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  1. For now no. But if i go with a 4x4 yes . I got two tv who is too far to get a hdmi câble. Snd they other problem is they dont ship to canada
  2. For now no. But if i go with a 4x4 yes . I got two tv who is too far to get a hdmi cable
  3. 3-350 ( in us $ ) i got a 2x4 atlona for the moment and she dosent work with c4 .... i saw a couple of guy who had some trouble with the b100 4x4 so i dont know if i got to buy one...
  4. I need a 4x4 matrix that is fully compatible with c4, dont need the 4K , can be used or new. Need it now thanks
  5. My old media player was a c4 and on some blu-ray ( .mp4 ) there was some lagging and some glitch. He do not supported a very high resolution
  6. I got those stuff for sale , all Price is in CAD. Ship from Québec ( canada ) all stuff is in perfect condition and wokring. So U.S buyer will be happy to save 30 % 1X ; 2x2 HDMI Matrix Switch AT-HDMI-22M by Atlona ( **no remote ) 150 $ BRAND NEW IN THE BOX 1X Atlona AT-HDMI-V42 4x2 HDMI Switch HDMI 1.3 : 150 $ BRAND NEW IN THE BOX i got maybe 2 of these i need to check. 1X Atlona - 16 x 16 HDMI Matrix Switcher AT-HD-V1616M : 5,500 $ BRAND NEW IN THE BOX (or best offer ) 16 inputs, 16 outputs, HDCP compliant, EDID learning capabilities, RS-232 control option, and 9 programmable memory presets. The Atlona HDMI 16 by 16 Matrix Switcher has something for most of your professional needs. 1X Atlona HDMI 16 by 2 HDMI Switcher : 350 $ BRND NEW IN THE BOX Two mirrored HDMI outputs supporting 1920×1200, 1080p and 3D visual settings. Also supports multi-channel digital audio pass through up to Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Atlona 16 Input by 2 Output HDMI Switcher supports a wide range of devices to suit most professional needs.
  7. Do you have any dimmer or 6 button ?
  8. Hi guys , i need this stuff for my house 3 dimmer ( zigbee pro only please ) 2 x 6 buttons in white if possible ( also zigbee pro ) 1X ELV DIMMER zig bee pro i bought some on ... you know were and i need to downgrade it to integrate it ... i will sell it Live in Canada pay by paypal. thanks email me at lpraza@icloud.com
  9. Maybe depend on the price .
  10. My snap av just died and i need to replace it. I want a 4x4 hdmi matrix who is support by c4 , full hd, support 3d
  11. Nop not yet , only hd tv and 3d hd projector. Maybe one day i will buy one but all my stuff are not this old so i dont see the advantage for now to upgrade.
  12. And now , roku or adroid tv with kodi ?
  13. Thanks for all your opinion.! Witch roku model is the best ?
  14. Did any of you try to run plex on a apple tv and control it via control4 ? All my movie are on my WD nas and i would like if possible to add a apple tv running plex. Is the allan chow driver will be good for that and integrate it with control4 ? Like a media player ?