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  1. Wall switches

    What he said...
  2. Starting my project...

    Got the tv for the spare bedroom finally. Ended up w a 26" Samsung LED for just under 200. I painted the outlet gloss black but didn't get a pic. Currently using a wireless AV I kit I received in a barter situation. Works well and hasn't been flaky yet. It has 2 component video & HDMI in on the transmitter and HDMI out on the reciever.
  3. Starting my project...

    No worries. Just don't let it happen again!
  4. Starting my project...

    Just wanted to show the 2 reasons my progress is slow. Just got the engagement pics this week and that's one of two pics I have of all three of us. Post 12... "I love my girls but they just don"t identify with my need for toys! Our wedding is in less than 5 months and the next time the dog runs up a $500 vet bill she may be SOL"
  5. Thank You. I guess this is one of those advantages I spoke of in my earlier post. No matter where you pick up and move in the country we should be able to help.
  6. I am in no way perfect but try to learn from every situation. I also post on my own accord and my posts in no way reflect the views or opinions of Best Buy, Magnolia Home Theater or its affiliates! I ask for any of you that shop with us to fill out the survey on the bottom of your receipt if you have time. In my opinion, it is present so that we can learn from our customers what we do well and what we should change to earn your business in the future. It does no one any good for people to be upset about something and tell no one. If you would like change then we must know what needs to change and who better to gather feedback from than the consumer. It helps if this info is honest otherwise the system will be flawed. If we don't use the feedback then that is on us. Bottom line is on life if you want/expect different results then you have to take action.
  7. Would you mind sending me a PM with your contact info & customer service PIN from the receipt? I will get in touch with someone in your area tomorrow and have them contact you.
  8. I would be bias in asking for you to inquire w them for an installation quote. However, I would tell you to go back to the store where you made your purchase (with the product and receipt) and ask for the person at the Asset Protection stand to call for a manager. Explain the situation to them and ask them if they can set up a time for someone to come to the home and look at your set up. I would imagine that one of the Geek Squad members in the area would be able to come out and give you a system design, statement of functionality and quote within the day or so depending on what you want to set up. If you feel this person is not knowledgeable enough to manage the install of your system then go else where. I can honestly say that we have several customers that have come to us for help because their dealer went out of business. Additionally we can offer financing (in our market you could get 36 months no interest on any Magnolia or HT purchase over 899.99) and other options (return policy & RZ pts) that our local counter parts can not. We have run into our share of small issues with the jobs that we have done but if I put you in contact with our C4 customers they would absolutely recommend our team. Our team has a can do attitude which is hopefully present in the team in your area. Although it is not the way things should be done it is physically possible to sell the product without the labor for install. The person that helped you wasted your time and theirs by selling you something they should have known you couldn't program. Address this concern with management and see what they can do for you. If you aren't satisfied you sound like you are within you policy to get a full refund. I would gladly help you if you have any further questions.
  9. Starting my project...

    The round item closest to the front tire, on the outside of the frame, is an air tank. It sits up about 5 inches from that point. It is my friends bike. he loves it and i have to admit it looks pretty ridiculous but thats what he wanted. For example, the seat is a sprocket with valve springs from a 57 chevy bel air motor for "cushion" and the WD40 is over his oil tank to give it a different look. I got my rail mount contact in today so I'm going to get it put on and wired hopefully sooner than later. should i run 2 runs of my bulk cat6 between the controller and the garage or get something else from lowes?
  10. Starting my project...

    slowly but surely its coming along... no, the tv mounted with the pedestal is not permanent. it was just temp to get an idea of size. 32 is a little big for this space. i'll end up with 22-26 in the 2 kids rooms. I love my girls but they just don"t identify with my need for toys! Our wedding is in less than 5 months and the next time the dog runs up a $500 vet bill she may be SOL...
  11. additionally maybe some screen shot posts of the programming will help someone on here find an issue. screen shots wont help me help you but maybe someone else will chime in.
  12. interesting. using the critical thinking skills i went to college to learn... 1 the tv ir receiver works 2 the hc is sending "some info" in an attempt to command the tv 3 assuming the bud is in the correct spot 4 the code should be the same as the OEM remote and the TV wouldn't know the difference in an ir signal from the OEM or any other remote (correct?) seems like the easy answer is the bud is not in the proper place or the command being sent is wrong. (seems unlikely they are ALL wrong) another assumption would be that you have tried to send a command using the bud while it is not attached to the tv? ie holding it slightly away from the tv in the general area of the tv ir receiver Would i be correct in saying that this ir bud and ir connection on the hc have been used in the past with other products and work as advertised? do you have another hc to try this with?
  13. the OEM remote DOES control the TV properly? I assume so but didn't see it stated.
  14. Home Theater Room Dimensions for Audio and Viewing

    no worries just curious. Both companies have a great sound no matter where you sit in a room. They just go about it in 2 different design methods. Bottom line is I'd be concerned if there wasnt quite a bit of insulation between my in-wall speaker and a slab of concrete. Other than that running a good calibration software after connections are made would in theory make up for any speaker placement or room acoustic deficiencies.