW120277-WH NIB C4-APD120-WH a few older c4 dimmers
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    For sale: KD120s, & APD120s

    I will buy all for $850 shipped
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    List of Equipment

    Thanks to all for replying. I want to get this amp/matrix thing figured out. I had someone comment on another thread saying that using the Monoprice/Dayton amps work very well and they can be just daisy chained together. It sounds like they have the matrix built in and there is a 232 driver for them. This is kinda like my system now. I use four Russound amps that are daisy chained together for my current 24 zones of audio. I have an Extra Vegetables driver. I don't have a separate audio switch and it all works pretty good. There some limitations as every time I turn on the system it doesn't remember what volume presets were, etc. but those things are pretty minor. I turn on the Kitchen zone and select my volume, thats all I have to do. I have an HC800 and an added HC300 for source inputs. I don't have any sources besides Deezer. I think I didn't go with the C4-16AMP3 amplifiers before because they were very expensive at the time and I don't think they can be daisy chained, but maybe I'm wrong on that. Fast forward to the present, I assume technically now I could just buy four of these Monoprice/Dayton amps, daisy chain, and be done. I'm doing the same amount of zones again (actually would prefer like 32 zones), but trying to do it the most cost effective way where I still get plenty of power, decent sound quality, and good control. Of course I know that buying the Triad 24x24 or Video Storm 38x38 alone and using high power dummy amps would be the best. Or using one of those switches with the Dayton dummy amps would work good. My current daisy chained Russound amps are 20WPC and I think the speakers sound pretty decent. Jumping up to 60 WPC with the Daytons would be a considerable sound difference. I don't know. At the time when I was building my previous system, most comments were that I should be buying the C4-16AMP3 amplifiers for the best possible sound, best power, ease of use, etc. I couldn't justify spending $2500 per amp x 3. I bought my four Russound amps for $300 each and they have worked flawlessly. I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking of going with the C4-16AMP3-B amplifiers this time and the replies were that the sound quality would not be there. I don't know if things have changed that must, but it is the exact opposite of what was suggested before. That confuses me. With these C4-16AMP3-b amplifiers, can they be daisy chained together? And if not, do I bypass the built in matrix of these amps and buy an external audio switch? How can I get at least 24 zones? And if doing that, which switch(s) would I need. Can the C4-16ZAMSV3 only handle 16 zones? I really will never need more than 8 sources, probably never need more than even 4 sources to distribute so that isn't an issue. I would ideally like to get up to 32 zones to be able to add my 5.1 systems in, but its not entirely necessary
  10. rf9000

    List of Equipment

    If I get four C4-16AMP3 amplifiers and two C4-16ZAMSV3, would I have 32 zones of audio?
  11. rf9000

    List of Equipment

    And if I had (4) C4-16AMP3, could I do 32 zones of audio?
  12. rf9000

    List of Equipment

    What is the difference between the C4-16S2 and the C4-16ZAMSV3? How many of each of these would I need with the three C4-16AMP3s?
  13. rf9000

    List of Equipment

    I understand the recommended solution is the Triad + dummy amps. But like I said, the C4 amps with switch will cost me about $3000 less. I'm not counting any zones on my local 5.1 setups, but what would be the benefit of doing this? I always listen to music on the ceiling speakers system and just use the 5.1 systems for movies and TV.
  14. rf9000

    List of Equipment

    Thanks. I was going to say, last time I was putting together system everyone told me to get the C4-16AMP 3 amps, so they can't be that bad. Yes , I would need two more Dayton amps and the Triad switch if going that route. With the C4 amps I would just need 3 amps which I can get for about $1500 total and then I assume I would need a C4 switch (C4-16S2)? I generally agree with cleaner sound as being better sound, but it can't be said that double the wattage doesn't make a difference in sound quality.
  15. rf9000

    List of Equipment

    Thanks guys. The sound quality may be better going the Triad route, but is it really that noticeable for in ceiling speakers? With 24 zones already, I don’t think I would be adding any more in the future. Also, using my Dayton amps that are 60 WPC, would be half the wattage per channel then the C4-16AMP3. I think that is going to make a bigger difference in sound quality. And lastly, it will be a third of the cost. Thoughts?